Five Unique Tips Why You Need a Ghost Writer OR Guest Poster?

Do you need that god-like aura of efficiency while going through your blog or website even when you have no time to write a single guest post?

Do you desire to optimize your time for more befitting venture or business- while not allowing your blog to suffer?

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If you are in any of this category, then this post is for you?

Before I share with you the importance of ghost writing to your business, I want you to know that it is better toGet others to do the work for you, while you always take the credit.” This is why Robert Greene said: “Use the wisdom, knowledge, and legwork of other people to further your own cause. Not only will such assistance save you valuable time and energy, it will give you the god-like aura of efficiency and speed. In the end your helpers will be forgotten and you will be remembered. Never do yourself what others can do for you”

Is the statement quite harsh? I leave you to decide.
However, with Paragraph #4 in mind, I will be sharing five exquisite reasons why you need a ghost writer or guest blogger for your blog, business or organization.

#1        Content is King- People love stories and it increases your client base

Have you visited yahoo news or OMG recently? If you haven’t, then consider it an assignment. If however, you feel you don’t have the time or you feel I just want to send you on a wild goose chase-which of course isn’t my intention, then, you need not visit the site.

If you however embark on the assignment, you will find out that these sites provide content and share stories that people are hungry to devour. This is why content is so important.
This is why your business needs the service of a ghost writer-a writer who can help create unique content for your blog or one who can write an e-book about your business-while it appears you are the one doing the writing even if you do not have the needed skills and time.
The e-book or blog thus created serves as bait (information) that would attract a fish (Client).

#2        It increases your profit base- it can be an alternative source of income.

While your blog written by your ghost writer or the blog i.e run by a ghost blogger may not yield immediate direct profit against your initial cost; the blog will serve as a platform to increase the number of people who ask for your service.
And this is why your blog should have a product/service offering page -where you would list the service you can provide or render to people.
Though I said in paragraph #1 of tip #2 that your website/blog may not yield immediate profit, know that it can become an alternative way of (diversifying your business). i.e if you decide to monetize the blog through Google Adsense or through affiliate offerings.

#3        It shows expertise:

Who would you prefer to buy a cake from, is it the person who tells you he sells only cakes or someone who teaches you how to make the cake he sells?
If my guess is right, you would go for the person who teaches you how to bake cake.
This is one great advantage a ghost blogger/writer can bring into your business. He/she can provide you with an aura of efficiency and makes you look better than you may actually be.

#4        It Saves time

Let me begin with the story of a lady entrepreneur who has a furniture factory and website..
This lady’s website showcased her various product ranges.
However, her offering were just images, which she’d like to spice up with articles, such as how to make a U-shaped chair, or how to maintain a Cedar Furniture.
She was however at a cross-road, with no time to do that which could give her the edge in her business.
This is why I said getting a ghost blogger/writer will not only help develop the content for your blog but will also help save your time; while also showcasing you as an expert in your field.

#5        It builds confidence into Buying Process.

Owning a blog that showcase your expertise or one that explains the reason why they ( the buyers) should go for organic food as against non –organic food will help soften the buying process; hence, making it easier for the intending buyer to make a buying decision.
This goes to show the relevance of ghost writer / bloggers in any busy organization, where the avenue to run such blog becomes a tedious process due to insufficient time.
So why not work toward hiring a Ghost blogger today. 

Can you think of other benefits ghost blogging provides or the challenges of guest posting? Will love to hear your feedback.

Peter is a Freelancer and Blogger  with the huge desire to see people take their offline business online . He has been blogging for a couple of years on diverse topics on various websites.

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