How Can I Make/Earn Money Through the Google Trader Money Making Machine

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making money with Google trader

As most people know making fast money in Nigeria has become very easy with the advent of Google TRADER. However, only few people know the secret know-how of earning money with this tool.

So this article will outline a step by step method of earning cash with Google Trader.

Step by Step Method of Making Money with Google Trader

Step 1: Select a Product

: Before you can earn a decent income from Google Trader, you need to find a good product or service to promote. If you are thinking of a service or product to promote below are some products and services you can promote:

·         E-books
·         Plumbing services
·         Shoes, bags
·         Professional writing
·         Catering services, just name it

Even those who have specialized in one package or the other can make money through this tool. Some specialized courses training one can list on Google trader include: 

·         CCNA training
·         Oracle database training
·         Peach tree accounting
·         SAP
·         ICAN and others too numerous to mention.

With the above examples I don’t think you would have problem choosing a product or service to promote that will fetch you money.

Step 2: Determine Your Keyword

: Before you post any ad on Google trader. You need to do keyword research. For those who don’t know what keyword means; Keyword means the most important words with which people are going to find your product.
For example, if you look at the title of my post which is: Google trader Money Making Machine: The How can I and How to of it. My keywords are Google Trader, money making and How. These are the words people are going to use to find my article in the search engine. Okay, if that explanation looks complex; let me use another example. If the title of my ad is: The Best Alsatian Dogs in Port Harcourt. The keywords re: best, Alsatian dogs, and Port Harcourt; so the above keywords are what people are going to search for. Hence, you must make sure your keywords are not highly competitive (i.e. many people listing products are not using the same exact keywords as you) but command high search volume. To research which keywords to, make use of the Google Free Keyword tool. If however, you have problem on how to use the tool you can read -How Nigerians Use Google Keyword Tool.

Step 3: Place Your Ads

Before placing your ads, you need to sign up with Googletrader
Having signed up, the next step is to place your ads. When placing your ads ensure your keywords (as I explained in step 2) is present both in your title and in the body of your ads. The reason is so that you can rank high in the search engine and Google trader when people search for that keyword.
Also make sure the keywords are in the heading of your ads. To know how to create a good ad in Google trader check: creating a compelling ad

Step 4: Promote your Ads

You can promote your ads by sharing on face book, twitter, pininterest and forums. This will make your ads to appear higher on search engine and increase the probability of making more money

Step 5:  Update

Ensure you update your ads from time to time

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