Why You Seriously Need a Relevant and Beautiful Image for Your Blog and Website?

Driving Killing Traffic with Your Images

This post is for anyone who wishes to become a content superstar — but just can’t find the rhythm.
You write great- awesome articles, but it seems your work isn’t paying off. Traffic is like moving in trickles.

You write great articles under 30 minutes that your friends are amazed. They ask, “Is it actually your hand work?”But it doesn't seem to be yielding dividend.

Your search traffic is low. You're wondering what the problem is, you're like “is it the fault of my grandmother” that subscriptions to my email list are barely trickling in. Why is nobody buying my products and/or services you soliloquize?

Staring into space you begin to lose faith in your ability. You feel creating compelling content is not your calling.

You've brainstormed on what the problem is. Then you stumbled on this article which tells you

what’ve been seriously killing your traffic drive and you're like eureka.

The article also tells you that you can implement this strategy to drive traffic to your facebook page for things

Now it's time to implement the article.
So what did you do?

You Began to Institute Images in Your Post

And you saw a tremendous rise in traffic.
What did the article say?

Images attract human eyes faster than plain text, which is why many bloggers co-opt it into their SEO strategy.

Imagine the huge number of people on-line this days-how then can you stand out from the crowd?
1. It’s in the image. Note however that just any image won't do the trick. Here's the
thing, your image must actually attract and not just that it must be relevant to your post.

2. You can search the net for images using Google image search tool. However note some images are copyrighted. These images require permission to use.

3. You can create your original images by using photoshop or other free image creator tools.

4. Optimize your image

5. Make Use of cartoons. This has been proven to drive traffic to like mad. According to Blog Hubspot: “Posts on this blog that include cartoons are some of the best-performing posts, in terms of links, comments and traffic. What better way to tell the story of inbound marketing, than with some of our most popular content?”

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