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@Neil Patel: His Art of #Selling

Are you looking for ways to increase the traffic going to your site in order to increase sales? Do require tips from one of America most famous SEO Wiz? If your answer is yes! Then seriously read this article on the Art of Selling Courtesy: Job Stock Okay the Introduction I am Patel, I am Neil, and I am no seller. I only provide solution . As most people know, Patel has seamlessly provided solutions for numerous people- my humble self included. Hence the inspiration to preview some of his best sales tips you can find on line. I am sure you will agree with me that: For any successful blogger, making sales is the ultimate.

7 Awesome Places To Get Hot Blog Ideas To Kill Google Panda

As a content marketer you should be able to create content that even Google Panda is scared of touching. Where are those Hot Places where I can generate great blog ideas to give Panda a Great Blow. Did I Just Say That? Yes This is why one question on every bloggers mind is- how can I crash my site through traffic overload or how can I generate hot blog ideas? This is because they already know that awesome blog ideas + awesome content= awesome traffic. This is why bloggers are seeking for easy ways to get these ideas in order to defeat mental block. They are not only seeking for short cuts to generating these ideas, they are also looking for topics that can bring them huge traffic. So the question is this Where can one visit to get these hot ideas that would cause traffic overload

How to Build Relationship through Creation of Sharable Content

In my last post I treated The Importance of Knowing Why You Want/Need to Blog in this post I will be treating how building relationship can increase blog productivity. Before I go down the relationship route it's  important you know your core mandate What is your core mandate ?     For most bloggers their blogging core mandate is to make money, drive traffic and build relationship. Though making money is an important value it should be of secondary importance. Your target is to first of all seek for ways to drive people to your blog. And this can be achieved through either search engine optimization or building of relationship, and creation of sharable content. How then Do You Build Relationship?

The Importance of Knowing your Core Mandate for your Blog or your Life

In the previous post of this series I talked about the importance of gauging your actions-as part of increasing the productivity of your blog. Source: Unlimited Choice Today I will treat the importance of knowing your core mandate for your blog or your life. Before getting on with the post- I love to know if you’ve followed up my previous post. This question is pertinent as it will certainly guide you towards increasing the traffic of your Blog. If you haven’t-you’re certainly missing. Do you know what activities you ought to engage yourself in to drive your blog to the next level?

Action Plan to Increasing Your Blog or Career Productivity

Increasing BLOG Productivity is a Victory Sign There are many content marketers out there who seek to increase their blog productivity but who have a problem doing so and that why I have decided to write this series on How to increase your blogging productivity. So if your desire is to spend quality time on those activities that can earn you more money- then carry out the action plans listed in this article and you would see a monumental difference in your blog productivity. But before I zoom into the series of today I love to ask you a couple of questions Have you felt like what a useless day! Is this a constant part of your vocabulary in your blogging life? Are you seeking for ways to improve your blogging productivity by over 71%? Are you one of those whose life online is so influenced by face book that checking of your face book page occurs at an interval of say every 5 minutes? Do you check your email every 5 minutes? If you do, then according to Penelo