Christmas 2012: 6 Practical Ways of Spending Low, Giving Great Gifts.

The tips to be listed below are tips that cut across boundaries and countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa. They are practical tips that highlight how families can reduce their Xmas spending, while still having a splendid holiday.

As we all know, we are in a season of Christmas-the season of sharing love, and celebration of Christ birth.

It is a season, when we give gifts to loved ones and celebrate those who are in need.

It is however that time of the year when many people go out of their way to borrow in order to sustain the facade of happiness.

They spend beyond their means; hence they go borrowing and sorrowing during the New Year.

They have no idea that they can have a fun-filled Xmas even when a cut in spending is carried out.

So this article seeks to bring to the fore:

6 Common but Unique Tips that will Drop Down your Christmas Spending in 2012


Plan with a Budget

This may sound like a cliché. Am I right? Yes it is, but it’s the truth.
So a great way to cut your spending is to plan your budget with reference to your income.

Your monthly income should serve as a benchmark not your savings.
Look at your income and decide what amount you want to set aside for the Christmas, then breakdown this amount among the various food, gift items and decoration which you wish to procure for the celebration.


Trim Down the Gift List.

There may be some items on the list which may not be so necessary. These gift items may include those decorations you can do without.

These items should be cut off from the list, or alternatively, some of the expensive branded items should be substituted either with less expensive unbranded ones, or other brands which are cheaper.


Do Group Buying.

Do you have close friends around? If you do, you can leverage them to reduce your spending.

You can do this by negotiating with them in order to buy gift items in bulk, since some shops offer sweet discounts deals on bulk purchases.


Craft your Gift Items.

If you have a craft, such as bead making or cake designing; you can put your creativity to work, and knock off the receivers with an out of the box concept that will wow them for a long time.


Do Early Shopping

There are some items that are usually expensive during the Christmas period. For such items, it is better you early-shop.

Early shopping gives you the opportunity to bargain-shop. It also reduces the pressure for you to make a purchase at any price.


Discount Deals on Amazon.

With Christmas rush already on us; there are online shops that offer

Christmas Discounts

for gift items and decoration.

Why not use this site to search for the best discount deals.
This is another way of cutting down expenses during this period.

Hope you put these tips into practice while also having a splendid Christmas.

If you have other great ideas on how to cut spending endeavor to share the tips in the comment box.


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