Ulesson App Download: 10 Reason to Subscribe to this Learning App for Secondary Pupils in Nigeria

  The Best Online Education App in Nigeria If you need a learning app for a child in secondary school to read then you need Ulesson. Ulesson is a child's reading programme (app) for children in secondary school that helps them read their books. U Lesson Online learning is an educational platform that allows students and pupils to take part in courses that match the curriculum in Nigeria via the internet. GET THE ACCESS TO THE APP HERE You can accomplish this using a tablet, a computer, or even an android phone. Ulesson is outstanding in the sense that it tailors the classes to cover the curriculum of pupils and students in Nigeria. The classes are easy to understand as the best of teachers in the country were hired to teach these courses. Imagine having the best of teachers sit with your kids in the same room. How Much would you pay in a month? 30,000 40,000 50,000 70,000 It could be much more considering you have the subject atught include Maths, english, Sciences, such as Basic S

Link ByPass Software Review-A Software that ByPasses Low Conversion Sales Page and Drives Up Conversion

  In this post you will learn about Link Bypass an amazing tool that increases your affiliate conversion Are you tired of having to read tons and tons of text on your sales page? Or watch those tiring videos that seem not to end? As an affiliate, are you looking for the key to unlock the passageway to the order button that your hungry buyer is all but waiting to roll out the card, punch in the details and hand over the money to you? Or are you scared that a powerful product you are promoting has a crappy sales page that is certain to lower sales? What if I tell you can still sell the hot product and simply bypass the ugly sales page with just a few clicks of your mouse? True? Yes, true! And that's exactly what Wayne and David's new software Link ByPass does! ➩ CLICK HERE TO GET LINK BYPASS + SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE BONUSES( Available At Special Earlybird Discounted Price)     What Does Link Bypass Do For Affiliate? Link Bypass helps you bypass a sales page or landing page and lets yo

Profilemate Review: How to Ethically Steal Instagram Followers and Clients From Your Competitors

  In this post you will learn about Profile mate software. Profilemate is an incredible software. You can watch or read about the software.  Instagram DM or direct message is an amazing and highly underrated strategy you as a business or agency owner can deploy to grow your brand and get clients. When deployed in the right way Instagram DM marketing will enable you to reach out to any influencers, or business or even individuals and establish the connection that puts money into your account. However, as effective as this process is -it slows down your ability to scale your business. Imagine having to jump into the DM of 100’s of people. Imagine the time needed to achieve this. Think about the stress and money involved if you are to hire a good VA to do it for you. To solve this problem, Luke McGuire a seasoned Digital marketer came up with a tool that not only solves the problem of: Jumping into the DM of lots of people Wasting time determining if they are the right fit. Getting their

Oriflame Registration 2020 Form: How To Register, Promote and Make Money

Oriflame is a leading beauty company that markets its product through direct selling. She is present in more than 60 countries and  has its origin in Sweden with corporate offices in Switzerland. For those thinking how much it cost for Oriflame Registration -The answer is #2990. You can get registered here.  The company was founded in 1967 in Sweden by two brothers: Jonas Af Jochnick and Robert Af Jochnick. Oriflame is an awesome opportunity if you want to make money online in Nigeria. All it takes is for you to get registered as an Oriflame consultant. Many people are scared of joining companies like this either because they don’t know how to sell or what to do? If this is your challenge don’t worry, in this post I will teach you strategies you can use in making money with Oriflame. But How Do You Register? Click on  Simply fill in your details . If you have any question, reach me on WhatsApp : 08036532254  But before I share the strategies with you, I wan

Why was Beats by Dre Successful?

The Beats Now Owned By Apple I'm going to tell you a story But if you hate stories, If you are like those who hate appetizer but care only for the real meal; . If your utmost desire is to get down to the strategies, then jump and I mean by all means jump the story. Move down some paragraphs; get down to “He Figured Out How The Idea Spread.” And get to the meat of the story; perhaps you may be sorry, Perhaps you would still enjoy it as much as some others do.

Why Do I Need a Drone For My Wedding in Port Harcourt?

Why you need a drone in Nigeria What your Roadside Videographer will Never Tell You about that Wedding Video Shoot ...And How This Secret Could Mar Your Wedding. . . In her eyes Nkem had believed her wedding would be amazing. She had gotten a wedding planner to handle every thing to free her up to focus on being her best. . . Her wedding planner hired a top notch videographer and photographer for the wedding and showed her pictures of the previous work. She was satisfied as their works were breathtaking. . . The D-day arrived and Nkem rocked her hubby on the dancefloor drawing admiration and  laughter from the crowd. . . She was all smiles as she navigated from the church to the reception venue. . . Dance, drinks, jokes were top notch. Cheers serenaded her on every side. . . Famished after the long day. She was happily whisked away by her hubby so the honeymoon festivities could begin. . . 5 days later her wedding planner delivered the photos and

Expenditure Business Plan

EXPENDITURE Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Total Direct costs Stock 63,405,000 0 0 63,405,000  Marketing 1,500,000 2,500,000 4,000,000 8,000,000 Staff Wages    5,820,000 6,072,000 6,072,000 1,260,000  Payroll expenses  5,000 7,000  10,500 22,500  Knap sack and Nylon 39,500 39,500 40,000 119,000  Feeds 34,080,000 40,000,000 45,000,000 88,408,000 Indirect cost Rent, rates, utilities