Thursday, June 30, 2016

Importance of Language transcription services for Nigerian Business

Spanish, German and French Transcription Service in Nigeria

Language transcription services involve creating textual records of either video or audio recording or other texts written in a different language to that of your choice. It can be recordings of meetings, or conferences. Or it can be a business document written in another language.
Why is Transcription Important?
With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, many business people fail to appreciate the importance of language transcription services.
They feel that automated machine can do the needful work. This assumption is quite far from the truth –reasons being that; there is an extent to which a machine will be able to transcribe sound into text.
Also the ability of a machine to understand the syntax of another language and for it to thereafter ensure that the syntax is retained in the new language it is converted to -is difficult to achieve. This is another reason why transcription services are important.
Transcription services are also important because they help portray an organization as professional.
The use of transcription service providers’ shows your intending business partner that you are likely a legitimate person.
So in this instance, we can see that it can help build trust.
Transcription services can Help Increase Your Profit Margin
In business, negotiation is something you cannot run away from if you hope to succeed. And for you to succeed you need to know that relationship and impression matters a lot.
Let’s create a scenario
Imagine two companies are canvassing for a job from a Hungarian firm. Let's call them Company A  and Company B.
Company A communicated their proposal in Hungarian while Company B did so in English.
To be specific, the proposal of company A suggest a cost of  $1.25 million to complete the project while company B suggest a proposal of $1.22 million to complete the project.
According to their bid rules, it isn’t a crime to choose a higher cost to execute a contract even if both firms bidding are considered to have the necessary technical know-how to execute the project TO A
From the above example, the person most likely to win the bid will be company A because they wrote their proposal in Hungarian.
The reason is simply because of ease of communication. So we can also agree that transcribing your work into the language of a business partner also helps communication.

Other Ways Transcription Services Can Help You

It saves time. Whether it is audio, video or textual recording; deploying a language transcription expert will help save your business time.

This is because outsourcing your transcription services will help you focus your business on works that will add more money to your bottom line. As we all know the hours in a day cannot be more than 24 hrs. and within this  time limit, we need to achieve as much as possible. So have you sat down to find out if hiring a professional will save you and your team the needed time and cost. By calculating the cost we are sure to know if hiring one has a positive or negative ROI.

You Can Reach a Different Language Market
Assuming you have a product that is useful to others who speak other languages you will be able to expand your market by converting your audios, or videos into the other language.
This will help your business save cost as you all need to convert the records into another language.
This is especially useful to those who have great content on their site.

You Can Expand Your Reach
There are people who prefer video or audio content to written text. By providing content in the format of their choice, you will increase your market and profitability
Higher Ranking
If you produce your content in different format you will reap the benefit of higher search engine ranking because your content will rank both for text and video or audios
Different Output Format We Offer.
The input formats for transcription services include MP3, MP4. WAV while the output format includes: doc. Pdf or ordinary text.
Now you understand the benefit of transcribing audio, video or other textual recordings; you Can Partner with Famlang International Language School for your Language transcription services in Nigeria . 
To contact us: You can call 08036532254 or reach out to us through this contact form

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Newbies: Simple OffPage Optimization Techniques that will Double Your Traffic

off page optimization technique

While creating awesome content is an important strategy to drive traffic. In order to boost your traffic level damn fast you will need to consider off page optimization.

What is OffPage Optimization ?

Off Page optimization is the process of optimizing your site outside your website. Its aim is to push up your blog ranking on Google. And this involves building of back links

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Making Money from Jumia by Inserting Ads

Jumia Nigeria was formally called Kasuwa. Kasuwa successfully re-branded itself to Jumia in order to reposition itself as a leading African online retailing company and In order to achieve its desire of becoming the best. This it has succeeded in doing in Nigeria.

With its in-depth penetration of the market in Nigeria, the opportunity has risen for Nigerians to make money online as an affiliate of Jumia.

How to Become an Affiliate of Jumia (Note Some Links are Affiliate links)

Becoming an affiliate of Jumia requires that you have a blog. If you don’t have one- you could register with blogger and make money through promoting their hot deals. This will give you the leverage to promote their products online

Note however that having a blog is not the only criteria

Other requirements include having a sizable amount of traffic to your site
On approval of the program, you can start promoting various ranges of products available.

How to Apply to For Jumia Affiliate Program 

First, visit

How To Make Money From Jumia Online

 1. Click on Sign up

 2. How To Submit Your Application

Click on the submit button

Once you have clicked on the submit button. A thank-you registration will pop up. And a confirmation will be sent to you.

3 . Check Your E-mail.

An e-mail will be sent to you informing you of your registration. This should not signify approval as your application will be screened to see if you qualify.


 4. Approval E-mail

Once you have been approved, you will be requested to provide your billing details


 5. Choose Products

Once you have been approved, you can visit the dashboard. In the dashboard area, you will have access to various products you can promote.

When you've decided which one to promote, click on "Get HTML."

In the window that pops up, select the options you want such as whether a click should open a new browser window for your customer and whether to hide the tracking code or encrypt the link. If you've chosen any of these options, click on "Update Link Code."

6. Copy The Code

Copy the code that corresponds to the link you want. Some are plain text, some are just an image, and some have both.

7. Access the Compose Menu of Your Blog

Go to your BLOG dashboard to the post your composing. Make sure you're on the HTML tab and paste the code in the desired spot.

8. Resize Photos

Re-size the photo if necessary, either by dragging one of the corner handles or by clicking on the photo and editing it by changing the pixel sizes under Advanced Settings.

9. "Update" or "Publish" your post,

And you're done!
Jumia has over 10,000 products in their stores ranging from fashion, electronics to beauty products. Hence, making passive income from Jumia is possible if only you have the desire to become successful.

Benefits of Joining the Program

- Ease of use
- Availability of creative banners and text links
- Support from dedicated managers regarding your questions
- Affiliate commission ranging from 3% to 9%
  • Electronics commission 3%
  • Books 9%
  • Beauty 9%
  • Fashion 9%
 How To Promote Jumia Affiliate Program

- Insert the affiliate link code into your blog
- Write article on the items you wish to promote. and you are good to go
- Read the infographic from informly 

Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Pay For Oriflame Registration

Lots of people are at a loss on how they should pay for the Oriflame Nigeria registration fee which is #3000 hence the reason for writing this post.

The Step By Step Method for Paying for Oriflame Registration in Nigeria

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Study Soup

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money as a Student with StudySoup

 Guide on How To Make Money with Studysoup

Why did I write this guide?

I wanted to give you an extensive and detailed guide of ways you can deploy Study Soup site to make money.

This study guide is filled with chock full of tactical and actionable ideas you can implement  as a student to make money.

Who is this guide for?

If you’re in school, and you are very good in taking note in classes, this guide is for you.

The ultimate guide to making money with study soup is for any student looking for extra income to purchase textbooks, pay off student’s loan, to feed or  to do shopping.

The Ultimate guide to earning money with Study Soup is for anyone who blogs on: How to make money, small business,

affiliate marketing.

This guide provides actionable tactics you can deploy study soup and smile to the bank.

How Much of This Guide will Benefit You?

To get the most out of this guide, you’ll want to read everything. While this is the best way, you may want to focus on specific


1. What is study soup?

Study soup is a start –up that promotes peer-peer education through buying and selling personal study guides and notesonline. Note takers are hand-picked so the content is always high quality and helps people get great grades.


Two main ways to make money with Study Soup

1. Uploading your study guide
2. By promoting the guide as an affiliate

Step by Step Guide on How to Upload Your Guide for Sale on StudySoup

Simple Way to make money with Study soup referral Programme

1. Click on the "Sign up" button
2. Click "Sign in with facebook"
3. Put in your name and e-mail to reserve your space

Once you do this, you will be sent a congratulatory mail titled temporary password.

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