From Sexual Abuse to Avenues to Wealth

One area my mum focused on while growing up was protection of her children from sexual abuse.

As a mother, she strove to juggle her diverse responsibilities with that of the home front.And that is what made her unique.

Her innate ability to multitask is legendary-from breast feeding to managing people, she strove to manage her time.
It is this struggle that has sometimes led to mothers being unable to take proper care of their homes, leading to that which they dread-sexual abuse.

How then do they balance/ manage their time in such a way that the home front does not suffer as well as being able to speak of self fulfillment in terms of imparting on people lives?- the dominant reason for which were sent to this world.

If the above is your question or if you have actually been concerned on ways to actually do this-bother then no more.

The reason I say this, is because there are opportunities for mothers’ to work from the comfort of their homes and make money.
This opportunity provides the avenue for mothers to have quality time-out with their children while working with other mothers who share similar interest.

This opportunity is titled AVENUES TO WEALTH

Five Great Ways of Creating Wealth through Avenues to Wealth

1. Access to Real Estate/ Fractional Property Investment.

Today many mothers and fathers are seeking for different ways to diversify their income stream through investment in real estate properties. This however, seems an odious task, since they feel they are actually handicapped due to lack of sufficient funds.

This above scenario does not have to be the case, as Avenues to Wealth has provided a platform for people to team together and invest in huge real estate properties for as low as $100, throughout the world.

This truth is brought to light through investment specialist Dr Roos, who through his professional expertise members has been able to pull funds together thus investing in properties in countries such as USA, Dubai, and South Africa.

2. Promoting World Class Health Care Services.

To any mother, even fathers- health is of primary concern.
A saying goes like this: “Health is Wealth.” Without good health, it becomes difficult to become financially free.

So in furtherance of their objectives to make health accessible to members, Avenues to wealth has gone into partnership with over 300 hospitals all over the world; of reference point is the Mendata healthcare deal. This hospital-I can assure you is one of Asia largest Hospitals.
If you however doubt the accuracy of the information being relayed to you- simply Google it.

The unique thing about the deal is that members are given great discounts to use their facilities. For example a full body scan in a US hospital that goes for about $5000 in USA, UK and Australia can be done for about $200 in the hospital.

Other benefits include access to major surgeries like kidney transplant at a discount rate of up to 40% of the close $15,000 rate normally charged in European hospitals.

3. Free advertisement of Product

Members are provided with a platform to advertise their business free of charge.

This is a great advantage considering other huge subscriber base and also the opportunities it provides for members to cut down on advertising cost. Hence members can plough back the funds to other aspects of their business.

4. Traveling for Holidays at Discounted/Cheap Price

What you are about to hear is simply mind blowing.
Imagine lodging in a hotel with your family at a discounted price of $71 instead of the initial $200 or getting a heavily discounted vacation with you and your husband/wife with the following package:

 Desert safari cruise
 Top level of Burj Khalifa at $60 per person.
 Three star hotel (three night accommodation)
 Daily breakfast

All for $300 per person; n/b: it’s subject to change.
Other countries where this opportunity lies include Thailand, Egypt, Singapore, and Australia.

5. Free E-books worth $3000

Avenues to Wealth provide members with over 160+ E-books worth over $3000. These books can be rebranded and resold or can be read for your personal development.
The books dwell on various topics such as parenting; attitudinal development, developing a robust business with full re-brandable right.

What are you waiting for take the chance now?
Why not join today and build a lasting relationship with those that can mentor you in order to move you to the next level? If you have any question-you can contact Chinye on: +2348064127653


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