Why I hate Content Marketing by Shel Israel, is it crap?

When I read why I hate Content Marketing by Shel Israel I was simply amazed… amazed at the lack of understanding displayed by him.

It appears that people fail to understand the diction called content marketing And I tend not to understand because the word content together with marketing should have made it an easy concept to grasp. Even if terms like inbound marketing and social media marketing are terms which may be difficult to comprehend-not content marketing.

Some people like him feel the term content marketing is crap. They fail to understand that content marketing is important as it provides values to customers or prospects.

It makes it possible for customers to have an understanding of what product they seek to purchase.

And this is why I fail to understand why he feels the way he does.

However, have come to realize that there is no way you can convince everyone.

His putting forward an article that just seeks to stimulate comment without providing any real value -seems to me like a rave in the moment song that fizzles out in a short period of time.

Meaningful content stands out as it stimulates social media conversation. It stimulates brand awareness and enables brands generates feedback about what their customers need, and how to improve their brands.

So if studies have shown that institution of some form of content marketing mix has led to increase in profit, what then is there to disprove the importance of content marketing?

I guess some people have issues with the names, they forget that names changes occur in order to better grasp a particular concept.

Custom publishing, or brand journalism sound more like technical terms—that makes it difficult to connect with and this is something content marketing solves.

I wonder whether his idea is a journalistic concept- an expression of anger, over the influence the internet has brought to bear in the use of content to provide values to customers

We all know that our body make up is positioned to resist when we feel that our turf is being invaded. Does the hatred stem from the fact that ordinary people can now promote viable content through the Internet? 

Despite what he thinks, content marketing has come to stay-at least for the time being, since it's an easier term to understand than the others.

In summary, these are:

Five Key Benefit Content Marketing Provides

1) Engagement between companies and customers,

through comments and feedback.

2) Brand Awareness

- It increases consumers perception of a brand existence.

3) Improves Social Media Experience

– Since without any important thing to say, conversation on social media channel, becomes plain boring.

4) Builds Trust

- when consumers are able to key into your content marketing efforts, connections are built. These connections which allow for social conversation and feedback breakdown the walls of distrust and build up the wall of trust.

5) It shows Expertise

: When customers perceive a particular organization has the expertise to solve their problem. They will become repeat customers. This is what creating content does. It demonstrates an organization has expertise through provision of specific industry knowledge which is easily accessible to the customers.

6) It builds leads

: When people come across interesting content they tend to share the content across various social media platform. If people who come across these content, have “a liking” for the content, there is the tendency they will subscribe to the blog where the content was gotten from.
These are just a few advantages I feel content marketing provides.

So what other advantages do you think content marketing provides to business? Or if you do have a grudge with content marketing, what is this grudge? What other term would you prefer to content marketing?

I would love to hear from you in the comment box.


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