Three things You Must do to Start a Business Today Not Tomorrow

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“There are three qualities that one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and the burning desires to achieve it.” Napoleon Hill

The following statement has been paraphrased by me. While Napoleon Hill says “one”; I am saying “three”
Knowing your God’s given purpose is not an easy job, it requires prayers and insight.
However your not having a clear cut purpose in life should not stop you from starting a business. This is because we have been sent by God to dominate the earth.
How We Can Start a Business Without a Clear Cut Purpose.
To start a business even if we are yet to define our purpose may seem an odious task, however it is not at all impossibility. The first step:

1. Having Desire or Passion

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Desire or passion is the first ingredient for a successful business. I say this because most of the times many people engage in business just because they have a friend who is doing well in that line of business.
To be frank I was once a culprit-A couple of my friends sold clothes and made money from the sales and as a result of the income they generated I decided to join them.
Joining them was devastating as I made losses and had to exit the business.
* The Don’t Rule: Do not go into a business which you are not passionate about

2. Pre-requisite Knowledge:

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 For an intending business owner who has identified his/her passion, obtaining the pre-requisite knowledge about the business is very important.
Knowing a great deal about the business and undertaking any possible training in your field of endeavor will go a long way in ensuring that you are able to avoid the pitfalls new business owners normally face.
The Don’t Rule: Do not start a business you do not have knowledge about.

3. Determination: starting a business online requires basic startup capital.

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 These may include:
Building; setting up a company; opening a bank account; marketing and travel.
These costs may dig a hole into your pocket. But these should not act as discouragement to your business as only very little business becomes profitable at start up.
Embracing determination will help see you through the initial hiccup most business face, on the path of profitability.
Determination is like an engine that requires oiling. And the oil of determination involves your setting SMART goals and ensuring the thief called PROCRASTINATION is overcome.
The S---means-----SPECIFIC
T-------- TIMELY.
On a Final Note: Another advice I would like to give to intending business and business owners is that they should always write down their goals. This is because clear written goals have a wonderful effect on your thinking. They motivate you and galvanize you into action- Brian Tracy.
So based on the importance of written goals; what percentage of your written goals did you fulfill last year? Do you perform better with written goals as against unwritten goals?


  1. Great advice in this article. You shared some excellent tips. And you're right because a lot of people rush into business without the desire or homework that they should put into it. And when it fails, they wonder why! :-)

    1. Yes it requires doing your homework before jumping into any business. Thanks for the comment


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