Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2017: How Students Can Make Money Using Scofield Skills in Nigeria(16 Ways)

How to make money as college students

You are seated on your bed with hands akimbo, your mind far away from your books; you've traveled to money land, but your account is in the red.

Your thought like a roller coaster is on a ride. She suddenly hits a bump and you feel pangs of hunger gnawing rapidly on your stomach lining. You rush quickly to the blue pail to get a cup of garri so that you can soak. But you become disappointed because the pail is empty. It doesn't have to be like

Do you know you can effectively come out of this condition while smiling to the bank?

This is why I packaged this article for you. But it isn't for those who are damn lazy. It is for those who want financial freedom- freedom to get the
latest blackberry phone at your doorstep. (You don’t need to get down to a shop) surprising!

So let’s get down to business

Ten + Five Ways Students can Leave a Life Without Debt in 2017

1.Make Money Investing in Bitcoin

The barrier of entry  for making money is now low -all thanks to bitcoin. There are several ways to earn.

You can store money in your wallet (blockchain). And as bitcoin prize increase, the value of your money increases. For example the price of bitcoin in May 2017 was $2000.

Imagine you had $100 in your wallet as at that time, that money will today be close to $300.

You can also make money investing in Usi-tech. Investing in Usi-tech will yield you 40% of your investment in bitcoin. This means that if you invest 1 bitcoin in 6 months your earnings will be 1.4 bitcoin. Registration is free.

This is considering that the price of bitcoin is the same. If the value against the dollars rises, it means that your dollar earning rises.

Want to learn more: Whatsapp me on 2348036532254 or add me up on Facebook: Peter Kanayo

2.Make Money By Selling Your Lecture Note With Study

Did you ever imagine you could make money from your lecture note?

I can feel the spring of excitement, the quick dilation of your pupil, and the sudden weariness.

Is it really true?

Can I really tell debt bye-bye?

Yes, it is. is a student marketplace to buy and sell course materials online.

As a student, all you need to make the money roll in is to upload your study material and receive your payment through direct deposit or Paypal.

What an awesome opportunity!!!

I hope you embrace it with all your heart and step out of the poverty lane.

3. Make Some Money Selling Old Items Online And Offline.

I am sure you have some clothes that isn't your size but are still nice looking or you having an old laptop which you wish to sell off, or you even have a friend that has no use for some of his possession.

If you do, then there is an opportunity for you to make some cool cash by posting them online (at this Nigerian-site)

All you need do -is capture your best picture shot, upload it and you are good to go.

You could also sell your old university books from earlier semesters. They are often cost lots of money.

4. Offer to Teach Fellow Students on an Hourly Basis


Some years back when I was still a student of the University of Port Harcourt-there was this guy named Charles who usually makes a whopping #4000 in a single hour.

With about 3 classes a day he made about #12000 daily. This was aside private lessons he hosted in the evening. Did you just say wow! Why the wow when you can earn just as he does.

Simply put some notes on the university hallways offering personal tutoring services and ask for a good rate.

The #20 per class was actually in the 2006-2008 session. The price should be higher now.

5. Use Your God Given Skills to Make Money

Are you good in writing essays, drawing diagrams or portraits? Do you know how to do makeup, why not offer this service for a fee?

Today, many people forget or look down on them -at the end of the day, they graduate from school and start hopping from one place to another looking for jobs that needs you to become Scofield in order for you to get them.

6. Start Working as an Estate Agent

This is quite flexible. With houses springing around universities, students always have challenges of getting accommodation. So why not act as that go

As an agent, your job is to look for houses for students and you are paid a commission of 10% per transaction.


7. Create Past Questions and Answers

For brilliant students without the time to organize tutorial class -you can answer past questions, type it, bind it and sell them to your colleagues at a reasonable price.

8. Use your Internet Savvy Skills to Make Money.

You can make cool cash by facilitating the registration of students for Post-Ume examinations. For those who aren't internet savvy.
You could also help them do their course registration for a fee.

9. Be an Ad

Talk to any organization which you think would like to have their presence felt in the university. Offer them an opportunity to advertise their goods and
services on a branded shirt.

Negotiate the terms of the deal; wear the branded shirt as the deal states and then smile to the bank.

10. Set up a Blog

You can set up a blog if you love writing. Consider blogging about news on campus, fashion, latest campus trends and see money flowing into your accounts.
You can even monetize your site.

11. Get Paid to Help Professors

Cultivate relationships with your lecturers and if the need arise to carry out a study utilizing questionnaires they could send you out for the job while dropping cool cash into your pocket.

12. Offer Your House for Sub rent

Are you living alone -why not share the cost? You could save up to #50,000 just by picking up a roommate.

13. Organize a Trip or Picnic.

Do you have connections or are you an extrovert? Find out if there are groups on campus with A shared interest. Organize trips or picnic on their behalf and
receive a fee for it.

You could also talk to motels and demand for a fee from them for bringing in customers if it would require camping.

14. Rent your face

Are you into tattoos? I don’t  like it, but if you’re cool with tattoos then it’s an opportunity to smile to the bank.

You could offer to sell advertisement on your face for a fee.

15. Sign up for Swagbucks

Do you love surfing the nets? Swagbucks is another way you can earn money online. Swagbucks pays you for watching videos online.

You simply do this by installing an add-on to your browser and you’re good to go.

16.Use Youtube

Are you good in modeling or dancing? Then you-tube is a platform to make good money when you post videos of your post online.

The video uploaded should include your dancing or make-up techniques.

By so doing you increase the chances of people viewing your upload.

As people get to see your video -you make money if you have a youtube account.

It’s so easy. Just create amazing content consistently, and you’ll be rolling in traffic.

I’m just kidding.

Even if you know what you’re doing, content marketing takes a lot of work.

But it can pay off in a big way.


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  2. This is really great oga kanayo, i really love this post.

    This is another post that students in Nigeria my find useful

    Thanks alot again Oga Kanayo

    1. Precious its a pleasure you found the post useful. Do have an awesome week

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