Five Reasons Why it’s Important for You to Work under the Tutelage of Another

Having a business idea is not a guarantee that you would succeed in a business.

How then do you succeed?

There are various ways in which you can succeed or increase the chance of success.

Some ways may require a Long time-frame, while others just require a short period of time-frame
However, in all of this one very important factor which you must keep close to your chest is perseverance.

Are you willing to persevere? If your answer is yes, then this article which is geared towards discussing time tested principles will help shorten the time-frame required for a particular business idea to become profitable.

These tips would be summarized under: Working and learning as ways of having a profitable business.

#1 Work to learn, don’t work to Earn.

The difference between an employer and an employee for life is that the employer works to learn while most employees work to earn.

The foremost desire of an employee for life is the immediate gratification the money brings while an entrepreneur who is working as an employee seeks to garner experience which he would use to set up his own business

If look at the case of the entrepreneur, we’ll discover that because he seeks to work to learn and not earn; he is most likely going to grasp better the activities of the organization where he is working.
This is because his attitude to learn as against earning will propel him into involving himself in many projects as possible within the same organization.

#2. Desire to Work Hard

According to Myles Munroe, “Work releases potential and empowers success. Laziness, which is the absence of work, aborts potential and sacrifices possibilities”
When working and learning under the tutelage of someone- it’s advisable you work hard.

The reason is because; working hard helps open boundless opportunities for you. For example, if you work hard, opportunities which would not be open to you at the lower rung of the company’s lather will become available as you climb up the organizational lather.

Secondly, you would put yourself in the good books of the company, thereby availing yourself with better trust and responsibility which you can eventually tap into when you leave the organization.

#3 Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes

Since your overall aim of working in the present organization is to garner experience, consider making mistakes as part of the learning curve
Most entrepreneurs just want to plunge into business and this is why most businesses fail.
They are not willing to work for others. They forget that learning from others provide you with the opportunities to make mistakes that you would prevent from happening when you set up your own business.

#4 Discover your Passion

A wonderful idea does not lead to business success. What leads to business success is passion. So, before learning or working under a person, you must figure out whether that is where your passion lies.
It’s passion which would drive you when things appear to be difficult.
It’s passion that would help keep you in line-even when you feel like giving up. So before you decide to pick an organization where you would test run your entrepreneurship ability-you must ensure the organization is in tandem with your passion.

So if your passion is cooking food-go for a catering firm. If you desire is to set up a furniture making company-work in one.
Working in such organization would enable you determine if that’s the actual business you desire to establish.

In summary,

There are Five Reasons Why it’s Important for You to Work under the Tutelage of Another

1) It enables you Garner Experience where your passion lies.

2) It makes you earn money while doing what you love.

3) It helps you identify if your passion is actually your passion.

4) It helps build contacts- contacts you can make use of later, when you eventually start up your own company.

5) It helps fast track the growth of your company- as you will make less mistake, than you would have made, if you hadn’t garnered a previous experience.

Do you have other ways why its important to work under someone? if you do, please share in the comment box  
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