Sunday, July 14, 2019

Difference between Visitors Insurance and Travel Insurance

Are you planning to travel into United States? Then one key thing you need is insurance.

In sourcing for insurance, you would see words like visitor insurance, travel medical insurance, trip insurance just to mention but a few.

What does this term mean? What are the differences? And which of these should you subscribe to? These are some of the things that will be addressed in this post.

If  you hear the term Travel insurance know it is a broad term that can be subdivided into two major categories namely:

1. Visitors Insurance

Visitors insurance covers medical issues that may arise during travel. This insurance covers both existing and new issues that may occur during your travel. Different terms for travel insurance include travel medical insurance, travel health insurance, trip medical insurance, trip health insurance and other terms not currently measured

2. Trip Cancellation or Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes in handy if you want to protect yourself in any of the following scenario.

1. Sickness.

You might fall sick or get injured before a trip, or you could lose a job. Taking a travel insurance will help soften this loss.

2. Natural Disaster

If the destination you are traveling to sufferes an expected natural disaster a travel insurance cover can also help soften the blow.

Be sure the insurance will be of importance to you before taking trip cancellation insurance. So ensure you are aware of what the policy covers and the cost it entails. A plus of taking trip cancellation insurance is that it provides you emergency Medicaid insurance if you fall ill during the trip.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Adequate Insurance: List of Insurance Cover a Small Business Entrepreneur Requires

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 All entrepreneurs are exposed to a certain level of risk. Hence it is important the entrepreneur does something to alleviate the risk. Failure to do this could be catastrophic to the entrepreneur and could spell doom even before the small breaks even.

 What can the entrepreneur do to avoid such a scenario? There are several insurance packages an entrepreneur can choose from to protect his business. Here are some of them.

1. Business interruption insurance.

There are times whyen a catastrophic event occurs. Such event has the capacity to disrupt your business. Not only does it disrupt the business, it can lead to loss of revenue. In order to prevent such a situation- it is important you take an insurance package that protects you from any loss you may suffer if a catastrophic event occurs.

 The Business Interruption insurance is available to those who have a physical office. Subscribers to this insurance package are compensated financially. This helps you avoid huge loss during a catastrophic event. You can check a local insurer for the best form of insurance to adopt.

2. Property insurance company

This insurance helps protect the entrepreneur’s properties such as furniture, equipment, inventory and signage’s in the event of fire, storm, or robbery. This coverage does not address issues related to major natural disaster such as earthquake.

An insurance coverage that addresses major natural disaster like flood and earthquake requires a separate policy.

3. Workers’ compensation insurance.

This policy can cover your employee medical treatment, disability and death benefit. As an organization it is important you incorporate this policy because slip and fall can occur even in a low risk environment. Without workers insurance claim you will most likely pay a hefty sum in the case of slip and fall injuries.

4. Product liability insurance.

A business that manufactures products for sale requires product liability insurance. The insurance helps protect you in case of law suits that may arise as a result of damages caused by a brand of your product. Product liability insurance will help your business stand firm in such a situation and hence is a type of insurance that your company should institute.

5. Vehicle insurance.

Vehicle insurance helps protect the fleet of cars or trucks used by your business. It protects your business against liability if an accident occurs. In instituting vehicle insurance ensure that third –party injury is covered. Encourage employees to take personal insurance as this covers employees if and when an accident occurs. However, an exception to the rule happens if the employee are delivering any good or service.

6. Home-based businesses.

A home based business is one you handle from the comfort of your home. In as much as it occurs from the comfort of your home, you need to ask your insurer what form of cover you should take. The insurance should cover your equipment and any inventory. Now you are aware there are different types of insurance cover your small business can adopt.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Oriflame Product Ordering in Nigeria: Step by Step Method

how to make oriflame order from their site

For you to buy oriflame products or to order a product on Oriflame for cheap or at a discount, you will need to be a consultant.

 If you are not yet a consultant just register here. It is simple and easy.

 If you don't want to be a consultant you can purchase the product through a consultant but the rate will be higher.

As a reminder, there are three ways you can order a product from Oriflame. But in Nigeria, there are two ways.

 1.Become a Consultant(applicable to Nigerian)

Whether you only want to order products for yourself and your family or start selling our products to others, you can register to become a Consultant by clicking here so you can get up to 25% discount on items

2.Become a Customer

You can order the product through Oriflame consultants but the pricing is higher. So be ready to buy at a higher cost.

However, if you buy or order through a consultant, you will have the benefit to ask questions to the consultant. And the consultant can show you a sample of the product you need.

3. Order directly(Not applicable to Nigeria)

How To Order/Pay for a Product on Oriflame website in Nigeria

 To order a product on the site, you either have to browse the search button for the item you want to purchase.

 For example in the image above I browsed for "the one lipstick." Once I do that, the item of my choice will come up.

Then I can click the add to bag button

 or You can click on the catalogue and view the item you like and look for them using the search button section of the site.

 The process explained previously is then repeated.

Once I have added the item to bag the next step is to click the "shopping bag" button

We will then be taken to the sign up or login page

At this stage you will be required to put in your e-mail address oand password.

If you haven't signup you can click the signup button. You be required to put in your referral consultant number. At this stage put in 101820 in the provided space and you are good to go.

Once you have signed up you will be taken to the check out page

When you have clicked check out you will be taken where you can fill your delivery address and to confirm your order

So that's it. If you have any difficulty drop a comment in the comment box or call me on 08036532254

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Best International Language School in Port Harcourt

The Best International Language School in Port Harcourt

 International School offers Spanish, German and French in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

They also offer Spanish, German, Portuguese, French Translation and Transcription service in Nigeria. To achieve this The Language has a great retinue of teachers in their employ.

The students of International Language School are equipped with great facilities to excel. Students are equipped with audio and video tools to make it possible for them to assimilate easily. Teachers render the teaching in an easy way for the students to understand.

The reason lots of people are scared of studying foreign languages is because of the fear instilled in them during their time in primary and secondary school.

This instilled fear makes it difficult to learn assimilate the new language. This is why at Language Institute we undertake a session to unlock your mind and disabuse your mind about it.

We then use our easy to understand techniques to equip you with knowledge that will enable you stand out in the comity of nations.

Our students who having been equipped with the necessary knowledge can then write professional exams and come out tops. Apart from teaching, we also offer language transcription service. Language transcription services involve creating textual records of either video or audio recording or other texts written in a different language to that of your choice.

It can be recordings of meetings, or conferences. Or it can be a business document written in another language.

Why is Transcription Important?

With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, many business people fail to appreciate the importance of language transcription services. They feel that automated machine can do the needful work.

This assumption is quite far from the truth –reasons being that; there is an extent to which a machine will be able to transcribe sound into text. Also the ability of a machine to understand the syntax of another language and for it to thereafter ensure that the syntax is retained in the new language it is converted to -is difficult to achieve. This is another reason why transcription services are important.

Transcription services are also important because they help portray an organization as professional. 

How? The use of transcription service providers’ shows your intending business partner that you are likely a legitimate person. So in this instance, we can see that it can help build trust.

Transcription Services Can Help Increase Your Profit Margin

In business, negotiation is something you cannot run away from if you hope to succeed. And for you to succeed you need to know that relationship and impression matters a lot.

Let’s create a scenario

Imagine two companies are canvassing for a job from a Hungarian firm. Let's call them Company A and Company B. Company A communicated their proposal in Hungarian while Company B did so in English. To be specific, the proposal of company A suggest a cost of $1.25 million to complete the project while company B suggest a proposal of $1.22 million to complete the project.

 According to their bid rules, it isn’t a crime to choose a higher cost to execute a contract even if both firms bidding are considered to have the necessary technical know-how to execute the project TO A From the above example, the person most likely to win the bid will be company A because they wrote their proposal in Hungarian.

The reason is simply because of ease of communication. So we can also agree that transcribing your work into the language of a business partner also helps communication.

 Other Ways Transcription Services Can Help You It saves time.

Whether it is audio, video or textual recording; deploying a language transcription expert will help save your business time.

This is because outsourcing your transcription services will help you focus your business on works that will add more money to your bottom line. As we all know the hours in a day cannot be more than 24 hrs. and within this time limit, we need to achieve as much as possible.

So have you sat down to find out if hiring a professional will save you and your team the needed time and cost. By calculating the cost we are sure to know if hiring one has a positive or negative ROI.

You Can Reach a Different Language Market

 Assuming you have a product that is useful to others who speak other languages you will be able to expand your market by converting your audios, or videos into the other language. This will help your business save cost as you all need to convert the records into another language. This is especially useful to those who have great content on their site.

You Can Expand Your Reach

 There are people who prefer video or audio content to written text. By providing content in the format of their choice, you will increase your market and profitability.

Higher Ranking

 If you produce your content in different format you will reap the benefit of higher search engine ranking because your content will rank both for text and video or audios.

Different Output Format We Offer.

 The input formats for transcription services include MP3, MP4. WAV while the output format includes: doc. Pdf or ordinary text. Now you understand the benefit of transcribing audio, video or other textual recordings; you can partner with  International Language School for your Language transcription services in Nigeria.

To contact us: You can call 08036532254 or reach out to us through this contact form

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Last Guide to Preventing Stretch Marks in Pregnancy Naturally in Nigeria

Joke a Delta State lady who lives in Lagos got married 2 months ago and she would soon get into the 3rd month of her pregnancy.

As with any lady who is conscious of her skin, Joke is scared of getting stretch marks the unsightly marks that comes as a result of over stretching of your skin.
This doesn’t have to be so.

There are things Joke can do now before the skin becomes less elastic due to her rising tummy.
There are actions Joke can put in place that will make her go through the whole pregnancy without having to cry about stretch marks that is if she doesn’t want to use a reputable stretch mark cream that can cure stretch marks in less than one month.

1.       Eat Meals Rich in Gelatin

Taking a meal rich in gelatin helps you produce more collagen which improves the elasticity of your skin.

Gelatin is super rich as it not only makes your skin elastic, it also improves insulin sensitivity hence it is good for people with insulin resistance.
Gelatin also improves sleep and reduces free radical that are cancer inducing.

2.       Stay Hydrated

By staying hydrated you keep your skin supple and fresh. During pregnancy your baby need lots of water which it needs to stay in the water sack. To stay hydrated it is recommended you take 8-12 glasses of water every day.

3.       Coconut Oil

For a lady who is pregnant, rubbing coconut oil can help prevent stretch marks. It does this by making the skin more elastic. As you know dry skin is less elastic, so by applying coconut oil, you increase the elasticity of the skin hence reducing the risk of developing stretch marks.

4.       Avoid Steroid Creams

Steroid creams reduce the elasticity of the skin and cause stretch marks. Most skin whitening creams contain stretch marks causing ingredients. So by avoiding rubbing this stretch mark inducing cream during pregnancy you are one step of reducing the risk of getting stretch marks.

5.       Eat Food Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids

Fishes such as salmon herrings, mackerel, and sardines contain Omega-3 Fatty acids. Omega 3-fatty acids make the skin supple and make the skin supple and elastic. Other sources for omega 3 fatty acids include flax seeds, soybeans, walnuts and chia seeds. So feasting on this food items should help prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.

6.       Use Moisturizers

While moisturizers may not be very effective they keep the skin supple and help reduce the risk in some people. As I earlier mentioned, avoid steroidal creams that reduces skin elasticity.

7.       Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetable rich Food

While scientific researchers have not been able to prove the efficacy of vitamins against stretch marks, vitamin like vitamin E improves the appearance of the skin.

8.        Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps to prevent excessive weight gain which in turn has been known to be a leading cause of stretch marks. When a person maintains his or her weight he/she reduces the risk of getting stretch marks. Stretch mark results from uneven gain in weight.

9.        Avoid Direct Sun

While taking in sun is a brilliant source of Vitamin D, endeavor to do this only in the early hour of the morning.

This is because exposure to sun rays can increase our exposure to Ultra Violet rays which damages the skin elasticity and collagen hence making it more likely for stretch marks to form.
Wear sunscreen and sun shade when you have to step out in the heat of the sun.

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