5 Super-Super Benefits of Having Business Mentors

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How Young People Can Make Their Business Grow While Beating Competition

The football analogy of business:  how young people can get it right and succeed competition
Business is a game with only the best players smiling at the end of the day.

Like a game of football, it requires collective responsibility, with each player playing different roles, but supporting one another.

Just like in football, where the coach who has experience guides young players; young people should have mentors who will be on ground to guide them and advice them on key steps to take in moving their business forward.

In view of this; this article treats:

Five Great Benefits Mentors Provide to Young People in Business. 

Before outlining the benefit of mentorship, it is important you know what mentoring is all about.

A mentor is someone, who can guide you through the start up process and provides advice as you need it.

The startup process here refers to your new business.

Who is a Mentee?

The mentee refers to a person who is being guided or provided with advice.

So, having known the meaning of a mentor, let us get to know the benefits young people can tap by being mentored.

The Benefit of Being Mentored (Messi)

1.       Access to Resources:

Just like a football coach who ensures his young players have access to the best of facilities and trainings; the mentor provides the mentee with the needed skill sets through trainings and advice. These trainings help develop untapped skills and usually lead to perfecting already developed skills.

2.       Fulfillment

Considering the Guardiola -Messi Analogy; Guardiola during his time in Barcelona developed Messi into what he is today-the best player in the world while Guardiola himself became the world’s best coach.

Looking at the above scenario-we can see that they both became fulfilled.

Hence, mentorship provides a platform for both the mentor and mentee to derive fulfillment or satisfaction from their relationship.
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3.       Leadership

Just as a coach develops the leadership traits of his players; mentors develop their mentee into becoming better leaders and businessmen.

However, research has shown that for effective leadership to be developed, the person being mentored must be ready to take criticism.This research also determined that informal mentoring is indeed more effective than formal training.

This however, depends on the trust the mentee has for his mentor and the willingness of the mentee to accept criticism.

The application of informal mentoring by coaches has led to the high development of soccer players, as players have come to trust their coaches and are able to share personal problems.

4.       Psychological Support

The Balotelli-Mancini Affair

Ballotelli, has been termed the trouble boy of English Premiership. And as a result, He has been subject to several attacks and confrontation by journalists, fans, coaches and players.

These attacks could destabilize even those who are mentally tough, hence, the need for a support mechanism. And it was this role Mancini played, in order to ensure the emotional stability of his ward-Balotelli.

This is why coaches’ jobs are tough-they don’t only provide formal training but also provide psychological support to the players.

This is also what a good mentor does, he guides the mentee and provides important psychological support and helps validate the mentees claim to leadership.

5.       Financial Resources/Support:

Just as what Golden Flashes Head Football Coach, Hazeel has done, a mentor can provide financial support to a mentee’s business or leverage the help of business partners to take the business to the next level. Hence, mentees appreciate mentors who are able to do this for them.

There is this maxim Hazeel keeps on his wall- it says:

“They don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.’

The truth in the above statement can be seen in the comment Dawson made about Hazell below:
“I have learnt three important life lessons from coach: consistency, dedication and passion. Dawson adds: “I saw him get scholarship help for guys who really had no other financial option.
Then when my turn came, he came through for me. I really respect that.”

6.    Bonus:   Building Relationship

“You can’t function as a team, if you don’t establish a one-on-one relationship with each player,’ says Hazell. “We spend time everyday talking about specific principles and the realities of the world, just like other families do.”

This shows that establishing cordial relationship between the mentor and mentee requires a one-on-one relationship. It also shows that informal mentorship is more beneficial than formal mentoring as it involves developing an open and comfortable relationship as Hazell did.

In ensuring a successful relationship, the mentor should be willing to point out the mentee‘s short-coming, celebrate his strength and respect the him as well as provide guidance for improved behavior, attitude or performance.

What kind of relationship do have with your mentor? Is it one devoid of rancour or one were there is agreeable disagreement?  Share a thought on how you were able to surmount this and develop a more befitting relationship or why you could no longer stay in the relationship.


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