5 Easy and Effective Tricks to Getting More Retweets

Secret Strategy to Getting More Retweets

You’ve written killer content that have the ability to go viral; however you do not have a re-tweet strategy in place. You’ve heard of thousands of people who have successfully engaged twitter as a platform to drive traffic to their web sites-but your traffic buzz is not forth coming.
You are seeking to up your twitter re-tweet strategy and seeking to increase the number of followers you have on twitter? If this is a problem you are seeking to address-look no further as the strategies highlighted below will help increase your followers if you follow the twitter etiquette.
But before you read the steaming infographics by Quick Sprout below make sure you’ve instituted these principles:

Twitter Easy Strategies to Getting 1000 Visitors to your Blog Daily

1.      Create your profile and follow people that matter in your industry.
2.      Use the search tab on twitter and put in keywords-words that that are relevant to your industry. Start following people these people say about 100 followers daily-don’t use a software to follow people. Do it manually. It’s tedious but beneficial.
3.      Start tweeting about topics related to your industry. Look out for the thought leaders in the industry (don't just send tweet about your website only). For starters- percentage proportion should be 70-30 in favour of industry leaders.

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4.      Unfollow those who aren’t following you. You can use an automated service like Tweet Adder to this.
5.      Re-tweet people’s tweets. Look out for credible content-you can use Google Alert to do this 

Now the Infographics Tips to Getting More Twitter Retweets



the art of getting retweets
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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