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Sunday, September 21, 2014

How to Create Link Bait Content With Topsy

Topsy is one tool that can be used to create content that people are willing to link to. The question is how?

If you’ve used Topsy before, am sure you know that it can be used to view content that are extremely popular over a period of time and here lies the magic of Topsy.

Hence in this guide with the images I will explain to you a step by step guide on how you can use Topsy to generate incredible content that people are willing to link to.

Step I: Log into Topsy Website

To do this simply key in www.topsy.com into your task bar menu-doing this will bring up the website you see below.

This is the home page of topsy and as you can see there are several mini tabs just under the white search bar. This various buttons helps you tweak your search as you deem fit. But for the sake of crafting linkable content I’ll be focusing on the Link Tab.

Step 2: Select The Link Tab

Step 3: Put Your Keyword Into The Search Bar

Once you have put in your keyword, the next thing for you to do is to click the search button that resembles a yellow bat with a white hole in the centre.

When you click this button- a list of content is shown; however, this link I put in displays “few links”. This is not the end of the road for that keyword.


Because if you view the left hand of the bar you would see that the Latest Result section shows that the links is fixed at "last 10 days". And this is something that you will need to tweak.

Step 4: Tweak Your Results

If you want to write trending topics that people will link to, you can limit your results to few days. But if you’re looking to create ever green articles that people would definitely love to link to, it’s best to shift the date to all time.

Once you do this, another string of result will come up.
In the example below we can see:

Top Ten Women Perfume 2012.
Top 10 Bestselling Perfumes For Women 2013

With these lists of content, you can then use your creative mind to tweak the title.

Step 5: Tweak the Title

For the above titles, you can tweak it to become Top 20 Best Perfume for Women in 2014

Or you could add a bigger list and name it 18 Bestselling Celebrity Perfume Brands for Young Women.

Step 6: Create The Content-Use Amazon

So once you gotten a title to work on, the next step is for you to create the content.
One unique way of doing this is to use the twitter handles of celebrities and ask them to mention two of their best perfumes they love. When you take the time to ask a couple of celebrities this question- you would certainly get responses from a couple of them.

List the names they’ve given you. Then find a review of each of the perfumes listed. You can use Amazon to get genuine review.

write the post including the embedded tweet of the celebrity.

Once done, it’s time to promote your content.

7. Reach Out To People-Use Ahrefs.

To get the best out of your promotion, you had want to reach out to those sites that linked to your competitor. To do this you had have to use Ahrefs.

How To Use Ahrefs

To use Ahrefs, simply put in www.ahrefs.com into your window. Once you’ve done this, you would see the site as shown below.

Just key in the link of your competitor article and click the search link button, and then the external link tab.

Once you do this, the sites that linked out to your competitors would be visible. You can then export this links into a spread sheet.

In your spread sheet, select one link per website; list them and reach out to them with your fabulous content.

For your outreach, you can use this format.

Hello NAME,

I stumbled on your site: (Website Name) and found this well written article: (The Article Title).
I found  you mentioned (Competitors Article Name). Just wanted to say the article inspired me to create a more detailed one (Your Url)

Would be quite nice, if you consider linking to the article. Do have a great day

Yours sincerely 

Your Name

Now is the time for you to go create that winning content. Don't forget to drop of a comment on what other strategy you've used in the past to create link bait content

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Picture Guide To Using Keyword Planner To Create Fantabulous Content

Am sure you’ve heard that for you to become a successful blogger you need to publish quality content. The following question then is: how can I go about publishing quality content?

Or perhaps another question diving through your mind is: How do I write awesome content in a niche that is boring?

In this guide I’ll share with you strategies you can use to achieve

Thursday, August 28, 2014

How an Organization Can Use the Internet To Sky Rocket International Sales

A few days back, I talked with a US based company with branches in Africa. They wanted me to write sales letters that would help increase the income of their subsidiaries.

The request was based on the desire to see an increase in target buyers from the African market-a fast growing e-commerce enclaves. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ceeloi: Making Money Through Referrals in Nigeria

how to make money in Nigeria

Are you looking for a genuine way to make money online through referral marketing-right here in Nigeria?
Not the scam kind of thing where your money would be siphoned from you.

If your answer is a yes, then Ceeloi is the in thing for you.

Ceeloi was created in order to provide side income for people who are working, or who desire to start an online business.

As different from other referral marketing services in the country, Ceeloi has one special characteristic. Ceeloi will help guide you through steps to start your own online business.

How does Ceeloi do this?

Ceeloi will offer to you free of charge-resources you can use to kick start your business.

What are these incredible Free resources on offer to You?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Can I Make Money Importing Product From China?

How To Start an Importation Business in Nigeria-Lagos

There are waves of people out there who genuinely seek to get into the importing business. They however have two major hindrances, which is:
- Startup Capital and
- Where to set up their shop

These set of people already know how to convince people to buy their product. They however ask themselves this question: “How can I lay my hands on $6500 in order to order my first consignment?”

If you truly believe this is the major factor that has hindered you from establishing your importing business, to be frank with you- I must sincerely tell you that there is more to it than just solving the above problem.

What then are the other challenges?

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