Sweet Ways on How to Send Massive Traffic to Your Food Blog

Driving traffic to one's food blog can be a difficult task; it's one  the most important part of blogging.

It gives new and old bloggers sleepless night.

You may have asked yourself, what can I do? What steps can I take to draw traffic to my blog? Or How Can I drive people to my site?

Before I tell you what step to be taken, I will like to ask this question, are you passionate about owning a food blog? Or are you into it because your friends are blogging in that niche?

If your answer, is not the first, then go rediscover where your passion lies.

This is because blogging can sometimes become challenging. Will you be able to maintain the rat-race or would you give up?

10 Great Tips on How to Drive Traffic to Your Food Blog


1. Get The Blind To Read Your Food Recipe -Use Alt Tags

The Blind Man's Meal

Alt tags are invisible description of images which are read aloud to blind users on a screen reader. “Source”

Without them the information provided is pronounced “image.”

This goes to show that if you skip this important step, you can end up losing an important part of your audience.

Apart from the blind, image Alt Tags helps increase the search engine visibility of your food images, especially for searches done on image search.

While image description is best restricted to 150 characters, you should go for long description if you figure out its important as it’s particularly helpful for blind bloggers who may need more information as it regards to getting recipes.

2.Choose a Custom Domain Name.

Custom domain names are cheap to procure, for about $10 you should be able to get one.

One reason why custom-domain names rank higher is because people consider it to be more professional looking.

For this reason, they will more likely visit a www.yourexample.com than a www.youradress.blogspot.com.

3. Take Advantage of Food Porn Websites.


Food Porn sites such as Food Gawker, Taste Spotting, Photo Grazing now Serious Eats can easily pull you traffic.

According to Wikipedia, Food porn is a glamourized spectacular visual presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, infomercials, blogs cooking shows or other visual media…Food porn often takes the form of food photography and styling that presents food provocatively, in a similar way to glamour photography.

Hence in order to have your images curated on these sites, you need a good camera such as Canon Rebel, which helps you achieve visual awesomeness.

However, you need up your photography skills if you desire to see your images listed on these sites.
To up your photography skills youc can do the following:

-Enroll for a photography class in an area close to you.
-Check out this, this and this articles
-Enroll for an online class
-Get this Book on creating fabulous images (aff)
-Get someone to take your images

Why Should I Post My Best Photo on these sites?

As you are aware, man is naturally selfish.

Most times He thinks only about himself.
And so finds it difficult giving off his best to others.
However to become a successful food blogger you need to shed the toga of selfishness and share until it hurts.

By so doing, you build a wave of good will and great relationship which you can harness to make money.

Two examples of people who do this are Ana of Traffic Generation Café and Neil of Quick Sprout.com.
People love them because of their generousity and as such they go the way out to link to them.

So you see food sharing sites can help you develop fantastic blogging relationship as these sites have great visibility on the web.

And as such when people click on these photos- they visit your site, probably leave a comment, which if reciprocated can turn into a fruitful relationship.

Apart from that, these food sharing sites are viewed by other popular blogs such as Huffinghton post, and Buzz feed. Sometimes they use images found on these sites while giving appropriate attribution as Buzz feed did for SharedAppetite.com

4. Guest post on a Food Blog

For a new site that is just starting out, ranking high on the search engine may appear difficult.

This is because the Alexa Ranking of sites also plays a role in how high a particular site ranks on Google.

This is why Guest posting is important.

If you’re seeking to draw traffic to you food blog or website, you will need to target authority sites in your niche-sites with huge traffic.

Keep note of these blogs , take note of the topics they write on, their kind of audience, check their guidelines and then pitch a guest post.

The guest post if accepted will certainly draw traffic to your site as most people who will read the post will get back to your blog through your backlink.

4. Join Food Forums


Join forums where you can answer questions relating to your niche.
When people consider you an expert, they will certainly visit you site

5.Write Great Content

We’re in the age of content marketing. Search engine father-Google is on the lookout for quality content. So does your site provide compelling contents? Can you provide the best of information in your given niche?

If you do, then you’re way to driving steady traffic to your food blog.

6.Make Use of Images

There are lots of free images online, but its best you use yours if you are a food blogger.This is because most of the beautiful images that you need to describe your post is likely to be copyrighted
You can also increase your ranking by using alt tags.

7.Join Food Groups on Face book.


When you join these groups, ensure you post consistently.

8.Use Yahoo Answer to Drive Traffic

Search for relevant questions and answer them.
For a step to step guide check out this guide.

9.Make Great Comments on other blogs.

To write great comment you need to:

-Determine your motivation

The reason its important is because your motivation acts as a catalyst and makes you to easily achieve your aim.


If your aim is to become an authority, your comment should contain facts that is backed by credible sources.
Or you should help others who have a challenge and have asked question within the comments. This way you gradually establish your self as an authority and drive back traffic to your site.

If your aim is to make someone happy-your comment should contain words that shows empathy.

-Write Within Context

When writing a comment ensure the comment is relevant to the article that is written, even if you need to use analogy-tie up the analogy back to the article. Have seen people or should I say machine that post comment that isn't related to issue discussed. This comment are basically for link purpose and be sure people won't click those link as they can sniff spam a mile away.

-Be Civil

Even when you don't agree with an author, try to move from a point of agreement to the point of disagreement. This way you can win the heart of the blogger.

Disagreeing upfront can make people hate you, especially the fans of the blogger.

-Let it Be Useful

Your comment don't need to be long but it should be valuable. Awesome or great post don't do the magic. It's best you comment on few site while providing value than many site with cliches as I mentioned above.

10. Do a Little Research

You can use Google free keyword tool to research the article you want write on your blog.

You should check out for keywords with medium competition as against low competitive/high competitive phrases.

This is because ranking well for such keyword is very difficult, especially if your blog is not yet an authority site.

If you have a challenge using the tool, then  this article should take you through  in a step by step format.

What other tips would you offer

for breaking your blog bank with traffic?


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