How to make $50000 between now and January 2013: The challenge

Cleveland-Stevenson Metal Change Carrier, 1892 Life is about making impact; it’s about making changes in a changing world. Being a change agent takes lots of determination. Sometimes it requires sacrificing our time in order to make our world a better place. In other times it requires suffering disdain and mockery all in order to achieve life goals. Making this impact can both be negative and positive. So what then is your inherent desire? Is it to make our world a better place or to place your name in the sands of time in the mould of Al Capone?
This is something you and I need to think about. I ask this question because I wonder the extent of man’s inhumanity to man-all in the devilish quest to acquire money to the detriment of others comfort.
It is in the light of this I desire to ask this pertinent question
Are you someone who is passionate about saving people from time management crisis? Are you someone who has programming skills or know someone who has?  THEN partnering with him or her could fetch you a cool $50000
How do I earn This Money?
The FTC in the United States has proposed a challenge where innovators can create solutions that will stop illegal robocalls in the USA. If you are wondering what robocalls, it simply means calls by robots. These calls aim at selling a particular thing to the recipients. The calls are annoying to recipients so that FTC was forced into looking at ways to block these calls as it has led to enormous resources being put into use to track culprits.
According to FTC the created solution should have the ability to block calls, both on the mobile and landline platform. The intended solution should have the ability to work on diverse platforms.
Would All You Out There Who Have the Unique Ability to Stop this Quagmire, Do So?
This is your chance to carve your name in History Books on Gold’s Platter and an opportunity to use your God’s given talent to stop this annoying call. As you may have noticed your reward lies here on Earth.
The Reward
After the judges have done the screening, the winner takes home a bounty of 50000 dollars. For those who are interested, reading the guideline is of utmost importance.
The Judges on the FTC Challenge are
Steve Bellovin: The Chief Technology Officer, Federal Trade Commission.
Kara Swisher: Co Executive Editor, All Things Digital.
For you to be able to make submission with regards to the challenge, you will need to create an account with them on THE CHALLEGE.GOV SITE.
So what is your take on the challenge, do you think it is something that the Federal Trade Commission should have done? What other ways do you think FTC should tackle this?


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