Action Plan to Increasing Your Blog or Career Productivity

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Increasing BLOG Productivity is a Victory Sign

There are many content marketers out there who seek to increase their blog productivity but who have a problem doing so and that why I have decided to write this series on How to increase your blogging productivity. So if your desire is to spend quality time on those activities that can earn you more money- then carry out the action plans listed in this article and you would see a monumental difference in your blog productivity.

But before I zoom into the series of today I love to ask you a couple of questions
Have you felt like what a useless day! Is this a constant part of your vocabulary in your blogging life? Are you seeking for ways to improve your blogging productivity by over 71%?

Are you one of those whose life online is so influenced by face book that checking of your face book page occurs at an interval of say every 5 minutes?

Do you check your email every 5 minutes? If you do, then according to Penelope “There’s no winner of the inbox game. There is no reward for being an ace of emails except people who tell me they can’t believe how fast I respond and my kids telling me I’m addicted.”

 Do you spend over 3 hours thinking about what article you want to blog about? If you are doing any of the above- you’re skating through an unproductivity landmine a landmine you must strive to unmine.

The How of Picking Amazing blog Ideas while Sleeping will be addressed in the Post #4 -so follow up on these amazing series
According to Next web: “Self-discipline, focus, good nutrition, exercise, sleep and maintenance of your stress levels are all far more effective for gearing you into action than any app review or flossing shortcut.”
Before telling you the number one step- I want you to know that in increasing your productivity-you will need to focus on actions that can make you more productive and not just following every productivity tips you find online.

Here is Number One Step to Increasing your Blog Productivity with an Action Plan

#1           Gauging Your Actions

Have you sat down to analyze what you do every day and what aspect of being online takes most of your time.
Have you done a breakdown of your task in a sequential order starting from the most to the least amount of time you spend on each of them?
 If you haven’t done this and don’t intend doing this I just have to be frank with you… You just need to know that leaving the unproductivity boat into the island of productivity is only going to be a mere pipe-dream. If you however need to join the train of increased blog productivity-then the action plan outline below must be something you must be willing to put into action. If you do follow my outlined action plan- I will love to get a feed back on how productive you’ve been after implementing the tips. 

Action Plan: Use a note pad to list down your daily activities (BOTH ONLINE AND OFFLINE.)
NOTE: This may vary daily. However it shouldn’t stop you from doing that which I want you to do- even if your activities may differ day to day. Just do it and note the average time spent on your daily activities.
The Next Post in This Series will be on Knowing the Core Mandate of your Blog or your Life:
In the next post of the series I will be treating how to increase the productivity of your core mandate.

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