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Ceeloi: Making Money Through Referrals in Nigeria

how to make money in Nigeria

Are you looking for a genuine way to make money online through referral marketing-right here in Nigeria?
Not the scam kind of thing where your money would be siphoned from you.

If your answer is a yes, then Ceeloi is the in thing for you.

Ceeloi was created in order to provide side income for people who are working, or who desire to start an online business.

As different from other referral marketing services in the country, Ceeloi has one special characteristic. Ceeloi will help guide you through steps to start your own online business.

How does Ceeloi do this?

Ceeloi will offer to you free of charge-resources you can use to kick start your business.

What are these incredible Free resources on offer to You?

- A 25 Paged E-Book on How to Use Keyword Research to Find Hot Products to Promote
In this book, you will be taught-

 How To Write articles in your niche that will get you to the first page of Google
 How To Promote The Hell Out of It
 How To Find Low Competition Keywords

- A 2669 word Short Report to Kick Start Your Importing Business.

In this report You would be taught:

 Where to Find Profitable Products to order
 How to order this product online
 How to Reduce the Risk of Being Scammed Online
 How to Get The Best Bargains From Manufacturers

- An Awesome Report on How to Set Up Your Own Website For Less Than 8000 Naira.

In this report you would be taught with images:

 How To Set Up Your Website on Wordpress
 Buy Your Own Domain name.

If you are also looking to get live training on how to export agricultural products to any part of the world (paid)- Ceeloi will also do this for you on a discount.

These are just a few of the services Ceeloi has on offer as Ceeloi will also teach you:

- How to connect with influencers- on the various social platforms and get the most result.

How to go about making money on Ceeloi

Ceeloi was created to help people generate an extra income for themselves. Anybody with access to the internet can register an account with Ceeloi. The idea is to register, get others to register via a referral link and get paid for whoever signs-up via your referral link.

What you will need to operate a Ceeloi account:

1. Any device with access to the internet.
2. A voguepay account. CLICK HERE to create one.

Now this is how it works, suppose you are a new user who just signed up at
Upon successful registration, you will be asked to login after which you will be taken to the member’s only homepage. As a new member, you by default will have a BRONZE account. Account info is displayed at the top of the screen just below the logo of the site. Contents of the account dashboard include;

1. Account Balance: defaulted to N0.00
2. Account Type: defaulted to BRONZE
3. Referral Link: (xxx being a unique id generated for each new user)
4. Account Status: defaulted to Unverified (with a link to get verified)

As a bronze member, whenever a new user registers via your referral link and gets their account verified, you will be paid N500.

To increase your earning potential, you will have to get your own account verified. Available account types to be verified are;

1. Silver account @ N2000
2. Gold account @ N2500
3. Diamond account @ N3000

How to get your Ceeloi Account verified

Getting your account verified is as easy as it sounds. As earlier stated, you will need a voguepay account to get your account verified. Voguepay is as secure payment processor so you do not have to reveal your bank details to us at Ceeloi. All transactions (i.e. verification, withdrawal) will be done via voguepay. To get a voguepay account now CLICK HERE

To get your account verified, login to your Ceeloi account, on your account dashboard, click the link that says “get verified” you will be taken to the verification page where you can select either of SILVER, GOLD or DIAMOND account types. Clicking on continue takes you the confirmation page which shows how much you will be paying.

Then click on the make payment button to be taken to voguepay payment environment to complete the transaction. Click on the “return to merchant website” button to take you back to Ceeloi and that’s it your account will now be verified and your account type changed to the account you chose to be verified.

Benefits of account verification

When you verify your Ceeloi account, you increase your earning potential. Below are the various account types and their benefits.

Silver account:

This plan is for those on a low budget who still want to make that extra little income. Activation of this plan costs N2000 which is also upgradable to either Gold or Diamond account types. Users on the Silver plan get N1000 for each verified referral.

Gold account:

This plan is for those on an average budget. Activation of this plan costs N2500 and is also upgradable to Diamond plan. Users on the Gold plan get N1500 for every verified referral. Additionally, each time any of your referrals upgrade their account from one plan to another, you get 20% of the amount they pay.

Diamond account:

This plan (opportunist plan) is for those who have a thirst for making it big. Activation of this plan costs N3000. Users on this plan get N2000 for every verified referral. Like the Gold plan, each time any of your referrals upgrade their account from one plan to another, you get 30% of their upgrade fee.
What does account upgrade mean?

As stated above account types are also upgradable from one plan to the other, illustration below;

1. Silver account can be upgraded to either of gold account or diamond account.
2. Gold account on the other hand is upgradable to diamond account.

Getting your Ceeloi account upgraded

If for one reason or the other, you couldn’t verify the account of your choice as at the time you had your account verified, you still have the opportunity to upgrade to your account of choice anytime. Possible upgrade options are:

1. Silver account to Gold account @ N500.
2. Silver account to Diamond account@ N1000.
3. Gold account to Diamond account @ N500.

Unlike account verification, account upgrade is done with your Ceeloi account balance so you will need to have funding your Ceeloi account to be able to upgrade your account.

If you do not have sufficient fund in your account, you will need to fund your Ceeloi account with voguepay. To do this, login to your Ceeloi account, click on the “upgrade account” link on your account dashboard, you will be taken to the upgrade page, you will see a link to fund your account, follow the link to select what amount you wish to fund your account with (maximum amount allowed is N1000), click on the continue button to proceed to the confirmation page, click on the make payment button to proceed to voguepay to complete the transaction.

Once done, click on the “return to merchant website” button to return to ceeloi. Now your account will be credited with the amount you choose.

To get these awesome bonuses:

- A 2669 word Short Report to Kick Start Your Importing Business.
- An Awesome Report on How to Set Up Your Own Website For Less Than 8000 Naira.
- A 25 Paged E-Book on How to Use Keyword Research to Find Hot Products to Promote

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