Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Last Guide to Preventing Stretch Marks in Pregnancy Naturally in Nigeria

Joke a Delta State lady who lives in Lagos got married 2 months ago and she would soon get into the 3rd month of her pregnancy.

As with any lady who is conscious of her skin, Joke is scared of getting stretch marks the unsightly marks that comes as a result of over stretching of your skin.
This doesn’t have to be so.

There are things Joke can do now before the skin becomes less elastic due to her rising tummy.
There are actions Joke can put in place that will make her go through the whole pregnancy without having to cry about stretch marks that is if she doesn’t want to use a reputable stretch mark cream that can cure stretch marks in less than one month.

1.       Eat Meals Rich in Gelatin

Taking a meal rich in gelatin helps you produce more collagen which improves the elasticity of your skin.

Gelatin is super rich as it not only makes your skin elastic, it also improves insulin sensitivity hence it is good for people with insulin resistance.
Gelatin also improves sleep and reduces free radical that are cancer inducing.

2.       Stay Hydrated

By staying hydrated you keep your skin supple and fresh. During pregnancy your baby need lots of water which it needs to stay in the water sack. To stay hydrated it is recommended you take 8-12 glasses of water every day.

3.       Coconut Oil

For a lady who is pregnant, rubbing coconut oil can help prevent stretch marks. It does this by making the skin more elastic. As you know dry skin is less elastic, so by applying coconut oil, you increase the elasticity of the skin hence reducing the risk of developing stretch marks.

4.       Avoid Steroid Creams

Steroid creams reduce the elasticity of the skin and cause stretch marks. Most skin whitening creams contain stretch marks causing ingredients. So by avoiding rubbing this stretch mark inducing cream during pregnancy you are one step of reducing the risk of getting stretch marks.

5.       Eat Food Rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids

Fishes such as salmon herrings, mackerel, and sardines contain Omega-3 Fatty acids. Omega 3-fatty acids make the skin supple and make the skin supple and elastic. Other sources for omega 3 fatty acids include flax seeds, soybeans, walnuts and chia seeds. So feasting on this food items should help prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.

6.       Use Moisturizers

While moisturizers may not be very effective they keep the skin supple and help reduce the risk in some people. As I earlier mentioned, avoid steroidal creams that reduces skin elasticity.

7.       Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetable rich Food

While scientific researchers have not been able to prove the efficacy of vitamins against stretch marks, vitamin like vitamin E improves the appearance of the skin.

8.        Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps to prevent excessive weight gain which in turn has been known to be a leading cause of stretch marks. When a person maintains his or her weight he/she reduces the risk of getting stretch marks. Stretch mark results from uneven gain in weight.

9.        Avoid Direct Sun

While taking in sun is a brilliant source of Vitamin D, endeavor to do this only in the early hour of the morning.

This is because exposure to sun rays can increase our exposure to Ultra Violet rays which damages the skin elasticity and collagen hence making it more likely for stretch marks to form.
Wear sunscreen and sun shade when you have to step out in the heat of the sun.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Best Dandruff Removal and Natural Hair Growth Cream in Nigeria

Thousand Now Remove Ugly Dandruff in Nigeria This Way

There are two kinds of dandruff I want to share about.

There is flaky kind, that whitens your collar and oily kind that shows up when you carry out the finger nail test.
This second kind can be definitely serious.

A culprit in 7 out of 10 cases of premature baldness.

Imagine, having no hair, not because you scraped it but because you refused to take action.

And 5 years from now, you be would be faced with a situation you could have prevented.

A situation you sleep with, eat with, and think with, a situation you would have said had I Known.

Why not avoid that situation where your children will be ashamed of you,
Why not avoid a situation where you are unable to flaunt your wavy, thick natural hair because you said no to Karkar oil

Why do you want to constantly hide under the shadows of wigs, when you can have the hair of your dreams?

Rose, a brilliant young lady, and a second year lady, who had a GP of 4.2 in the University of Port Harcourt had a self-esteem issue.

She found it difficult flaunting her natural hair even in the comfort of her home.


Because her was filled with dandruff, and not only that, the hairs were flaky soft and the edges of her hair was filled with gaps.

In fact she had little or no hair on the fringes. Her friends began calling her B-girl a name she rejected with all the power within her. As a result of the name calling she was always in a fight. Exchange of blows was a common occurrence.

The name a synonym for baldness.
Rose who was jovial became sad, bitter, and touchy.

Before you said one, she said 5. Her relationship with her boy and girl friends nosedived.

She was always alone and even her academics suffered. From 4.2 her G.P dropped to 3.9.

Her result was sub-par such that her lecturer friend had to call her to find out the problem.

It was then she opened up to her lecturer friend a woman of impeccable character.

She talked about the severe itching, and the situation where flakes come off in lumps on her pillow/shirt such that it looks like a Christmas decoration.

She talked about the countless products she has used, and how they have made her hair weak, causing hair breakage, and making her look bald.

The lecturer sat through, as she poured out her heart and pains.

Then she comforted her and offered her the master dandruff and hair repair formula –Chebe  and Karbar oil formula.

Rose grudgingly took the formula, because of her previous experience.
She applied it to her hair and within a week she saw changes in her hair.

The encrusted dandruff was loosened, the hair itching stopped, the scalp of her felt refreshed and the hair that had disappeared along the hair line began to grow again.

Premature baldness took a leave.
Now Rose hair is the envy of friends. They constantly ask her, what is the secret? And she tells them its Chebe and Karkar Oil Formula
Today Rose smile has returned. With her self-esteem restored she was able to concentrate to read and as a result she did well in her last exam.
Rose isn’t the only person who has benefited from this awesome formula.

This is what Festus had to say:
“Chebbee and Karkar Oil Formula helped me grow my beards. In fact the hairs was so much that the church asked me to cut it as I was a worker.
Another Lady, Miss D. had this to say:
“Please don’t preach to me about the benefit. I know how important it is. I have seen the miracle of this cream that’s  why I am buying it.”

Don’t let the threat of premature baldness get a head start. Order  Chebbee and Karkar Oil now.
Send a Whatsapp message or call 08036532254 NOW if you
want to reduces breakage
grow your hair edges
leave your hair shining
grow your beards.

“This hair restoration and dandruff removal cream just goes for just #6000  which is exactly the price for a Turkey. One thing about the turkey is that after you eat it, you sh*t   it out.
But this cream would PERMANENTLY prevent dandruff and grow you  the hair of your dream?

Which is a better buying decision? Buying a live turkey that you would finish eating the next day or buying a cream that would not only grow your hair but will also prevent baldness, a benefit you will enjoy for the rest of your life. That decision is up to you.

Friday, July 6, 2018

The POP Ceiling Artist: Getting To Make Your Home Classy in Nigeria

Pop ceiling artist port harcourt

Whatsapp: 08036532254

Today, making your homes beautiful is a normal game.

But what distinguishes homes from The home is that extra touch of brilliance you add to it.

And this is what decorated POP  does to your home.

Decorated POP makes your home stand out from the crowd.

It is eye catching and it's a great way to sell a business.

How those it sell your business?

Decorated POP "enraptures" your visitor and makes them sell your business for free.

It gives your visitors or clients intense joy making them to inform friends and business partners.

So what does it take for you to engrave your homes and office with this beauty piece that is sure to make your business the talk of the town?

Get a POP artist with a difference.

One POP artist who creates amazing design is ANCESTOR based in Port Harcourt. Ancestor works speak volume of the importance of art.

His works does the following to clients:

  • Infuse them with happiness
  • Inspires them
  • Fights depression -
  • Strengthens them
  • Deletes mental blocks. When clients focuses on his art piece, creativity is reborn.
  • Relaxes their mind and
  • Increases their morale
This benefits are just a few of what art can do, and for this reason I advice you contact Ancestor on 08036532254 or whatsapp him on the same number so that your home, church, school or office can receive the transformation it deserves.

Do this so your business can start gaining the referral and clients you deserve.

It is the duty of every business to stand out. Because standing out is the key to business success.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Social Media: 4 Ways Brands can Use Quora to Promote their Business

As a business person seeking to promote your business Quora is an excellent platform to achieve your goals. The question then may be, “how can I do this?”
Doing this is not hard once you are a able to get a hang of how Quora works.

This is why the first thing you as brand or business can do in order to capitalize on Quora is for you to have an account if you don't already have one. If you don’t have one and you are seeking for a guide

Jumia 2018 Best Female Perfume Review

Are you a classy lady, who dislike cheap?
Are you searching for the best women perfume available?
Are you looking to buy luxury parfum?

Your search is over as these five parfums of exquisite delight will light up your soul.

They are pricey, but they are worth it.

Thierry Mugler- Alien Eau DE Parfum

Buy Now
Made of deep royal purple glass of exquisite beauty -

Alien is a dream beauty of queenly delight.

In her lie Floating Jasmine note that caresses the skin - leaving

on you a haze of scented wood.

She is long lasting, a 24 hours friendship that breathes

dazzling warmth through the pores of your supple skin.

When worn -absolute strangers are stopped in their


When worn -your scented aura intoxicates bystanders.

This indeed is the beauty of Alien.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Buy Now

Top Note: Grapefruit, Quince
Heart Note: Hyacinth and Jasmine
Base Note: Amber, Cedar, Iris, White Musk

Chanel Chance is a mild, sweet perfume.
It smells of warm breeze in a white flowery lace dress,
floating into a lovely garden.

Chanel chance is classy and tender
She is youthful and sophisticated;
delicate and confident

Chanel's Chance is a ladies delight.

Viktor&Rolf Flower bomb

Buy Now
Introduced in 2005,
She is an oriental delight.
Laced with top notes that tingle with fresh and sweet

accords of bergamot and green tea.

Embedded in the heart note is floral of intensive sweet

and pure sambee Jasmine, seductive centifolia rose,

freesia and cattleya orchid.

while Musk and Patchouli is rendered as its base note.

If you love flowers, then flower bomb is for you.

For flo'ers lovers it is divine.
It is sensuous.

Its notes are floral sweet.

Like sweet cloud, she transports you to fantasy land.

J'Adore Eau de Parfum

Buy Now
She is luminous,
Opulent with dazzling gold scent that shimmers on the

skin like sunbeams.

She is sweet.
She is balmy.

Fused with fresh mandarin on top.
and Jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart -
J'Adore comes with amaranth, musk, and blackberry in the

base that leaves you feminine without being sickly


Chanel No 5 Perfume

Buy Now
She s timeless,
she is genderless.
She is aldehyde

She is Jasmine
She is rose
She is Iris.

She is love beyond words
She is elegant.
She is mature
She is sophisticated

She can take you to Paris
and bring you to London.
She is mysterious -A composition that defies a single


She can be woody, she can be powdery, or leathery

She is undefinably beautiful
She is rose.

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