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5 Effective Content-Marketing Principles to Drive Your Business to the Zenith

Lee Odden a marketing expert states that “ Content marketing isn’t just about adding content; it’s about creating information for a target audience that has a particular purpose and intended outcome. Content drives awareness, but also social interaction, customer engagement and sales. ” This shows that having a great content is not really what content marketing is, it goes to show that content creation is actually a subset of content marketing i.e. it is a division of it. Using the analogy of the human body-the human body is made up of different parts some of which includes the head, the chest, the hands and the legs. These different parts cannot function on their own but as a whole. The above analogy is relevant in content marketing where content creation without a target audience is like trying to catch a fish without the right bait. This is why the posting of a health article on a technological blog will not elicit the type of comment we desire.

From Sexual Abuse to Avenues to Wealth

One area my mum focused on while growing up was protection of her children from sexual abuse. As a mother, she strove to juggle her diverse responsibilities with that of the home front.And that is what made her unique. Her innate ability to multitask is legendary-from breast feeding to managing people, she strove to manage her time. It is this struggle that has sometimes led to mothers being unable to take proper care of their homes, leading to that which they dread-sexual abuse. How then do they balance/ manage their time in such a way that the home front does not suffer as well as being able to speak of self fulfillment in terms of imparting on people lives?- the dominant reason for which were sent to this world. If the above is your question or if you have actually been concerned on ways to actually do this-bother then no more. The reason I say this, is because there are opportunities for mothers’ to work from the comfort of their homes and make money. This opp