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Google Trends Nigeria: A Keyword tool that Makes Money For You

How Nigerians can make money with Google trend You may have heard a difficult time looking for the perfect niche that it almost seems like eternity. H e nce, you have decided to leave the online platform forever because you feel disillusioned and sad. You just decided to wander this last bit, and as you would have it you stumbled on this article. Call it providence, luck or whatever-what I want to say to you is this: Chunk down this information and implement it and you would discover that MAKING MONEY online is not really impossible. How I came about Google Trend Blogging I came across a blog that changed my online fortune for ever leading me to make incremental hit on my blog- It was titled “Google trend and how to make it as a full time blogger” Having read the post I decided to try out what the post said to see if what he said was true. And I discovered there was truth in what he said.  So in order to maximize the money making opportunities available in Google t

Benefits of Google Trader for Your Online and Offline Business

--> What a Benefit- What a Way to Make Money There are lots of benefits Google trader can provide ones business. However, before telling you the benefits that can accrue to you while using the tool I will like us to know what Google trader is all about. What is Google Trader? Google trader is a free classified service (created by Google) that allows you to post anything from jobs to electronics, and also allow people to find jobs or advertise their services. Countries where Google trader has been established in Africa include: Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana. As with anything Google, you can be sure that using this tool will surely be beneficial if you follow the laid down rules stipulated. So below are some of the reasons why you should use Google trader and the advantages that can accrue to an individual or company which uses the resources. Seven Advantages of Usin g Google Trader to Promote Your Business As a free classified site Google trader offers t

Why did Kasuwa change to Jumia

, Taking cognissance of the fact that from an oblivious stat on Alexa ranking it jumped to the position of being 24 th on the top 500 most visited sites in Nigeria- one wonders why now Jumia would decide to change its name. So my likely proposition is that jumia- a company based in Egypt most have bought over Why Changing the Name Does not Appear to Make Sense Re-branding the name of an organization on the top lather of Google search is quite an expensive business because taking the new name to the pre-existing height in a short possible time can be very difficult. This is because it requires lots of money as per advert. However am sure the new owners must be up to the task. So with respect to that, I wish them luck since they have made modest impact in the Nigeria online trading industry and I wish them to continue make strides and money in the Nigerian online business. They should however take note of the comment currently runni

Advantages of the New Wordpress Version 3.1 i operating system (ios)

Wordpress which is one of the most popular blog on planet earth with the option of free and paid blogging service; has upped the ante with the introduction of Wordpress ios version 3.1 on August 9th 2012- which has lots of features to make your iphone   and ipad blogging experience exceptionally great. Some of the advantageous features the new Wordpress ios for iphone and ipad is the: Sliding panel interface that allows users move swiftly through the app and access contents. A beautiful redesigned welcome screen (after downloading the app at ( ) that guides your addition of the blog to the app. At the left of the iPad there is a side bar which when tapped allows you to access other features of the app. Http:// The apps allow for easy navigation of blog of interest from the app interface [ipad]. Wordpress version 3.1 apps on Ipad There is also the Quick

Gmail as a Autoresponder/Money-Making Machine

Do you know you can use your gmail account as a money making machine for free? Do you know you can also use it to send mails to potential clients automatically (Auto-responder feature) for free? If you don't know-I am here to show you how, not just to tell you its possible How to Use Gmail as an Auto responder in Nigeria For you to be able to use your gmail as an autoresponder either in Nigeria, South Africa, or Ghana for free, you need to follow the steps below: Step 1: Set Up your free Gmail Account To set up the account, just go to On opening-you will see a link for new user- put in the required information Take Note: In the field for user name-put either your name or your blog if you intend to to use it as a money making machine.The ID should be like Step 2: Configuring the Free Gmail Autoresponder Having registered-you will be giving a secret password with which you should log into your account. Having logged in, at the top right c