How To Set Clean and Simple Amazon Affiliate Link in Seconds

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Are you looking for a step by step process on how to create a Unique basic amazon html without HTML for Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter? 

Are you looking for new ways of promoting your amazon link then read the article below.

For anyone to be an amazing amazon affiliate he or she most know how to craft this link.

In response to the challenge people have in setting up their own special link that shows their identity, I came up with this article hence making it easy for them to promote amazon products. 

Am sure you know amazon is one of the largest companies that allows affiliates to earn residual income. So if you not in the business of promoting amazon-know that it is one of the ways you as a blogger can monetize
your blog. 

Types of Amazon Links

 For those who may have promoted or who still promote Amazon products because of the opportunity and avenue it provides for one to create wealth -you must have discovered that Amazon link are majorly three in number. For those who may still be confused, log into Amazon and go to their search page for a particular product and click your Amazon affiliate id in order to get your personalized link to the product or item you want to purchase. When you do this you would discover that something pops up.
This thing that pops up is three in number. They are:

1. Amazon HTML Text Link: This requires JavaScript for you to be able to enable them. So it becomes impossible for you to create a link to say Always Baby Diapers where JavaScript is not allowed.

Another disadvantage of the HTML link is there are some sites where you would have wanted to promote your product through comments, but because JavaScript is not allowed to be embedded in the comment box you are unable to do so.

An example of what the HTML link looks like can be seen below

<a target="_blank" href="">Name Your Link</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

Can you see how complex it can be? However, explained below is a simple process of capturing your link for twitter, Facebook or other social media networks

2. Image Text Link: I think most people already know how to embed an image link into their website or blog.

3 .Image and Text Link

So we can see that this requirement of inserting only HTML code can be quite frustrating as it prevents us from promoting our “Likable Product” where HTML is not required. So with the solution provided below, inserting a simple Amazon affiliate link into YOUR comment box or your blog is now easy as ABCD
So back to

How to Create the Simple Amazon Affiliate Link

To create a basic URL text link on Amazon platform that will link you directly to a product detail make use of the following format:

To customize/Personalize the link to include your Affiliate ID thus making it fully functional, the following has to be done:

1. Change the ISBN or ASIN to your 10 digit ISBN OR ASIN of the product you want to promote.

For those wondering what ISBN means; it simply means International Standard Book Number. This number is unique for any book. For example, the ISBN number for Harry Potter Paper Back Boxed Set is 0439434866

2. Having done that insert your Amazon ID where you have your Associate_ID.

So your link should appear like this:

Alternatively, get the link on Amazon. Ensure your Amazon associate account is the same as your normal Amazon account.

Click get link, image or text/image to achieve this.

How to get affiliate links on Amazon

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