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Don’t Reinvent the Content Wheel like Nelson Mandela, 71/2 Things You Should Do

Do you struggle with creating the content your audience need or are thinking of how to satisfy their voracious appetite?

If yes- then you need to do some soul searching and ask yourself this bloody question-Am I Martin Luther, Jesus Christ, Ghandi or The Indefatigable Mandela who just passed away a few days ago.

Because you need to know if you have the mental strength to go through the challenges they faced and not cave -in?” if you don’t have that kind of strength-it is best you follow their path and not blaze a new trail. Blazing a new trail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be unique. What have been trying to say is that you don’t need to create original content (non pre-existing content to be successful). It just means that to be a successful content creator solve your audience problem


Don't Provide Quality Content: Provide Content Your Audience Raves About

As you walk down the road, arm in arm with your wife a gorgeous lady with an awesome physique appears.

She invades your thought with her charming smile. And for a moment you forget about the ring on your finger. Her perfume draws you in setting you into primitive lust.

Then the Battle Begins

10 Crazy and Awesome Benefit of Use Buffer

Do you desire to know this crazy and stupid way to use buffer that cuts across social media, writing, blogging, traveling and even research?

Are you damn angry-and looking for a bit of smile to lighten your face?
Do you desire to incorporate yourself in the buffer culture of ingrained happiness-and sacrifice loneliness?
Do you want to despise practiced deceit and be happy over an exciting story that shows you that whole food could be like Vegas, where you leave broke, disoriented and with a new found knowledge that you have candida?

How To Use Quora- How Michael Dell Protected His Brand

Do you know that Quora questions get indexed quickly and ranks very well in search engine?
Do you know Michael Dell, Ashton Kutcher and Bill Gates all make Use of Quora? If you don’t not to worry you are about to tap into the awesome benefit of Quora.
Do you know that Quora profiles rank very well in search engine?
Are you looking to pilot your businesses to the zenith by getting incredible leads from an awesome platform?

Bullet ProOf Ways To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Social Sharing

I have less than five seconds to capture your attention with this post, so here it goes. If you read this post you would learn how to write
   1)    What to do when you are tired of blogging    2)    What kind of update do well on face book    3)   How to use information gap to hypnotize people into clicking      your tweets.   4)  How to reverse engineer the type of content your visitor wants

Jon Morrow vs Rochelle Barlow: What is Your Take?


In 2012 New York University Political Scientist Russel Hardin wrote a brilliant essay called “The Crippled Epistemology of Extremism” Hardin contended that most extremist, which include your homegrown terrorist are not stupid, insane or badly educated.

According to Hardin, the real problem is that their information stems from limited sources-which galvanize their extremist belief.

The Linkage

In his highly successful article called “How to be Smart in the World of Dumb Bloggers” Jon Morrow postulated that for you to become a very smart blogger you need to do away with your friends. To use his word-

Social media, Replacing your Friends-a Sure Way to Blogging Growth

There is one thing you need to know-something that is prerequisite to your blogging success.
It’s the ability to drop off your friends like an old hand-bag.

I don’t know whether your eyes just popped out. I don’t know if you feel this guy is crazy, or if you feel this guy has no feeling.

You see sometimes we must be brutally honest with ourselves. It’s only in being straight up with ourselves

The Almost Complete Step BY Step Guide to the Art of Tweeting

With the unleashing of twitter from outer space, twitter no doubt has become the major tool for building influence in your industry.
Even the seniors are not left out. According to the fastest growing demographic on twitter is the 55-64 year age bracket.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. According to @markschaefer

How to Re-purpose Stale Content: My First Guest Post on SkyHitBlog:

To tell you there is in power in re-purposing one's content, this slide-share has over 500,000 views. Imagine then what kind of traffic this slide will drive to their site.

This was also why I also consider guest posting important as you leverage other sites to drive traffic to your own blog. So before we continue don't fail to look at this great slide.

Blogspot: How to Make Your Image(Picture) Appear on Google Search

The Complete and Non Geek Guide to Getting Authorship on BloggerGetting Google authorship is for either wordpress blogs or google blogger blogs is one way to drive traffic to your site; this is because it makes your image visible on Google search. However, getting it done has been a difficult task for bloggers to accomplish.

Have gone through series of tutorial on how to get this done, it appears many of this tutorials are targeted mostly for the WordPress platform; some even require you to install a plug-in while others take you through the difficult process of inserting codes to make them work.

Perhaps you are not someone who loves doing codes as you do find it difficult, not to worry, your problem is about to be solved.

Valerie Harper Benefits and Features of the Awesome Twitonomy Tool

Have you been less than optimistic about getting a good tool for your twitter analytics? Then you don't have to be. Just like Valerie Harper who has fought cancer to a standstill despite doctors prognosis of having less than six months to live-you too should be optimistic about getting that twitter tool of your dream.

In fact, you no longer need to bother about looking for one because-I just discovered the ultimate twitter analytical tool called the Twitonomy Analytic Tool.

How I Stumbled on this Awesome Tool

When +Ana Hoffman in one of her link round up mentioned Twitonomy as the best twitter analytic tool she had ever seen, I said no way am I missing out of using this tool. You see whenever Ana recommends a tool I am always excited. So this time was no different.

With much anticipation

How King Edward Stole 23 million pounds and How You may be Doing so

What would you do if your dad stole your hard earned cash of over 23 million pounds (an understatement) crates it and sinks them down the Indian ocean just for aplate of porridge.
You’re thinking- this guy is just a damn crazy liar?
Then give me just three minutes and I promise you one thing, you’re going to eat those words of yours and you’re going to have to do one thing in return if you’re sincere.
You’re going to apologize by saying sorry in the comment section. Admitting mistakes is the hallmark of great men. You’re just going to have to ask yourself am I a great man.
See readers, what you are about to read will open your eyes and silence you.

How to Become a Remarkable and Successful Online Shop Owner

Before we step into the topic of today I will like to tell you “we’ve been fed a lie.”

The Lie: Money is the most important requirement for success.


To answer this question: I will ask you two questions:

I) If money is the most important requirement for success would Bill Gate have been a Harvard drop out?

II) If money is the most important requirement for success would Faraday have discovered electricity considering it took him more than 900 tries?

This is why you must discover your purpose of setting up that online business or e-commerce site.
For me

From the Masters: Insane but Simple Ways to Increase Twitter Following

I had a severe problem, my twitter followers were so low and I began to wonder what wrong I had committed, what ethics I hadn’t followed and that which I could do to tilt the unbalanced equation.

I decided that I would implement my searched answers, and I challenge you too as my journey has just begun. And I hope yours has also. What a journey I hope it becomes-a journey to getting targeted twitter followers and a race to create retweetable tweets. In order to make our journey easier I decided to consult expert post on how to increase one’s twitter followers.

Disclaimer: this isn’t about buying twitter followers to increase those following you. If that was your aim then you’re on the wrong boat.

So what this post about?

This post is about expert tips from Ankit of Blogger Trick; Amanda Julius of Quality Logo; Derek Halpern of Social Triggers and Dan Zarella- tips which will drive insane traffic to your sites and also increase your twitter followers.

The Genius Move That will Knock Millionaires your Way

I came across an awesome marketing article strategy that targets millionaires. It’s a simple strategy that you can use if you desire to catch the big fish in your industry.

And when I mean it’s a simple strategy-my two cents it’s really simple. However, for it to work you must be authentic and really know how to create catchy title-i.e clickable title because without a worthy title you will not get that e-mail opened.

So let’s get going
The Email Strategy to Generating Awesome Profit
Generating profit from your proposition can only occur if you’re capable of increasing your sales conversions.

And to be frank with you this can be difficult if you’re just a new entrant into that industry, except maybe you have a big marketing budget to place you strategically on facebook or other big websites.

So How do You Convert Millionaires when you don’t have a Track Record
1) Be Yourself According to Gabe of, “ Being yourself is critical to success”

People most times try to repli…

Transforming Your Blog: The Secret from the Masters

Today he decided it was not time to tell a compelling story but a time to walk together with his wife into a food store. A usual practice by him as it gives him the opportunity to plan the family meals together with his wife.

However, today is a special day. On this day, he approached the produce section of the food store and found floating before him a large sign introducing seedless grapes

How to Convert Your Audience by Creating an Excellent Guest Author By-Line

Annie had just written an excellent article on the topic living the good life. An article in which inspiration came while she was sitting in her dimly lit garden with tiny packets of fluorescence drooping to adorn its path.

She had this innate feeling that the quality of her writing would be able to capture her audience, converting them into a set of prospect.

The Truth they Never Told You, The Content Marketing Lie by Michael Chibuzor

Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing infographic

I am astonished, and that is why I want you to stop whatever you’re doing and read this article.

You may want to ask the question-why?

Then continue reading because I want you to know that content marketing can cripple your business and I really mean what have just said.

You may be out there wondering how, don’t worry because you are damn going to find out soon.
The How
Can you imagine Content Marketing almost crippling the business of Content marketingup owner, Michael Chibuzor?

Eight Ways You Can Be Scammed in 2013

Let me start with a story of how I was scammed. I received an e-mail about a telecommunication site. The information promised to help me start making money if I only bought the software that generates e-pin for the voucher the telecommunication firm sells to people.

I paid money for the software and haven't received the software till date.

What did I do wrong?

One, I refused to investigate the authenticity of the e-mail.


I could simply have made a call to their customer service (telecommunication firm) to determine if the person providing the information is truthful or not. A simple call would have prevented me from being scammed. This is one simple way to avoid being scammed online. This is why it's important you work toward verifying the authenticity of an offer before going for it. This way you would have decreased the possibility of you being scammed.

On the surface a scam may appear to be genuine, just as I thought the website I was dealing with was genuine.

I thou…

How Businesses Can Use Quora to Drive Content Growth

Quora is one social network you can use to strip competitors naked.

This social network has a wonderful Question and Answer repository that is driven by a community of people who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and hence can be used to generate content and blog ideas.

This wealth of knowledge that can be accessed is so diverse that people like Heather Whaling ( ), Kevin Systron and Matt Russo can all be found on this platform where they share their wealth of experience.

Hence with this repository of experts, businesses and non-profit organization alike can use the platform to drive company growth by beating competition through generation of exquisite ideas.

How then do Businesses use Quora to Generate Beautiful Ideas?

In order for your business to mine great traffic pulling ideas from Quora either as a way of developing a master content strategy or in order to assassinate mental block, you will need to know how to get the best out of Q…

Resource Post: The One Smart Secret to Spiking our Blog Traffic

What is the dream for your blog or content Marketing effort?

If there be any dream, am sure it’s one of the following below:
#1: to be influential/for brand awareness
#2: to make money
#3: to express ourselves

and all this dreams boils down to getting

PageRank Authority: 6 Things That Can Kill Your Page Rank Dead

Before looking at those things that can kill a Blog’s Page Rank, I want to inform you there is one thing people love so much and that it is called Authority.
Even if you beg to disagree, I am sure you would not fail to agree with me that as a blogger, you would like to influence people; and what easier way to influence people than being in a position of authority.
Am sure you would also agree with me that loss of authority can be so frightening. This is why any blog owner gets goose pimples when they see a drop in Page Rank.

Why is it so?

It’s so because:
1. It means loss of Authority
2. It may lead to drop in traffic
3. It may lead to drop in Google search engine ranking.
4. It may lead to drop in income (not always).

With this at the back of their mind, most blog owners focus on increasing their Page Rank. Why this is not bad in itself, the aspiration to have a high PageRank has made many blog owners to suffer Google-ban, leading to traffic reversal and even SERP reduction.

This is …

One Extra-Quick Way to Build Up Your Page Rank Authority+Bonus

In one of my previous article on Guest posting I talked about the relationship between Anorexia and mistakes new guest posters do make.

However, this is not the focus of today’s article. Today, I will be looking at how a blogger can build the PR of his site with guest posting.

For those who don’t know what Page Rank means-it is simply a ranking system developed by Google to know the importance of a web-page.

It is one of the major factors that determine which pages appear in search result.
According to Marziah Karch, the name – page-rank likely comes from Larry Page of Google.
So how do you know the PageRank of a Given Web Page?

You determine the web-page rank of a particular page by simply keying in the weblink of the article into Page Rank Checker.

The values for PageRank ranges from 0 to 10 with ten being the highest possible value any web-page can get.

Using Guest Post to Increase Your PageRank Value

Before establishing why it’s important to use guest post as a way to build author…

Tight Budget: 8 Diamond Tips to Out-Smart Your Competitors.

Did you just ask what can be diamond in this tip?
My response: if I’m wrong shoot me a comment?

How do you strip your competitors naked making them gasp in bated breathes?
How do you give your competitors a hot pursuit, causing them to stumbles and fall?
How do you compete with the big and mighty seeking for that slim advantage with a tight budget?

You do this through Competitive Analysis:

And this article aims at addressing that.
Competitive analysis boils down to strategy, knowing the steps your competitors are going to carry out before they actually accomplish it and embarking on golden steps called strategy to counter their plans. The aim of which is to usurp the market share profitability of your specific competitors.
How do Accomplish Them.

Killer Ways to Rank High on Facebook Graph Search

You need compelling content to rank high on face book Graph Search!

Do you know its a fact?

In January 2013, Face book officially launched Face Book Graph Search in order to rival Google search.

The aim of graph search is to enable Face book users to be able to find content through their social media connection.This has therefore placed businesses on their toes as they seek to leverage the platform to drive their business forward.

The question that you as a content marketer need to answer at this point in time is how do I make use of the opportunity to create quality and engaging content that would increase my graph search ranking?

@Neil Patel: His Art of #Selling

Are you looking for ways to increase the traffic going to your site in order to increase sales? Do require tips from one of America most famous SEO Wiz? If your answer is yes! Then seriously read this article on the Art of Selling

Okay the Introduction

I am Patel, I am Neil, and I am no seller. I onlyprovide solution.

As most people know, Patel has seamlessly provided solutions for numerous people- my humble self included. Hence the inspiration to preview some of his best sales tips you can find on line.
I am sure you will agree with me that:

For any successful blogger, making sales is the ultimate.

7 Awesome Places To Get Hot Blog Ideas To Kill Google Panda

As a content marketer you should be able to create content that even Google Panda is scared of touching.

Did I Just Say That?
This is why one question on every bloggers mind is- how can I crash my site through traffic overload or how can I generate hot blog ideas?
This is because they already know that awesome blog ideas + awesome content= awesome traffic.
This is why bloggers are seeking for easy ways to get these ideas in order to defeat mental block. They are not only seeking for short cuts to generating these ideas, they are also looking for topics that can bring them huge traffic.
So the question is this
Where can one visit to get these hot ideas that would cause traffic overload

How to Build Relationship through Creation of Sharable Content

In my last post I treated

The Importance of Knowing Why You Want/Need to Blog in this post I will be treating how building relationship can increase blog productivity.Before I go down the relationship route it's 
important you know your core mandate

What is your core mandate?

For most bloggers their blogging core mandate is to make money, drive traffic and build relationship.
Though making money is an important value it should be of secondary importance. Your target is to first of all seek for ways to drive people to your blog. And this can be achieved through either search engine optimization or building of relationship, and creation of sharable content. How then Do You Build Relationship?

The Importance of Knowing your Core Mandate for your Blog or your Life

In the previous post of this series I talked about the importance of gauging your actions-as part of increasing the productivity of your blog.

Today I will treat the importance of knowing your core mandate for your blog or your life.

Before getting on with the post- I love to know if you’ve followed up my previous post. This question is pertinent as it will certainly guide you towards increasing the traffic of your Blog.

If you haven’t-you’re certainly missing.

Do you know what activities you ought to engage yourself in to drive your blog to the next level?

Action Plan to Increasing Your Blog or Career Productivity

There are manycontent marketersout there who seek to increase their blog productivity but who have a problem doing so and that why I have decided to write this series on How to increase your blogging productivity. So if your desire is to spend quality time on those activities that can earn you more money- then carry out the action plans listed in this article and you would see a monumental difference in your blog productivity.

But before I zoom into the series of today I love to ask you a couple of questions Have you felt like what a useless day! Is this a constant part of your vocabulary in your blogging life? Are you seeking for ways to improve your blogging productivity by over 71%?
Are you one of those whose life online is so influenced by face book that checking of your face book page occurs at an interval of say every 5 minutes?
Do you check your email every 5 minutes? If you do, then according to Penelope “There’s no winner of the inbox game. There is no reward for being an ace of …

5 Easy and Effective Tricks to Getting More Retweets

You’ve writtenkiller content that have the ability to go viral; however you do not have a re-tweet strategy in place. You’ve heard of thousands of people who have successfully engaged twitter as a platform to drive traffic to their web sites-but your traffic buzz is not forth coming. You are seeking to up your twitter re-tweet strategy and seeking to increase the number of followers you have on twitter? If this is a problem you are seeking to address-look no further as the strategies highlighted below will help increase your followers if you follow the twitter etiquette. But before you read the steaming infographics by Quick Sprout below make sure you’ve instituted these principles: Twitter Easy Strategies to Getting 1000 Visitors to your Blog Daily
1.Create your profile and follow people that matter in your industry. 2.Use the search tab on twitter and put in keywords-words that that are relevant to your industry. Start following people these people say about 100 followers daily-don’t …