5 Steps to Softening the Buying Process through Content Marketing

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Many a times we speak or communicate to a buyer in terms of the product instead of in terms of what the products can do for them. This is actually what stalls the buying process. And this is what content marketing seeks to address.

In order to successfully market your product you need to understand that emotion and not products brings about successful sales. You need to be a smart marketer
Hence we need to work towards creating this emotion in our buyers as this helps simplify the buying process.
Hence this blog post seeks to address how to build the confidence of intending buyers.

5 Steps to Creating a Content Response Sharing Experience


Tell a Compelling Story/ Share an Experience

A good story any day any time will always draw in readers for your content. This is the first stage of the buying process. And this is what June does on her blog miraculousladies.com. She tells compelling stories of her experiences in life-stories that inspire many ladies who seek to juggle the home front, their careers, and Christian lives- something which isn’t easy to accomplish.


Engage your readers(Ask Questions)

In order to build confidence of possible clients on your blog, it is advisable you engage your readers by asking them questions.

This is what V-Connect do on their Facebook fan page. The questions asked are sometimes aligned with prices, which though small comment converts fan to actual site visitors.
V-Connect content marketing strategy is tailored towards making the fans feels they are part of the organization. They do this by giving users the opportunity of sharing their stories. They also pay fans money to register businesses of people on their sites.
This is why there facebook fan page is going viral.


Show a Track Record of Solving Peoples' Problem

This could be in form of compiling your best blog post in e-book format or sharing testimonials of those who utilized your service.
Doing this helps in building the confidence of the buyer. The reason is because people feel more at ease when they know there are others who have utilized the same service they seek to use.


Use Social Media to Share Your Track Record.

Use the social media to share your success. You can enlist the help of customers who you assisted in achieving their goals.

These customers will be willing to do this, without you needing to spend a dime.


Create a Comment Box

Just creating a testimonial may not do the trick of building buyers confidence. This is because many people have been scammed through fake testimonials.
In order to kill viewers suspicions and build confidence into the buying process, it is paramount you institute comment box in your site and also link it to social networking sites-where consumers are allowed to comment on your products.
When you do this- you make it easier for the intending consumer to make a purchase.

The reason why the confidence level becomes high on instituting a comment box is because buyers believe that you cannot easily influence all comments, especially on the social media platform.

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