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2013:How Freelancers can Survive Recession in their Business-5 Ways

What if recession hits your writing business? Have you thought of what to do? When you work from home, you may have felt that you are immune from recession. But is this going to be the case? But before I  show you an illustration of how recession can hit your business. Please I will love to get your feedback on other strategies you used to beat recession at the end of this article. Now, back to the article. Let me illustrate using an example below as case study. Can Writing lead to This   Assuming you had a client who accounts for half of your income in a month, and let say out of the $5000 you earn in a month he accounts for $3000 . What do you think would happen to your income and the state of your mind? This is just a bad case scenario. Lets look at a worse case scenario. What if he decides not to work with you again due to the recession? Can I hear your thumping heart? If my guess is right-you are like…let it not happen to me. But just wishing i

How to Securely Transfer your Payza Funds without Issues.

Transferring money from one online exchanger to another site to another requires utmost care. You must have heard of waves of phishing and scamming that takes place online. You may have heard of people whose payza account has been banned. And it is with respect with this I desire to provide you with quality information so that you will not fall victim. Am sure you might be using payza as an online payment portal and may be wishing to transfer your funds through other channels. To do this you must take note of the following necessary rules in order to prevent your account from getting banned. Must Read : 5 Unique Ways:How to Make Steady Money with Payza where I described ways to get the best out of Payza instead of just using it for sending and receiving money online. So back to the Article

Why You Seriously Need a Relevant and Beautiful Image for Your Blog and Website?

Driving Killing Traffic with Your Images This post is for anyone who wishes to become a content superstar — but just can’t find the rhythm. You write great- awesome articles, but it seems your work isn’t paying off. Traffic is like moving in trickles. You write great articles under 30 minutes that your friends are amazed. They ask, “Is it actually your hand work?”But it doesn't seem to be yielding dividend. Your search traffic is low. You're wondering what the problem is, you're like “is it the fault of my grandmother” that subscriptions to my email list are barely trickling in. Why is nobody buying my products and/or services you soliloquize? Staring into space you begin to lose faith in your ability. You feel creating compelling content is not your calling. You've brainstormed on what the problem is. Then you stumbled on this article which tells you what’ve been seriously killing your traffic drive and you're like eureka. The article also

Why I hate Content Marketing by Shel Israel, is it crap?

Image When I read why I hate Content Marketing by Shel Israel I was simply amazed… amazed at the lack of understanding displayed by him. It appears that people fail to understand the diction called content marketing And I tend not to understand because the word content together with marketing should have made it an easy concept to grasp. Even if terms like inbound marketing and social media marketing are terms which may be difficult to comprehend-not content marketing. Some people like him feel the term content marketing is crap. They fail to understand that content marketing is important as it provides values to customers or prospects. It makes it possible for customers to have an understanding of what product they seek to purchase. And this is why I fail to understand why he feels the way he does. However, have come to realize that there is no way you can convince everyone. His putting forward an article that just seeks to stimulate comment