How to Securely Transfer your Payza Funds without Issues.

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Transferring money from one online exchanger to another site to another requires utmost care.

You must have heard of waves of phishing and scamming that takes place online.

You may have heard of people whose payza account has been banned. And it is with respect with this I desire to provide you with quality information so that you will not fall victim.

Am sure you might be using payza as an online payment portal and may be wishing to transfer your funds through other channels. To do this you must take note of the following necessary rules in order to prevent your account from getting banned.

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where I described ways to get the best out of Payza instead of just using it for sending and receiving money online.

So back to the Article

1. If you desire to transfer funds from your Payza e-wallet via an e-currency exchanger, you are recommended to use only these exchanger(s) authorized by Payza:

Transferring funds into Payza
If you would like to transfer funds into your Payza e-wallet via an e-currency exchanger, you also recommended to use the following exchanger(s) authorized by Payza:


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