Monday, January 16, 2017

How To Set Clean and Simple Amazon Affiliate Link in Seconds

Are you looking a step by step process on how to create a Unique basic amazon html without HTML for Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter? 

Are you looking for new ways of promoting your amazon link then read the article below.

For anyone to be an amazing amazon affiliate he or she most know how to craft this link.

In response to the challenge people have in setting up their own special link that shows their identity, I came up with this article hence making it easy for them to promote amazon products. 

Am sure you know amazon is one of the largest companies that allows affiliates to earn residual income. So if you not in the business of promoting amazon-know that it is one of the ways you as a blogger can monetize

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Jumia 2016 Best Female Perfume Review

Are you a classy lady, who dislike cheap?
Are you searching for the best women perfume available?
Are you looking to buy luxury parfum?

Your search is over as these five parfums of exquisite delight will light up your soul.

They are pricey, but they are worth it.

Thierry Mugler- Alien Eau DE Parfum

Buy Now
Made of deep royal purple glass of exquisite beauty -

Alien is a dream beauty of queenly delight.

In her lie Floating Jasmine note that caresses the skin - leaving

on you a haze of scented wood.

She is long lasting, a 24 hours friendship that breathes

dazzling warmth through the pores of your supple skin.

When worn -absolute strangers are stopped in their


When worn -your scented aura intoxicates bystanders.

This indeed is the beauty of Alien.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Buy Now

Top Note: Grapefruit, Quince
Heart Note: Hyacinth and Jasmine
Base Note: Amber, Cedar, Iris, White Musk

Chanel Chance is a mild, sweet perfume.
It smells of warm breeze in a white flowery lace dress,
floating into a lovely garden.

Chanel chance is classy and tender
She is youthful and sophisticated;
delicate and confident

Chanel's Chance is a ladies delight.

Viktor&Rolf Flower bomb

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Introduced in 2005,
She is an oriental delight.
Laced with top notes that tingle with fresh and sweet

accords of bergamot and green tea.

Embedded in the heart note is floral of intensive sweet

and pure sambee Jasmine, seductive centifolia rose,

freesia and cattleya orchid.

while Musk and Patchouli is rendered as its base note.

If you love flowers, then flower bomb is for you.

For flo'ers lovers it is divine.
It is sensuous.

Its notes are floral sweet.

Like sweet cloud, she transports you to fantasy land.

J'Adore Eau de Parfum

Buy Now
She is luminous,
Opulent with dazzling gold scent that shimmers on the

skin like sunbeams.

She is sweet.
She is balmy.

Fused with fresh mandarin on top.
and Jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart -
J'Adore comes with amaranth, musk, and blackberry in the

base that leaves you feminine without being sickly


Chanel No 5 Perfume

Buy Now
She s timeless,
she is genderless.
She is aldehyde

She is Jasmine
She is rose
She is Iris.

She is love beyond words
She is elegant.
She is mature
She is sophisticated

She can take you to Paris
and bring you to London.
She is mysterious -A composition that defies a single


She can be woody, she can be powdery, or leathery

She is undefinably beautiful
She is rose.

Monday, January 2, 2017

How to Live Chat Amazon Support

Getting to live chat Amazon support wasn't easy. But, I have finally been to crack the nut.
So in this tutorial, I will show you the step by step process I used to chat with Amazon support

Step BY Step Process to Chat with Amazon Live Support.

1. Google Amazon Contact Us or Click The Link Below

You can either Google "Contact Amazon Support" or visit:

2. Select The Best Question That Suits Your Query

I chose the fourth option which is prime or something else
I then selected account setting in number 2
I was further asked to give a summary of my question of which I did.

3. Choose The Option of Contact

Of which I chose the chat option.

It took some second and we got started.

So that is it on how to live chat Amazon support

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2 Branding Principles Small Businesses Can Learn from Coca- Cola

branding principle i learned from Coca ColaOne beautiful day, I took a stroll into my friend's small restaurant.

My friend is an enterprising young lady. She knows how to cook African  dishes.

As usual I took a seat surveyed the environment and discovered something that struck me.

It was the branding all over her shop.

It was a Coca-Cola branding Fiesta.

Right at the entrance of her shop stood her sign board branded by coca-cola.

On each eating tables lay 2 mini-coke bottles which contained salt and tooth pick.

The fridge was also Coca Cola branded.

This got me thinking.

It taught me an all important lesson.

Coca Cola knows the impact of branding.

They fully understand the impact branding has on sales.

To achieve maximum impact they deployed Copy writing.

Copy writing on wall papers were placed in the  strategic places.

Some of the Ads states:

Meals taste better with Coke
Refreshes like no other
The Perfect Match

This is copy writing at its best.

5 words, 4 words, 3 words packed with powerful imagery that enchants you to grab a meal and wash it down with a bottle of Coke.

And I thought of How Small Businesses Can Apply Coca- Cola Branding Principles.

Here are my THOUGHTS

1. Offer Your Customers Something of Value Free of Charge

The fridge, sign post, wall plaque, salt bottle were all offered to my friend free of charge.

While you may not be able to offer gifts of these magnitude  to your client ensure you give something of value.

It could be a free or discounted meal in the case of my  friend.

A souvenir could also suffice. Souvenirs you offer your clients should last for a long time.

Perishable souvenirs will hardly imprint your name on the heart of your customer for a long time.

Examples of souvenirs could be branded pencils, flower pots, a pocket knife etc.

No matter who you are buying this gift for, make your gifts memorable.

2. Follow Up Your Customers

Apart from offering souvenirs, you should also reach out to them with text messages and e-mail. Coca-Cola did this by visiting the shop from time to time.

The essence of the visit is to see if the fridge was stock with their drinks you see.

Ha ha ha

They do this tactfully though.

So this are two key I learnt from Coca Cola

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Oriflame North For Men Deodorant Review

Oriflame Review of Deodorant in Nigeria

This skin proven recipe is a beauty to embrace.
Oriflame North for Men deodorant offers you 24 hours dry protection.
This means you apply it once and you are good to go to the next day.

North For Men  deodorant comes with an anti-white mark technology.

The technology gives your skin a flawless appearance after application.

Unlike most aftershave in the market,  Oriflame North fragrance is dermatologically tested. This shows you that integrity is the watchword.

It also comes with zinc a compound known for its ability to prevent the damaging effect of UV light.

North men comes with 24 hours protection

Age Control Cream

Wearing a youthful look at age 40 is definitely possible.

Thanks to North for men. This advanced formula helps to keep the skin firmer.
It has been dermatologically tested -with 79 % of respondents agreeing that North for men helps fight signs of aging, 79%

Buy on Jumia from #1200
or Buy in Bulk at discounted rate by becoming a consultant

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