Benefits of Google Trader for Your Online and Offline Business

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What a Benefit- What a Way to Make Money

There are lots of benefits Google trader can provide ones business. However, before telling you the benefits that can accrue to you while using the tool I will like us to know what Google trader is all about.

What is Google Trader?

Google trader is a free classified service (created by Google) that allows you to post anything from jobs to electronics, and also allow people to find jobs or advertise their services.
Countries where Google trader has been established in Africa include: Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana.
As with anything Google, you can be sure that using this tool will surely be beneficial if you follow the laid down rules stipulated. So below are some of the reasons why you should use Google trader and the advantages that can accrue to an individual or company which uses the resources.

Seven Advantages of Using Google Trader to Promote Your Business

As a free classified site Google trader offers the following benefits:

1.       It provides free platform to advertise your goods and service: With Google trader you do not need to pay any money to advertise your goods and services. All you just need to do is sign up. However, before signing up you need to have a Google account.

2.       It can be used to increase your company sites visibility: Using the facility will help increase the visibility of your site or your blog. This is because while posting your ad you are giving the opportunity of linking your ad to your site.

3.       It allows you Advertise despite your Professional Cadre or Income: It provides the platform for different categories of people to advertise; whether they are marketers, doctors or plumber.

4.        It can make you rank higher in the search engine:

Since your site is provided visibility; the probability that people will visit your site becomes higher.

5.       It can help you Secure New Customers: Assuming your traditional customers are people around your immediate vicinity, using the platform can find you customers who are thousands of kilometers away from you.

6.       It does not require a website: With or without a website you can make use of Google trader-what you would need then is just your phone number as your contact detail.

7.       It is Very Cheap: You don’t need an EXPENSIVE private internet connection to set up Google trader. You can visit a cafĂ© and do the set up in less than 1 hr.
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