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What Anorexia Taught Me about Guest Blogging

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Throughout my teenage years and early 20’s, I hated the way I looked. Mum was always going on a different diet, so I would copy what she was doing. She was smaller than me, but always thought she needed to lose weight. I eventually thought that her craving to lose weight was actually a normal thing.

So, I found myself engaging in a crash fat loss program only for me to go back to binge eating-hence putting on all the weight I had initially lost. Adapted from the article: "How my mum’s body issues affected me"

The above scenario if we are true to ourselves is what often pan’s out in our guest posting strategy.

One question we may actually be asking ourselves is: what relationship does anorexia have with guest posting?

In order to prove this relationship, I will outline:

5 Anorexic Mistakes to Implementing a Successful Guest Posting Strategy

1. Obsession: Just like an anorexic patient who has an obsessive desire to remain thin while engaging in binge eating and crash loss-weight programs; many new guest posters tend to have an obsessive desire about sending out guest post.

Their obsession arises from the desire to drive traffic to their site in a short period of time. This, in essence, relates to the anorexia patient desire to lose weight within the shortest time possible.

While their aim of driving traffic to their blog is the ultimate desire of any guest posting strategy, pitching guest posts to any blog without regards to the rule and regulation guiding the posting of articles on the target blog is bad.

This is the reason most newbie’s’ fail in their guest posting campaign.

2. Low Self Esteem

Anorexics are people who suffer low esteem. They do not believe they are beautiful.

So, in order to offset their ingrained thinking of being fat they starve themselves all day. This can also be seen in writers who have refused to pitch guest post because they lack self-esteem.

They sometimes forget that confidence in writing is the actual difference between a successful writer and an aspiring writer.

According to Bamidele Oni “Self confidence is the most powerful weapon that a writer can have” while Thug Yau said:

“To inspire confidence, surround yourself with successful writers -use the social media to network successful authors.

Fighting low self-esteem is a great step to becoming a successful writer.

3. Not Sharing

They say a problem half shared is a problem half solved, but I feel the best thing is acknowledging you have a problem; however most patients of anorexia do not share their fears and challenges.

The inability to share your fears and challenges is worth overcoming. This is because sharing your problem will make people support you when you feel like giving up.

This same thing can be seen in many guest posting campaign where newbie’s due to lack of information or poor social media strategy fail to promote their guest post online.

Sharing your guest post through the social media like LinkedIn, twitter, and facebook is a great way of publicizing yourself and not just through the link made available to you on the guest blog post.

4. Non-Persistence

My parents are anorexics; that why I am anorexic.

Many times we let preconceived notions determine our fate. We shy away from determining our destiny; we just let fate happen to us. And this is very sad.

Why don’t you make a conscious effort not to fall a victim of the anorexia that your mum suffered?

Determination is the bedrock of success.

The above illustration can be seen in some people’s guest posting attempt.

They make statements like: “I was rejected…….. Guest posting is not for me”

They do not want to be persistent. They fail to ask the right question. They fail to evaluate themselves. They fail to know why it happened, what critical variable triggered the mistake.

And worst of all, they fail to think of a way to mitigate the mistake. They just sit-down like paraplegics and allow fate to happen to them.

5. No Feed Back

There are times when we feel we have finally overcome a challenge.

Then we tend to feel like gods.

This has been observed in former anorexics who feel they have beaten the rap but fail to re-evaluate themselves from time to time.

Re-evaluation does not mean that you are scared. It only means you are working to prevent re-occurrence. In order to re-evaluate oneself, it is good you ask a support group to analyze your habits from time to time. It can be every two months or as you deem fit.

Guest poster and bloggers are also guilty of “No Feed Back”. They fail to respond to comments as at when due. They fail to understand that replying to comment makes you stand out as an authority figure while also making you popular.

If you feel there are other mistakes guests posters make, please share them in the comment box below. Also, subscribe to our R.S.S feed to get future articles delivered to your feed burner

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How to Make Money In Nigeria Without A Website

The Best Classified Site in Nigeria

I have talked about how an individual like you can actually do something great for yourself from the comfort of your home. However, today I am here to tell you one of several ways you can make money online in Nigeria without a website by utilizing the Kaymu’s platform. 


I am sure you must have heard of E-bay that gigantic website where you can buy and sell.

You need not worry if haven’t heard of it. This is because the Nigerian alternative is just at your door and you can deploy it as a strategy to make cash online.

Is making Cash Online in Nigeria without a blog Possible?

Friday, August 19, 2016

How To Be a Beauty Product Distributor in Nigeria: The Oriflame Example

There are lots of people out there who have a desire to get into beauty product selling. May be you are in this category but you have a challenge of starting.

If this is your challenge then this post is for you. In this post you will learn why being a distributor for Oriflame is a potential money-making machine. One thing I love about being a beauty product distributor is that it can be done on a part-time basis.

So even a banker can get into this business. The role of a Distributor Manufacturers produces products while retailer sells them to end users. There is another category of people who link product manufacturers to the retailers who sell to consumers.

And believe me when I say manufacturers love distributors because they make it easy for their product to get to nook and cranny of the country. So if you have the ability to source for retailers who can purchase a particular brands product and sell to the consumer you can be sure that being a distributor is a role you can play.

Why You Should be a Distributor

 A distributor gets products at a  far cheaper rate than can be seen at the market. This means that you have the potential to make lots of money if you know how to make use of your pricing advantage.

This is why lots of people who are business savvy look out for partnership opportunities with product producers. So they can get into a market and own the market.

This is why Oriflame distributors business opportunity is great to be part of .

Why You Should Become an Oriflame Distributor

1. Being an Oriflame distributor gives you the opportunity to have retailers working for you.

 Just imagine beauty salon owners asking you to stock up their shop with different beauty product from the comfort of your home.

2. It gives you the opportunity to become financial independent.

As you grow in the business you can kiss your white-collar job good-bye. The reason for this is because the turnover in the beauty sector is high. What this means is that people are always going to use beauty product every day.

 3.It gives you the opportunity to become a Contractor When you peruse through the catalogue you may just become aware of products you can offer to an organization.

If you are able to secure a deal you will be in good stead to become a contract supplier to that organization.

 4. Oriflame provides you with the Opportunity To Make Others Rich.

 Through Oriflame, you can create a team of people who will work together to achieve success and inspire others. If you want to become part of my successful team you need to sign up here. If you sign up with me I have a package for you.

The package is a guide on:

1.How to source for retailers who will help grow your business.

 2. How to use facebook ads to get new clients and make money

 3. How to Use forums to reach out to people who will be interested in becoming your downline.

How To Be an Oriflame Consultant/Distributor For those who want to become an Oriflame consultant in Nigeria, there is the  need for you to get registered. You can sign up for free but you won't be able to get all the benefit until you purchase a product pack from them. To get started you need approximately 15000 thousand naira. #2990 is meant for registration to become a distributor. #10,000 is meant for buying your first products. #2,000 is meant for transportation. For people resident in Lagos, the additional fee for transportation is #750 while the transport fee for people who are resident in Airport states is #1,860.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Oriflame Product Ordering in Nigeria: Step by Step Method

how to make oriflame order from their site

For you to buy oriflame products or to order a product on Oriflame for cheap or at a discount, you will need to be a consultant.

 If you are not yet a consultant just register here. It is simple and easy.

 If you don't want to be a consultant you can purchase the product through a consultant but the rate will be higher.

As a reminder, there are three ways you can order a product from Oriflame. But in Nigeria, there are two ways.

 1.Become a Consultant(applicable to Nigerian)

Whether you only want to order products for yourself and your family or start selling our products to others, you can register to become a Consultant by clicking here so you can get up to 25% discount on items

2.Become a Customer

You can order the product through Oriflame consultants but the pricing is higher. So be ready to buy at a higher cost.

However, if you buy or order through a consultant, you will have the benefit to ask questions to the consultant. And the consultant can show you a sample of the product you need.

3. Order directly(Not applicable to Nigeria)

How To Order/Pay for a Product on Oriflame website in Nigeria

 To order a product on the site, you either have to browse the search button for the item you want to purchase.

 For example in the image above I browsed for "the one lipstick." Once I do that, the item of my choice will come up.

Then I can click the add to bag button

 or You can click on the catalogue and view the item you like and look for them using the search button section of the site.

 The process explained previously is then repeated.

Once I have added the item to bag the next step is to click the "shopping bag" button

We will then be taken to the sign up or login page

At this stage you will be required to put in your e-mail address oand password.

If you haven't signup you can click the signup button. You be required to put in your referral consultant number. At this stage put in 101820 in the provided space and you are good to go.

Once you have signed up you will be taken to the check out page

When you have clicked check out you will be taken where you can fill your delivery address and to confirm your order

So that's it. If you have any difficulty drop a comment in the comment box or call me on 08036532254

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Importance of Language transcription services for Nigerian Business

Spanish, German and French Transcription Service in Nigeria

Language transcription services involve creating textual records of either video or audio recording or other texts written in a different language to that of your choice. It can be recordings of meetings, or conferences. Or it can be a business document written in another language.
Why is Transcription Important?
With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, many business people fail to appreciate the importance of language transcription services.
They feel that automated machine can do the needful work. This assumption is quite far from the truth –reasons being that; there is an extent to which a machine will be able to transcribe sound into text.
Also the ability of a machine to understand the syntax of another language and for it to thereafter ensure that the syntax is retained in the new language it is converted to -is difficult to achieve. This is another reason why transcription services are important.
Transcription services are also important because they help portray an organization as professional.
The use of transcription service providers’ shows your intending business partner that you are likely a legitimate person.
So in this instance, we can see that it can help build trust.
Transcription services can Help Increase Your Profit Margin
In business, negotiation is something you cannot run away from if you hope to succeed. And for you to succeed you need to know that relationship and impression matters a lot.
Let’s create a scenario
Imagine two companies are canvassing for a job from a Hungarian firm. Let's call them Company A  and Company B.
Company A communicated their proposal in Hungarian while Company B did so in English.
To be specific, the proposal of company A suggest a cost of  $1.25 million to complete the project while company B suggest a proposal of $1.22 million to complete the project.
According to their bid rules, it isn’t a crime to choose a higher cost to execute a contract even if both firms bidding are considered to have the necessary technical know-how to execute the project TO A
From the above example, the person most likely to win the bid will be company A because they wrote their proposal in Hungarian.
The reason is simply because of ease of communication. So we can also agree that transcribing your work into the language of a business partner also helps communication.

Other Ways Transcription Services Can Help You

It saves time. Whether it is audio, video or textual recording; deploying a language transcription expert will help save your business time.

This is because outsourcing your transcription services will help you focus your business on works that will add more money to your bottom line. As we all know the hours in a day cannot be more than 24 hrs. and within this  time limit, we need to achieve as much as possible. So have you sat down to find out if hiring a professional will save you and your team the needed time and cost. By calculating the cost we are sure to know if hiring one has a positive or negative ROI.

You Can Reach a Different Language Market
Assuming you have a product that is useful to others who speak other languages you will be able to expand your market by converting your audios, or videos into the other language.
This will help your business save cost as you all need to convert the records into another language.
This is especially useful to those who have great content on their site.

You Can Expand Your Reach
There are people who prefer video or audio content to written text. By providing content in the format of their choice, you will increase your market and profitability
Higher Ranking
If you produce your content in different format you will reap the benefit of higher search engine ranking because your content will rank both for text and video or audios
Different Output Format We Offer.
The input formats for transcription services include MP3, MP4. WAV while the output format includes: doc. Pdf or ordinary text.
Now you understand the benefit of transcribing audio, video or other textual recordings; you Can Partner with Famlang International Language School for your Language transcription services in Nigeria . 
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