How People are Making Money by Buying/Selling Books from

If you are a Nigerian or Africans looking for ways to obtain books in a fraud free online transaction then this article is for you. It also treats how you can also

Make Money from Amazon

by buying new or old books in Nigeria.
Amazon is the largest retailer of books online (both electronic books/e-book and Hard Copy format) anywhere in the world.
Books sold on Amazon, range from fiction to non fictions. Lots of best sellers like books by Stephen king, James Patterson, Daniele Steel are all books available for sale on the Amazon platform and which people from Nigeria/Ghana would love to read any day anytime.
Even rare-books are also available on the platform.
Buying books on Amazon does not require a US forwarding address even if you are a Nigerian, South African, Egyptian or Tunisian. This is unlike Click bank where a forwarding address is required in order for you to buy and receive your goods or products.
One other advantage of buying goods on Amazon is that you can qualify for super savers plan and free shipping depending on the amount of books/goods you buy and if it is actually eligible.
Step by step Method of Ordering for Books.
To order for Amazon books there are certain things that are of utmost importance. These things are needed even before you login to their website. To order the books on Amazon or anything that you do fancy- you must have the following requirement:
1.       A visa or Master Card: the master or Visa Card should be denominated in US dollars-this is because to buy the books on Amazon you need to pay in dollars.
2.       Internet Access: this is your link to the Amazon world.
3.       A delivery or shipping address: this is where the goods are to be delivered.
Having fulfilled this requirement you can then perform the following steps to order your goods.
1.       Type into your web browser and select the books categories.
2.       Search for the book you want to buy and check out the prizes. There are options for you to look for used books. Ordering for Fairly new books can be a way saving cost on Amazon. Having selected the book you can then precede to the next step which is the:
3.       Adding them to your shopping cart. After which you:
4.       Verify your shopping weight
5.       Having verified, type in your delivery address
6.       Make your payments with your dollar denominated Visa/Master card.
7.       Then sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive within 2 weeks. You can also track your shipment on Amazon


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