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Five Reasons Why it’s Important for You to Work under the Tutelage of Another

Having a business idea is not a guarantee that you would succeed in a business. How then do you succeed? There are various ways in which you can succeed or increase the chance of success. Some ways may require a Long time-frame, while others just require a short period of time-frame However, in all of this one very important factor which you must keep close to your chest is perseverance. Are you willing to persevere? If your answer is yes, then this article which is geared towards discussing time tested principles will help shorten the time-frame required for a particular business idea to become profitable. These tips would be summarized under: Working and learning as ways of having a profitable business. #1 Work to learn, don’t work to Earn. The difference between an employer and an employee for life is that the employer works to learn while most employees work to earn. The foremost desire of an employee for life is the immediate gratification the money bring

How to receive money from Paypal in banned countries/ Unsupported Countries

Paypal is arguably the most famous online payment processing system in the world. Because of its wide reach and security of transactions on its platform, it is used by most online marketers to do business. However, due to high fraud index, some countries such as Nigeria, Bangladesh e.t.c have been prevented from making use of the platform to make or receive payment. The strategic blacklisting of these countries has made it difficult for residents of the areas to engage in international transactions. Despite these difficulties, I have good news for you. The good news is that there is a way out. The method to be revealed is actually a legitimate way of receiving payment online. The method described below is not a fake scheme where you are to: Hide you I.P or where you need to select countries where you do not reside. The reason of sharing these tips is to prevent you from being a victim of fraud, so that you don’t have to part with your hard earned money. 4 Steps in ord

Christmas 2012: 6 Practical Ways of Spending Low, Giving Great Gifts.

The tips to be listed below are tips that cut across boundaries and countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa. They are practical tips that highlight how families can reduce their Xmas spending, while still having a splendid holiday. As we all know, we are in a season of Christmas-the season of sharing love, and celebration of Christ birth. It is a season, when we give gifts to loved ones and celebrate those who are in need. It is however that time of the year when many people go out of their way to borrow in order to sustain the facade of happiness. They spend beyond their means; hence they go borrowing and sorrowing during the New Year. They have no idea that they can have a fun-filled Xmas even when a cut in spending is carried out. So this article seeks to bring to the fore: 6 Common but Unique Tips that will Drop Down your Christmas Spending in 2012 1. Plan with a Budget This may sound like a cliché. Am I right? Yes it is, but it

5 Steps to Softening the Buying Process through Content Marketing

Many a times we speak or communicate to a buyer in terms of the product instead of in terms of what the products can do for them. This is actually what stalls the buying process. And this is what content marketing seeks to address. In order to successfully market your product you need to understand that emotion and not products brings about successful sales. You need to be a smart marketer Hence we need to work towards creating this emotion in our buyers as this helps simplify the buying process. Hence this blog post seeks to address how to build the confidence of intending buyers. 5 Steps to Creating a Content Response Sharing Experience 1. Tell a Compelling Story/ Share an Experience A good story any day any time will always draw in readers for your content. This is the first stage of the buying process. And this is what June does on her blog . She tells compelling stories of her experiences in life-stories that inspire many ladies who seek to