5 Effective Content-Marketing Principles to Drive Your Business to the Zenith

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Lee Odden a marketing expert states that “Content marketing isn’t just about adding content; it’s about creating information for a target audience that has a particular purpose and intended outcome. Content drives awareness, but also social interaction, customer engagement and sales.

This shows that having a great content is not really what content marketing is, it goes to show that content creation is actually a subset of content marketing i.e. it is a division of it.
Using the analogy of the human body-the human body is made up of different parts some of which includes the head, the chest, the hands and the legs. These different parts cannot function on their own but as a whole.
The above analogy is relevant in content marketing where content creation without a target audience is like trying to catch a fish without the right bait.
This is why the posting of a health article on a technological blog will not elicit the type of comment we desire.

Therefore in order to leverage content marketing as a tool for search engine optimization and link building, or in order to create awareness , establish /maintain customer database or make more sales the following tips must be observed.

Content Marketing Strategy: Top Five Ways to Become Very #Productive

1. Strike the Balance between Writing for Search Engine and Writing For Audience

While search engine optimization is important for your articles or blog to rank high in the search engines; writing for your reader first and SEO later is the best thing to do.

This is because the internet is not just about Google search, but about the social media space.
How well your content is shared through the social media space is the foundation for ensuring your article or blog receives constant traffic.

2. Know You Target Audience

No matter the platform you chose as a means of reaching your audience, what is of utmost importance is that the audiences are people who are willing to read your work.

Publishing on a platform that is in disparity with the audience will lead to few or no lead conversion. This is why your content must be target focused.

If your niche is health-then publish your article on health blogs; if it is technology then let the article be published on technological blogs. This gives us the leeway of reaching our target audience.
Also, it is important that when writing you should focus on one niche. This helps improve your writing as you become conversant with the terminologies peculiar to your niche, making it easier for you to become an expert authority in that field.

3. Include a Social Media Strategy

Having great content is not just enough, having a social media strategy is very necessary if you desire to increase your company’s organic search engine ranking.

In order to position your company in the eyes of the social media, your company blog or site must have social media icons that make for easy sharing of contents.
Having a dedicated Facebook page and twitter profile is also a plus for the company’s social media campaign.

Content marketing tips 2013 | Infographic | Content Marketing: A Game of Skill

4. Guest Blogging

For a business which is not widely known, leveraging other people audience through guest blogging is a great way of publicizing your business.

Instead of wasting great advertising capital to promote your blog, it will be worthwhile if you look out for the best blogs in your niche and provide top rated contents to them.

By so doing, you build exposure for yourself as these sites you write for provide you with the opportunity to define your brand (by building a good reputation for yourself); while also letting you link your guest post back to your site.

Guest blogging is a great content marketing strategy since the blogs which you write for has more target audience than you, hence driving more traffic to your site through the resource box.

5. Maintain Dialogue

Create content that instigate dialogue.

Publishing content and sharing it either on twitter or Facebook is not just enough.

This is because the prime purpose of your content marketing effort is building of customer database, and one great way of doing this is by ensuring that your created content encourages discussion.

Articles that elicit more discussion have a two-fold effect:
a. It shows authority and expertise-this is especially true when you answer pressing question and your audience thank you for it.
b. Builds relationship-an engaging content makes it easy for your audience to bookmark your page, buy your products, refer others and share your content. So, this is why content marketing effort should always take into cognizance how the written word is structured.

An illustration of the Power of Words can be seen in the article Brand Story Telling: Words and Design Essentials by Debbie Williams. According to her-“Words spark emotion and transport people into a different mindset”. A great example of this is seen in a video that went viral in 2011 called, ‘The Power of Words.’ It shows a blind homeless man sitting on City Street collecting change. Initially he held up a sign that simply said, “I am blind, please help.” The video showed people just glancing and walking by. The turning point comes when a woman stopped and rewrote this sign, “It’s a beautiful day and I can’t see it.”

This above story sums up the essence of words to the brand building process.

It shows that words should be structured in such a way that there is an in-depth connection with the readers of your blog. This connection process when established helps to soften the buying process.

So what other content marketing strategy have you implemented? I will love to hear from you


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