How to Create a Good Headline and Make Money in Nigeria

<h1>As a marketer  or  business owner, one of the most important skills you need to own and continually develop in order to have a steady stream of income in Nigeria- is your copy writing skill-i.e. the ability of knowing:
·         How to write effectively,</h1>
·         How to make an effective ad copy and
·         How to continually write mind grabbing adverts
The steps to achieving this would soon be laid at your fingertips if you read further.
The steps to achieving this follows a simple formula, which once mastered will make it possible for you to adapt it to many different scenario.

This is what Ewen Chia illustrated in his Free Copy Writing Guide

So inorder to make money from sales you must write compelling content together with a great sales copy

Step 1:       Understand your Product

For you to be able to earn make money through creative adverts in Nigeria you need to

·         Get to know your product
·         The target market that it will serve
·         The solution the product will provide
·         How will the customer take action to get this product
Try as much as possible to come up with different answers to the above questions. The best answers will form the basis for your ad.

Step 2:       How to Write a Good/Compelling Headline
The most important part of any ad is your headline. To make a successful advert you need to create your headline first not the other way round i.e the content first. The advert should be compelling such that it triggers impulsive part of your brain. However, in doing this do not manipulate the customer perception to make the sale. While this method may work, it will eventually become counterproductive. This is because customers eventually come to realize what is happening and turn away from the selfishly manipulative marketer. In the end, you end up damaging your business.

So by beginning the creation of your ad by crafting your headline you fulfill that compelling promise. The end result is an effective sales pitch/advert.
Some examples of compelling headlines are:

The Seven Essential Disciplines for Building a World Class Company.
The Secrets Keys of Successful Online Copy writing.
How to Write a Sales Copy that Will Pull Money.

Step 3:       Write a Persuasive Advertisement
The how to- of writing a persuasive advert/pitch sales letter- is the next step in writing a sales pitch.
The process of persuasion should follow a logical sequence. The process should be broken down into four parts
·         Attention
·         Interest
·         Desire
·         Action

The great sales pitch starts with a compelling headline that draws people attention. The headline is then followed by the content which proves the claim of the headline/title

Together-the headline and interest creates a desire for the reader to know more. It is this desire which prompts the reader to buy the product or service being rendered.
So the key to a successful pitch sales letter is to provide the gratification the customer seeks. If this happens, it is a win-win situation.

Adapted from an article written by Andrew Fling


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