5 Unique Ways:How to Make Steady Money with Payza

earn money with payza
make money

This article treats

how to make money with Payza(Alert Pay)

in Nigeria, and how other African countries can make money through it. It lists five different ways you can make money online through this platform.
Payza or Alert pay is a UK payment processor in the mould of Pay-pal. Payza bought over AlertPay on 14th May 2012.
Payza can be used to send money online as well as provide the opportunity for you to make some good income.
Before I tell you some ways to make money with Alert Pay now Payza, I will like to give you a brief description of Payza.
As Alert Pay it was established in 2004 as platform to provide business with ability to perform online transaction outside the traditional method of transferring money through check or bank wire the only requirement being your e-mail address and valid Identity card.
However they metamorphosed into Payza officially on May 14th 2012 when they were bought over by Payza.
So back to How to Make Money with Payza so whether you just want to earn a living with Payza or just to make some income. There are a variety of platform you can use.
1.       Referral Income: Payza offers a referral earning of $10.00 per referral. This however occurs if the person you referred carries out a transaction worth $250 and the money can only accrue to you if you have a Personal Pro account. Payza is actually good because it provides a platform for Nigerians who can’t earn legitimate income through
2.       Integration of your Website with Payza button:
You can also earn money through Payza when you monetize your website with the Payza Payment Button. However, before you introduce the button, you need to have a product to sell.
This article won’t treat how to integrate your site with payza payment processor but if you need to know how you can check.
How to Integrate a Website or Blog with Payza Payment Processors

-You can also earn money through Payza when you monetize your website with the Payza Payment Button. However, before you introduce the button, you need to have a product to sell.

3.       Affiliate Marketing:       There are some sites that allow you to receive affiliate commission on the Payza’s platform. So when you promote their product they pay your earnings through your Payza’s account.like You can use List jumper to drive huge traffic to your site and to make money
4.  HYIP (High Yield Investment Programme): These are high risk sometimes highly fraudulent programmes where you invest say 30% and reap over 100% profit in the shortest possible time. Investing in such programmes can provide you money in the short run but the con is that the company can fold up tomorrow and all your investment will run aground.
5.  Currency Exchange Service: You can earn money with their method charging your client some money when you transfer say Payza currency to their account.
If you know of other ways you can use Payza to earn money please let me know through the comment box.
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