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Three things You Must do to Start a Business Today Not Tomorrow

courtesy , “There are three qualities that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and the burning desires to achieve it.” Napoleon Hill The following statement has been paraphrased by me. While Napoleon Hill says “one”; I am saying “three” Knowing your God’s given purpose is not an easy job, it requires prayers and insight. However your not having a clear cut purpose in life should not stop you from starting a business. This is because we have been sent by God to dominate the earth. How We Can Start a Business Without a Clear Cut Purpose. To start a business even if we are yet to define our purpose may seem an odious task, however it is not at all impossibility. The first step: 1. Having Desire or Passion Desire or passion is the first ingredient for a successful business. I say this because most of the times many people engage in business just because they have a friend who is

How to make $50000 between now and January 2013: The challenge

Life is about making impact; it’s about making changes in a changing world. Being a change agent takes lots of determination. Sometimes it requires sacrificing our time in order to make our world a better place. In other times it requires suffering disdain and mockery all in order to achieve life goals. Making this impact can both be negative and positive. So what then is your inherent desire? Is it to make our world a better place or to place your name in the sands of time in the mould of Al Capone? This is something you and I need to think about. I ask this question because I wonder the extent of man’s inhumanity to man-all in the devilish quest to acquire money to the detriment of others comfort.

7 SEO Tips of Using Search Engines to Drive Traffic to Blog

1. Do Keyword Research For you to rank high on search engines, key word research is important. Keyword research enables you know what information people are seeking on the net. For you to be able to have idea of what people are searching for-use Wordtracker, Google free keyword tool, Google trends. These sites will give you an idea of what people are searching for online. 2. Pick keywords with low competitiveness but medium to high search volume. To get the perfect keyword you need to analyze your search result. The analysis should give you an idea of what the competition level is. Selecting Keywords which have high competition may make it difficult for you to rank high on the search engine. 3. Choosing your Specific Keyword For the best SEO- use specific phrases than broad phrases. Broad phrases like “Baby Dresses” unlike Yellow Baby Dresses in London will make ranking high very difficult. 4. Why You Should Use keywords in Website or Blog Title. Analysis has

Free Foreign training on Entrepreneurship for Students by US Embassy (September – November 2012)

Are you wondering how you can obtain a grant to fund your entrepreneurship studies or training abroad or outside the country? Then, look no further as the United States embassy is looking for interested and qualified Nigerians to vie for the vacancy. As we all know, for any country to become developed the study of entrepreneurship cannot be overemphasized. This however, is not the case in the Nigerian University System where entrepreneurship studies are just being instituted. It is on this note that the free training being organized by the United States (US) Embassy for student leaders in Nigerian Universities is a welcome development. The Benefit/Aim of the Entrepreneurship Training The training seeks to expose student leaders to social entrepreneurship and how they can use their skill to solve social problems confronting society. With the training, students will now have the ability to confront social ills affecting the society as well as provide solutions thereby improving the liv