Gmail as a Autoresponder/Money-Making Machine

Do you know you can use your gmail account as a money making machine for free?
Do you know you can also use it to send mails to potential clients automatically (Auto-responder feature) for free?
If you don't know-I am here to show you how, not just to tell you its possible
How to Use Gmail as an Auto responder in Nigeria
For you to be able to use your gmail as an autoresponder either in Nigeria, South Africa, or Ghana for free, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Set Up your free Gmail Account
To set up the account, just go to
On opening-you will see a link for new user- put in the required information
Take Note: In the field for user name-put either your name or your blog if you intend to to use it as a money making machine.The ID should be like

Step 2: Configuring the Free Gmail Autoresponder
Having registered-you will be giving a secret password with which you should log into your account.
Having logged in, at the top right corner of your gmail account you will see a gear icon,click on it and select settings.

On clicking the link-The option vacation responder will be seen. Click on the vacation responder section-select option ON

From this section:
    Enter the subject matter
    In the body- type in your message
    Click save changes

Having done this, whenever yo receive an email. The auto responder will be triggered hence sending the pretyped message.

How to Use Your Gmail as a Money Machine

  • To use it as a free money making machine.
  • Type your sales letter/ad into the body of the letterInsert your links whether affiliate links or the links to your  website just at the end of your sales letter.
  • Click save changes.

On doing this, whenever a prospect/reader sends a mail he will receive your response which is your pretyped message.

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