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Five Reasons Why it’s Important for You to Work under the Tutelage of Another

Having a business idea is not a guarantee that you would succeed in a business. How then do you succeed? There are various ways in which you can succeed or increase the chance of success. Some ways may require a Long time-frame, while others just require a short period of time-frame However, in all of this one very important factor which you must keep close to your chest is perseverance. Are you willing to persevere? If your answer is yes, then this article which is geared towards discussing time tested principles will help shorten the time-frame required for a particular business idea to become profitable. These tips would be summarized under: Working and learning as ways of having a profitable business. #1 Work to learn, don’t work to Earn. The difference between an employer and an employee for life is that the employer works to learn while most employees work to earn. The foremost desire of an employee for life is the immediate gratification the money bring

How to receive money from Paypal in banned countries/ Unsupported Countries

Paypal is arguably the most famous online payment processing system in the world. Because of its wide reach and security of transactions on its platform, it is used by most online marketers to do business. However, due to high fraud index, some countries such as Nigeria, Bangladesh e.t.c have been prevented from making use of the platform to make or receive payment. The strategic blacklisting of these countries has made it difficult for residents of the areas to engage in international transactions. Despite these difficulties, I have good news for you. The good news is that there is a way out. The method to be revealed is actually a legitimate way of receiving payment online. The method described below is not a fake scheme where you are to: Hide you I.P or where you need to select countries where you do not reside. The reason of sharing these tips is to prevent you from being a victim of fraud, so that you don’t have to part with your hard earned money. 4 Steps in ord

Christmas 2012: 6 Practical Ways of Spending Low, Giving Great Gifts.

The tips to be listed below are tips that cut across boundaries and countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa. They are practical tips that highlight how families can reduce their Xmas spending, while still having a splendid holiday. As we all know, we are in a season of Christmas-the season of sharing love, and celebration of Christ birth. It is a season, when we give gifts to loved ones and celebrate those who are in need. It is however that time of the year when many people go out of their way to borrow in order to sustain the facade of happiness. They spend beyond their means; hence they go borrowing and sorrowing during the New Year. They have no idea that they can have a fun-filled Xmas even when a cut in spending is carried out. So this article seeks to bring to the fore: 6 Common but Unique Tips that will Drop Down your Christmas Spending in 2012 1. Plan with a Budget This may sound like a cliché. Am I right? Yes it is, but it

5 Steps to Softening the Buying Process through Content Marketing

Many a times we speak or communicate to a buyer in terms of the product instead of in terms of what the products can do for them. This is actually what stalls the buying process. And this is what content marketing seeks to address. In order to successfully market your product you need to understand that emotion and not products brings about successful sales. You need to be a smart marketer Hence we need to work towards creating this emotion in our buyers as this helps simplify the buying process. Hence this blog post seeks to address how to build the confidence of intending buyers. 5 Steps to Creating a Content Response Sharing Experience 1. Tell a Compelling Story/ Share an Experience A good story any day any time will always draw in readers for your content. This is the first stage of the buying process. And this is what June does on her blog . She tells compelling stories of her experiences in life-stories that inspire many ladies who seek to

5 Effective Content-Marketing Principles to Drive Your Business to the Zenith

Lee Odden a marketing expert states that “ Content marketing isn’t just about adding content; it’s about creating information for a target audience that has a particular purpose and intended outcome. Content drives awareness, but also social interaction, customer engagement and sales. ” This shows that having a great content is not really what content marketing is, it goes to show that content creation is actually a subset of content marketing i.e. it is a division of it. Using the analogy of the human body-the human body is made up of different parts some of which includes the head, the chest, the hands and the legs. These different parts cannot function on their own but as a whole. The above analogy is relevant in content marketing where content creation without a target audience is like trying to catch a fish without the right bait. This is why the posting of a health article on a technological blog will not elicit the type of comment we desire.

From Sexual Abuse to Avenues to Wealth

One area my mum focused on while growing up was protection of her children from sexual abuse. As a mother, she strove to juggle her diverse responsibilities with that of the home front.And that is what made her unique. Her innate ability to multitask is legendary-from breast feeding to managing people, she strove to manage her time. It is this struggle that has sometimes led to mothers being unable to take proper care of their homes, leading to that which they dread-sexual abuse. How then do they balance/ manage their time in such a way that the home front does not suffer as well as being able to speak of self fulfillment in terms of imparting on people lives?- the dominant reason for which were sent to this world. If the above is your question or if you have actually been concerned on ways to actually do this-bother then no more. The reason I say this, is because there are opportunities for mothers’ to work from the comfort of their homes and make money. This opp

Three things You Must do to Start a Business Today Not Tomorrow

courtesy , “There are three qualities that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and the burning desires to achieve it.” Napoleon Hill The following statement has been paraphrased by me. While Napoleon Hill says “one”; I am saying “three” Knowing your God’s given purpose is not an easy job, it requires prayers and insight. However your not having a clear cut purpose in life should not stop you from starting a business. This is because we have been sent by God to dominate the earth. How We Can Start a Business Without a Clear Cut Purpose. To start a business even if we are yet to define our purpose may seem an odious task, however it is not at all impossibility. The first step: 1. Having Desire or Passion Desire or passion is the first ingredient for a successful business. I say this because most of the times many people engage in business just because they have a friend who is

How to make $50000 between now and January 2013: The challenge

Life is about making impact; it’s about making changes in a changing world. Being a change agent takes lots of determination. Sometimes it requires sacrificing our time in order to make our world a better place. In other times it requires suffering disdain and mockery all in order to achieve life goals. Making this impact can both be negative and positive. So what then is your inherent desire? Is it to make our world a better place or to place your name in the sands of time in the mould of Al Capone? This is something you and I need to think about. I ask this question because I wonder the extent of man’s inhumanity to man-all in the devilish quest to acquire money to the detriment of others comfort.

7 SEO Tips of Using Search Engines to Drive Traffic to Blog

1. Do Keyword Research For you to rank high on search engines, key word research is important. Keyword research enables you know what information people are seeking on the net. For you to be able to have idea of what people are searching for-use Wordtracker, Google free keyword tool, Google trends. These sites will give you an idea of what people are searching for online. 2. Pick keywords with low competitiveness but medium to high search volume. To get the perfect keyword you need to analyze your search result. The analysis should give you an idea of what the competition level is. Selecting Keywords which have high competition may make it difficult for you to rank high on the search engine. 3. Choosing your Specific Keyword For the best SEO- use specific phrases than broad phrases. Broad phrases like “Baby Dresses” unlike Yellow Baby Dresses in London will make ranking high very difficult. 4. Why You Should Use keywords in Website or Blog Title. Analysis has

Free Foreign training on Entrepreneurship for Students by US Embassy (September – November 2012)

Are you wondering how you can obtain a grant to fund your entrepreneurship studies or training abroad or outside the country? Then, look no further as the United States embassy is looking for interested and qualified Nigerians to vie for the vacancy. As we all know, for any country to become developed the study of entrepreneurship cannot be overemphasized. This however, is not the case in the Nigerian University System where entrepreneurship studies are just being instituted. It is on this note that the free training being organized by the United States (US) Embassy for student leaders in Nigerian Universities is a welcome development. The Benefit/Aim of the Entrepreneurship Training The training seeks to expose student leaders to social entrepreneurship and how they can use their skill to solve social problems confronting society. With the training, students will now have the ability to confront social ills affecting the society as well as provide solutions thereby improving the liv

How People are Making Money by Buying/Selling Books from

--> If you are a Nigerian or Africans looking for ways to obtain books in a fraud free online transaction then this article is for you. It also treats how you can also Make Money from Amazon by buying new or old books in Nigeria. . Amazon is the largest retailer of books online (both electronic books/e-book and Hard Copy format) anywhere in the world. Books sold on Amazon, range from fiction to non fictions. Lots of best sellers like books by Stephen king, James Patterson, Daniele Steel are all books available for sale on the Amazon platform and which people from Nigeria/Ghana would love to read any day anytime. Even rare-books are also available on the platform. Buying books on Amazon does not require a US forwarding address even if you are a Nigerian, South African, Egyptian or Tunisian. This is unlike Click bank where a forwarding address is required in order for you to buy and receive your goods or products. One other advantage of buying goods on Amazon is that you can

5 Unique Ways:How to Make Steady Money with Payza

make money This article treats how to make money with Payza (Alert Pay) in Nigeria, and how other African countries can make money through it. It lists five different ways you can make money online through this platform. Payza or Alert pay is a UK payment processor in the mould of Pay-pal. Payza bought over AlertPay on 14 th May 2012. Payza can be used to send money online as well as provide the opportunity for you to make some good income. Before I tell you some ways to make money with Alert Pay now Payza, I will like to give you a brief description of Payza. As Alert Pay it was established in 2004 as platform to provide business with ability to perform online transaction outside the traditional method of transferring money through check or bank wire the only requirement being your e-mail address and valid Identity card. However they metamorphosed into Payza officially on May 14 th 2012 when they were bought over by Payza. So back to How to Make Money

What is the Unique Secret Strategy for Amazon Money Making

Do you know that , making money online can be easy if you know the Amazon blue print and not only knowing the blue print but implementing the blueprint? I am here to reveal a blueprint on how to make money in Nigeria through the amazon affiliate program. But before I continue I want to tell you that if you are not ready to implement the blueprint below then don’t read this article anymore. Yes!!! Do not read it anymore. This is because this information is hard to find and I am giving it away for free in order for you to better your life. Related: How to Start Your Internet Business/Offline Business with Google Trader How to make money on Amazon Affiliate Program To earn money on Amazon’s Affiliate programme you need to create an Affiliate account. The affiliate account will enable you promote goods and services on Amazon’s platform, make sales and earn commission on the sales made. How much commission will I Earn on Amazon Amazon pays its affiliate between 4 to

How Can I Make/Earn Money Through the Google Trader Money Making Machine

making money with Google trader As most people know making fast money in Nigeria has become very easy with the advent of Google TRADER. However, only few people know the secret know-how of earning money with this tool. So this article will outline a step by step method of earning cash with Google Trader. Step by Step Method of Making Money with Google Trader Step 1: Select a Product : Before you can earn a decent income from Google Trader, you need to find a good product or service to promote. If you are thinking of a service or product to promote below are some products and services you can promote: ·          E-books ·          Plumbing services ·          Shoes, bags ·          Professional writing ·          Catering services, just name it Even those who have specialized in one package or the other can make money through this tool. Some specialized courses training one can list on Google trader include:  ·          CCNA training

Obtaining Finance for Creative Ideas in Nigeria Without Collateral

Are you someone who has a creative idea but requires funding for it? Are your ideas ICT related? Are you someone who has been looking for how to finance your  ICT business through venture capital? If it is, then this information is for you. The federal government of Nigeria has initiated a $15 million ICT venture capital fund that will be used to finance creative idea until maturity. What is a Venture Capital? According to Wikipedia a venture capital is a financial capital ( money ) provided to early stage, high potential, high risk, growth startup companies. For those interested in tapping into this resource gold mine, collateral s are not required. This much was confirmed by the Minister of Communication Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson. According to her the only requirement is a commercially viable idea that would be funded by the Federal Government through its anchor investor the National Information Development Agency (NITDA) to a tune of $3.6 million while other

Google Trends Nigeria: A Keyword tool that Makes Money For You

How Nigerians can make money with Google trend You may have heard a difficult time looking for the perfect niche that it almost seems like eternity. H e nce, you have decided to leave the online platform forever because you feel disillusioned and sad. You just decided to wander this last bit, and as you would have it you stumbled on this article. Call it providence, luck or whatever-what I want to say to you is this: Chunk down this information and implement it and you would discover that MAKING MONEY online is not really impossible. How I came about Google Trend Blogging I came across a blog that changed my online fortune for ever leading me to make incremental hit on my blog- It was titled “Google trend and how to make it as a full time blogger” Having read the post I decided to try out what the post said to see if what he said was true. And I discovered there was truth in what he said.  So in order to maximize the money making opportunities available in Google t

Benefits of Google Trader for Your Online and Offline Business

--> What a Benefit- What a Way to Make Money There are lots of benefits Google trader can provide ones business. However, before telling you the benefits that can accrue to you while using the tool I will like us to know what Google trader is all about. What is Google Trader? Google trader is a free classified service (created by Google) that allows you to post anything from jobs to electronics, and also allow people to find jobs or advertise their services. Countries where Google trader has been established in Africa include: Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana. As with anything Google, you can be sure that using this tool will surely be beneficial if you follow the laid down rules stipulated. So below are some of the reasons why you should use Google trader and the advantages that can accrue to an individual or company which uses the resources. Seven Advantages of Usin g Google Trader to Promote Your Business As a free classified site Google trader offers t

Why did Kasuwa change to Jumia

, Taking cognissance of the fact that from an oblivious stat on Alexa ranking it jumped to the position of being 24 th on the top 500 most visited sites in Nigeria- one wonders why now Jumia would decide to change its name. So my likely proposition is that jumia- a company based in Egypt most have bought over Why Changing the Name Does not Appear to Make Sense Re-branding the name of an organization on the top lather of Google search is quite an expensive business because taking the new name to the pre-existing height in a short possible time can be very difficult. This is because it requires lots of money as per advert. However am sure the new owners must be up to the task. So with respect to that, I wish them luck since they have made modest impact in the Nigeria online trading industry and I wish them to continue make strides and money in the Nigerian online business. They should however take note of the comment currently runni