7 Awesome Places To Get Hot Blog Ideas To Kill Google Panda

As a content marketer you should be able to create content that even Google Panda is scared of touching.

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Where are those Hot Places where I can generate great blog ideas to
give Panda a Great Blow.

Did I Just Say That?


This is why one question on every bloggers mind is- how can I crash my site through traffic overload or how can I generate hot blog ideas?

This is because they already know that awesome blog ideas + awesome content= awesome traffic.

This is why bloggers are seeking for easy ways to get these ideas in order to defeat mental block.
They are not only seeking for short cuts to generating these ideas, they are also looking for topics that can bring them huge traffic.

So the question is this

Where can one visit to get these hot ideas that would cause traffic overload
to your site and even lead to your site crashing come from? lol

Can you find them in the moon or in the sun or do they fall from the sky? I leave that to you to sort out because though I’ve heard of such fables I can’t vouch of its authenticity. If you know it to be true let me know.

Viral Ideas

However, I know of some places that can bring you viral ideas and that even Google would go crazy and have no option but to increase your ranking, places where Alexa in a Sumarai way will just have to slash your ranking, since there is nothing they can do about it.

Places where over-ideas will become the issue-not that you are looking for what content to write on.

These are places where the ideas you get can be converted to blog post that will receive awesome shares.

So here are some Awesome Places Where You can Obtain such Traffic Pulling Blog Ideas.

1.    Just Retweet

Sign up with Just Retweet, where you can follow those who are in your niche. It’s an awesome tool because it gives you room to not only easily follow those in your niche but to also earn credit when you promote their post. The credit can then in turn be used to promote your own post.

How to Use Just Retweet as a source of blog idea

You can use Just Retweet as a blog idea source by viewing the post of those in your niche.
After which you analyze them to see article that are being shared and commented on.
Based on that you can use those posts as benchmark for your new articles

2.    Google Alert:

This tool enables you track your competitors blog. Google alert will tell you when your competitors publish any blog post.

The tool can be streamlined to send specific keywords ideas you wish to rank for or blog on.

It can be configured either daily or weekly.

The alerts are configured in such a way that on imputing your e-mail address-you receive an e-mail whenever the keyword which you want to centre your post on has been blogged on.

In order to generate awesome shares from your post-also consider blog post that have done well on face book and twitter.

3.    Pin Interest

This is one social site that women love; because they are people of colour-(their love for colour is legendary)

Though Pin interest is a great site for pinning exquisite images, it’s also a good source for picking up blog ideas.

This is because people would normally pin content that are generating great shares.

Pininterst pics are arranged according to categories. Hence you can make use of the search bar to find keywords that corresponds with your niche.

With this information, you can then write that beautiful post

4.    Bottlenose:

Are you looking for ideas from the social media space-then Bottlenose is it.

It is however a paid site though you have the option to try it for free.

It is set in such a way that it is classified into categories where trending topics are listed.

 You can utilize the search tool bar to key in words or phrases and generate ideas for your blog topics.

5.    Tweet Chat:

 I don’t really chat with tweet chat however; I use it to generate awesome blog idea. Once I log in, I key in a general keyword like #blogging (Take note of the hash tags)

On inputting the #topic into the search tool bar, a range of recent tweets related to the imputed keyword is generated. These tweets can then be used as a basis for your post.

6.    Answer and Question Sites

These sites include Yahoo Answers, answers.com and Quora. Of these lots I love Quora the best that’s why I wrote the article the nearly ultimate guide to driving traffic to your blog where I discussed;
  • 1.       How to use Quora to drive SEO traffic
  • 2.       How to drive traffic to blogs by asking questions
  • 3.       And why it’s important to use anchor text.

The blog post also highlighted the importance of choosing a niche where your site belongs and the essence of linking your quora account to your blog.

7.    Using Twitter

As we all know, twitter is an awesome tool to generate traffic. Do you however know it is also a beautiful source for blog ideas?

If however you’re not in tune with using twitter as an awesome tool for getting those traffic that will take your blog to the next level, don’t get worked up.

What you should do?

Just tuck in your seat belt because am about to let you into the secret pie of successful blog idea generation.

The How

1.       Follow Influencers in your niche.

 Look at their tweets and see if you can anticipate their next move
For example if they talk of webinars, you can decide to write an article on previous webinars your influencers has carried out.

You could also set up an interview with him. This gives you the opportunity of appearing as an authority figure, hence boosting your profile in the blogosphere

2.       Search for the hash tag of your niche keyword then view the top tweets.

 This gives you an idea of what people find helpful and insightful. The top tweets are those tweets which people are sharing through retweets and comments. Dig into them a unique blog post can spiral of it.

3.       You can also track favourite tweet or tweets of others in order to get ideas from there.

You can use favstar.fm to do this.

4.       Seek for #question tags that address issues in your niche.

This is another great way to get blog ideas that immediately solve people’s problem. Using this format is so sweet as you don’t need to start thinking of how to craft your headline.

5.       You can also key in something like #Question #blogging or #question #SEO.

This gives you targeted questions which you can provide solutions to through a new post.

So what other place do you know of that one can go to steal great post ideas?
Leave a comment and let’s get the ball rolling. You’re awesome!

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