What is the Unique Secret Strategy for Amazon Money Making

Do you know that ,

making money online

can be easy if you know the

Amazon blue print

and not only knowing the blue print but implementing the blueprint?
I am here to reveal a blueprint on how to make money in Nigeria through the amazon affiliate program.
But before I continue I want to tell you that if you are not ready to implement the blueprint below then don’t read this article anymore.
Yes!!! Do not read it anymore. This is because this information is hard to find and I am giving it away for free in order for you to better your life.

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How to make money on Amazon Affiliate Program
To earn money on Amazon’s Affiliate programme you need to create an Affiliate account.
The affiliate account will enable you promote goods and services on Amazon’s platform, make sales and earn commission on the sales made.

How much commission will I Earn on Amazon
Amazon pays its affiliate between 4 to 7% commission on sales made through your affiliate id. So in order to make more money it is advisable to you promote product such as television, kindle, laptops which are quite expensive; so that the money you make would be quite high.

How Do I Receive My Commission?
Amazon has different platform for one to receive his or her earnings. They include check and paypal.
N/B: This is a plus for Nigerians as most affiliate program requires paypal for payments to be made.
What kind of Product can I promote on Amazon in Nigeria?
Since amazon is an international affiliate program Nigerians can partake in, the products you can promote is countless but it is advisable to promote what you have passion for. This makes your job easier as you no longer consider it as work but as a game where you earn money.

How Do You Promote Your Product on Amazon?
There are various ways Nigerians can promote their links or product. Some methods are listed below.

Facebook marketing: Face book is a popular site, so you can post links as a status update describing the link you are posting. For example you can place in your status update: The best shoes for August 2012, or the best deals for 2012. Alongside this write up-endeavour to put your unique-link. The link will display the picture of the product on offer. Through this method your friends could purchase the products or refer someone to buy the product while you smile home to the bank.

Twitter: Twitter as a Marketing Tool
This is another method. If you do not have a twitter account-go up to www.twitter.com and sign up. Then make friends and post useful tweets-like a link to Best Amazon Deal for 2012.
Blogging: blogging involves you writing articles like this one you are reading now. To get a free blog you can sign up at www.blogger.com or www.wordpress.com.
Having signed up you can write an article on the product you want to promote.
The site you created earlier can either be a multipurpose site-promoting several products or a single product site.
In promoting products using blogging, it is advisable you write reviews such as The Best Christmas Gift for 2012
White Silk Long Nightgown for Women - Swans and Daffodils (Medium) - Elegant Nightgowns Nightie Clothes Set for Women; Mothers Day Gifts Presents Ideas Mom Grandma Gifts for Mom Mother Best Cool Good Great Perfect Special Birthday Gift for Mom Mother in Law Grandma Gift from Son Daughter
or the Cheapest Wedding Gown in the Market.

You can also write E-zines
E-zines helps drive traffic to your sites through the resource box. The resource box is that space kept for the author to say one or two things about himself. The resource box should be powerful. If you have a problem on crafting one-you can check How to Craft a Powerful Resource Box that drives in money.
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