Advantages of the New Wordpress Version 3.1 i operating system (ios)

Wordpress which is one of the most popular blog on planet earth with the option of free and paid blogging service; has upped the ante with the introduction of Wordpress ios version 3.1 on August 9th 2012- which has lots of features to make your iphone  and ipad blogging experience exceptionally great.

Some of the advantageous features the new Wordpress ios for iphone and ipad is the:

Sliding panel interface that allows users move swiftly through the app and access contents.

A beautiful redesigned welcome screen (after downloading the app at (
that guides your addition of the blog to the app.

At the left of the iPad there is a side bar which when tapped allows you to access other features of the app.

The apps allow for easy navigation of blog of interest from the app interface [ipad].

Wordpress version 3.1 apps on Ipad
There is also the Quick Photo function that has been incorporated into the ipad (functioning only on iphone before).

Easy Friend Finder Feature: The new wordpress iOS version 3.1 allows for easier access to friends on social networks such as-  Facebook, twitter by just a simple tap.

Other features are:
*New Post Review for IPad
*All round landscape support
*Easier site and dashboard access.


Obtain it by downloading from app store at or

If you are presently using the device visit

For info on the update you can visit

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