How to receive money from Paypal in banned countries/ Unsupported Countries

Paypal is arguably the most famous online payment processing system in the world.
Because of its wide reach and security of transactions on its platform, it is used by most online marketers to do business.

However, due to high fraud index, some countries such as Nigeria, Bangladesh e.t.c have been prevented from making use of the platform to make or receive payment.

The strategic blacklisting of these countries has made it difficult for residents of the areas to engage in international transactions.

Despite these difficulties, I have good news for you.

The good news is that there is a way out. The method to be revealed is actually a legitimate way of receiving payment online.

The method described below is not a fake scheme where you are to:
Hide you I.P or where you need to select countries where you do not reside.

The reason of sharing these tips is to prevent you from being a victim of fraud, so that you don’t have to part with your hard earned money.

4 Steps in order to Receive Payment through Paypal without Your Account Becoming Banned.


Make Use of a Third Party Processor Site

You can sign up with either Plimus or 2CO. These sites would require that you verify your account with them to show you are the actual owner of the account.


Fill in Your Website details

When filling in the required details, ensure you fill in your website name.
It’s important because the site filled in is where you would insert the buy now code that will subsequently appear as a button.


Create a Buy Now Page on Your Site (Landing Page)

Having concluded the verification process, the next step is for you to create a buy now page. This is the page where you would direct customers to if you have a product to sell. The page should be such that it has a compelling call to action.

The buy now page should have a buy-now button.

During the installation process, make sure your set price is stated. This makes it easy for your customers to know the cost of the product or services you offer/render.

If you have any problem creating a buy-now page and HOW TO PLACE placE your buy-now link you can read: How to create a buy-now link on plimus

Withdrawal of Money

Now you are set to receive payment, what must be going on in your mind is how to retrieve the money.

You have no reason to fret. This is because Plimus offers several payment options. However because of being in the categories of countries

not supported

by paypal, you can retrieve payment through the bank transfer option. This process may however take a couple of days to complete

So have you tried plimus or 2CheckOut? What has your experience been like, are there other legitimate means by which you collect payment from customers using paypal platform?
I will love hear your response


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