Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Secret Ingredient in Creams That Caused You To Have Stretch Marks

A lot of people are in a fix. In the quest to get the lovely skin of their dream, they became victim of stretch mark - that unsightly patch that appears on the skin.

 As a result they are no longer able to wear swimsuits to the pool. In fact lot ladies now cover every imaginable stretch of skin with clothes in order to cover the patch.

 Another group of ladies have lost their fiancĂ© because he can no longer tolerate the unsightly marks etched on the skin.

Some who haven’t lost their relationship are in a constant battle on how to solve the problem. In the quest to solve this problem they have wasted money after money. Some have spent over 20000 naira looking for the ultimate product.

In looking for this magic product they have failed to remove the root cause -the secret ingredient that led to their predicament. In this post I will reveal to you that secret ingredient that has not only destroyed the skin of ladies but I will also reveal the secret treatment that will make your smile greater than your neighbour.

THE Secret Ingredient That Causes Stretch Marks

The secret ingredient that causes poor skin is corticosteroid. Corticosteroid does this by making the skin thinner.

 Corticosteroids are present in a wide variety of skin bleaching agent. Some ladies regard it as toning cream. These skin bleaching agent not only make the skin lighter they also reduce the amount of collagen on the skin.

 When used over a long period of time, corticosteroids creams make the skin thinner. This is due to the depletion of collagen in the skin; this in turn can cause stretch marks on the skin. Most stretch marks appear within two to three months of use. But if the product is of substandard quality the stretch marks can appear within 2 to 3 weeks. So here you have it the cream that causes stretch marks.

Monday, December 4, 2017

5 Super-Super Benefits of Having Business Mentors

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How Young People Can Make Their Business Grow While Beating Competition

The football analogy of business:  how young people can get it right and succeed competition
Business is a game with only the best players smiling at the end of the day.

Like a game of football, it requires collective responsibility, with each player playing different roles, but supporting one another.

Just like in football, where the coach who has experience guides young players; young people should have mentors who will be on ground to guide them and advice them on key steps to take in moving their business forward.

In view of this; this article treats:

Five Great Benefits Mentors Provide to Young People in Business. 

Before outlining the benefit of mentorship, it is important you know what mentoring is all about.

A mentor is someone, who can guide you through the start up process and provides advice as you need it.

The startup process here refers to your new business.

Who is a Mentee?

The mentee refers to a person who is being guided or provided with advice.

So, having known the meaning of a mentor, let us get to know the benefits young people can tap by being mentored.

The Benefit of Being Mentored (Messi)

1.       Access to Resources:

Just like a football coach who ensures his young players have access to the best of facilities and trainings; the mentor provides the mentee with the needed skill sets through trainings and advice. These trainings help develop untapped skills and usually lead to perfecting already developed skills.

2.       Fulfillment

Considering the Guardiola -Messi Analogy; Guardiola during his time in Barcelona developed Messi into what he is today-the best player in the world while Guardiola himself became the world’s best coach.

Looking at the above scenario-we can see that they both became fulfilled.

Hence, mentorship provides a platform for both the mentor and mentee to derive fulfillment or satisfaction from their relationship.
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Saturday, November 25, 2017

How To Make Money From Bitcoin Nigeria -Simple Guide

Ways Of Making Money With Bitcoin In Nigeria

1.  Buy and Sell bitcoins
I am sure you have come across Abokis’ requesting you purchase dollars in exchange for Nigerian Naira. These guys get the dollars at a cheaper rate and sell at a higher rate. This is how you can also make money from bitcoin.
All you need do is buy bitcoin during a dip or from someone you know who sells at a cheap price.
Once you have the bitcoin in the wallet, the next thing is for you to hold until  the price appreciates to a level.

Then you can then sell.

For example you can purchase 50 dollars worth of bitcoin and once the bitcoin value of your holding increases to 70 dollars you sell 50 dollars. This means you earn a profit of 20 dollars.

2. Giving Investment Firms

One can also make money from Bitcoin by investing in companies that trade on your behalf. One such company is USI TECH. Presently approved to do business in the US –Usi Tech gives you the opportunity to make 1% daily of your investment over a period of 140 days.

Investors can also make money when they refer others apart from their own investment. The reason investing in USI Tech is great is because it allows you to compound your investment. And it is nice investing in them because they pay you in Bitcoin

3. Trading on an Exchange
There are several exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex where you can deposit bitcoin and purchase other currencies such as Litecoin, NEO, and Ethereum etcetera.

Once you have your bitcoin deposit in your account, you can purchase the cryptocurrency of your choice. This is not easy as it sound, as you need to study the market, read lots of news that may impact on the cryptocurrency you want to buy.

  4. The Holding  Investments
There will only be 21 million bitcoin that will ever be in circulation. This is why bitcoin is worth investing in. This limited supply of bitcoin means that its price will most likely continue to rise against the dollars. Presently 1 BTC is over a 8000 dollars. This means the values in years to come will be mouth watering for Nigerians who key in early.

 5. Remittance

Many online portals are beginning to accept bitcoin as  to send payment. This means freelance writers have the opportunity to receive money in bitcoins.

 Also Nigerians in Diaspora can easily send money to their loved ones in form of Bitcoin. They no longer need to stress themselves using Western Union to receive payment with its attendant risk. By the click of a button, Nigerian will be able to receive money from relations and redeem same through the use of Bitcoin exchanges such as NairaEX.

Digital Vs virtual

The monetary reward in games you play like Candy crush is termed virtual currencies. It only exists within that ecosystem and cannot be used to transact business in another ecosystem.

Digital currency on the other hand can be traded and used to carry out transaction.

The first application of the blockchain technology was for monetary reward. That is bitcoin. 

The advent of block chain is revolutionary. 

For example civic will help eliminate the use of password

It solves the problem of people forgetting their password.

 Patientory: Makes it possible for your health records to provide you money. So organization who access your health record can pay you if the record is used in scientific research

Decentralization makes it difficult for hackers to hack. 

Before investing into any coins understand it's use case. What problem does it solve?

Ethereum smart contract will one day push lawyers out of business. 

Blockchain will also help e-voting as it would reduce fraud since every single transaction can be seen on the network.

Blockchain will help pensioners. Smart contract can be set up in such a way that a worker pays the dues into a blockchain wallet which will only given back to person at retirement.

This way pensioner’s money becomes secured.

How to determine a genuine cryptocurrency
·        limited supply
·        limitless transactions
·        privacy
·        transparency

Every crypto currency should have either proof of work or a proof of sort to sure it's genuine.

What is Cryptocurrency? 

It is a digital rep of value that is neither issued by the company or public authority not necessarily attached to a fiat currency but it's is accepted by legal persons as a means of payment and can be transferred stored or traded electronically


This is a digital ledger in which transaction made in bitcoin or other currencies are recorded chronologically and publicly.

 Ibm- it is a shared immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions
 It is a distributed ledger technology. 

Every cryptocurrency should:
·        Have a Consensus
·        Be Decentralized
·        Be Distributed
·        Have Immutability

Some key questions to ask before investing into  any cryptocurrency

·        Is it convertible?
·        Does it have technical participants?
·        Is it decentralized? 

Roles of CBN

·        Monetary stability function
·        Financial stability function
·        Anti money laundering
·        Financial infrastructure and provision function


·        It has formed internal work group
·        Industry collaboration 
·        Public caution
·        : International collaboration

Implication of blockchain for financial services 

·        Payment system
·        Identity management
·        Intellectual property right
·        Notarization
·        Voting system
·        Participant of  blockchain Technology
·        Miners
·        Exchanges
·        Brokers
·        Financial advisors
·        Merchant
·        Payment service providers
·        Technology providers
·        Users

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Non BS Review of Bitconnect Opportunity: Is it a Scam?

Many people are at a crossroad.

They want to know if they should commit their hard earn money into Bitconnect hence the reason for this review.

Is Bitconnect a Scam: A Genuine Review?

One of my friends has made good amount of money from Bitconnect, he has enticed me with the promise of good return for as much as 30% in a month.

How effective is this promise? In order to review this promise, he allowed me to look into his dashboard and I saw that bitconnect has indeed been paying him.

 He did an initial investment of I00 dollars and has been able to make an additional $60 within 2 months. With this information I was enticed to join the scheme, but before you join the scheme, you need to read my honest review.

You see the problem with a lot of bitconnect review is that they are totally biased and are geared toward making you purchase the coin. So in essence the writer psychologically convinces you to make that jump into this cryptocurrency.

In this review, however, I will present the fact as I know it and then you can decide to make that jump if you feel it is something you are ready to commit to.

How Legitimate is Bitconnect? The truth is that bitconnect is a real cryptocurrency. By cryptocurrency, I mean that it is built on the blockchain network.

But despite it being a legitimate currency I have some concern. Bitconnect is an MLM opportunity. This means you can refer people and earn money from the referral.

This, however, is not my cause for concern. My cause for concern is how long this opportunity will last. Why do I say so?

There isn’t a full background information on the team behind Bitcoin Community-Earn, Buy, Sell and Trade | Bitconnect Company House UK lists Mr Ken Fitzsimmons Uk (British) as:

 • Business Owner
• Born in May 1978 (39 years old) and Currently the owner of: Bitconnect LTD 10278342 Located at The Panorama Park Street Ashford England TN24 8EZ

This shows that someone called Ken Fitzsimmons is the owner of bitconnect.

However, I did a research to see if I could find the image of the owner and was unable to.

This is a cause for concern. But if we look at bitcoin you will also discover that no one knows who Satoshi Nakmoto is.

This in essence means that there could be personal reasons why they don’t want to be found.


The key thing I check out before making an investment is the products they sell. Bitconnect, has a volatility software which they use to do automated trading of currencies. Theoretically it looks like an amazing strategy; however my cause for concern is how possible it is for them to make 30% profit on a consistent basis.

Yes I have seen people make i00% on a single day, but doing that consistently is something I find difficult to believe but this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. It is for this reason I call for caution.

This doesn’t mean I am not investing, it only means I am only investing money I can risk. HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH BITCONNECT 1. Invest in the Coin You can make money from Bitconnect by purchasing the coin. To purchase the coin you pay them in Bitcoin.

And your Bitconnect account is credited. The amount you are paid daily varies. Though they promise up 30% returns. 2. Referral Commission Bitconnect offers referral commission of 7% this mean that the more people you introduce to the opportunity the more you earn. BitConnect Compensation Plan In Bitconnect affiliates can earn daily profit by investing in Bitcoin or USD. There are four level of investment for Bitconnect. The returns of ROI are dependent on the amount invested by you. Below is an explanation There are four main investment levels, and they include —

 • Investment between $100 and $1000 provides access to a 40% monthly ROI that’s paid out for 299 days
• Investment between $1010 and $5000 provides access to a 40% monthly ROI that’s paid out for 239 days. Along with this, a bonus ROI of 23.9% is also offered.
• Investment between $5010 and $10,000 provides access to a 40% monthly ROI that’s paid out for 179 days. Along with this, a bonus ROI of 35.9% is also offered.
 • Investment between $10,010 and $100,000 provides access to a 40% monthly ROI that’s paid out for 120 days. Along with this, a bonus ROI of 30% is also offered.

Referral commissions exist alongside the direct ROI payments, and this money is paid as a set percentage of funds invested by your downline of other affiliates within BitConnect.






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