How to Build Relationship through Creation of Sharable Content

In my last post I treated

The Importance of Knowing Why You Want/Need to Blog

in this post I will be treating how building relationship can increase blog productivity.

Before I go down the relationship route it's 
important you know your core mandate

What is your core mandate? 

 For most bloggers their blogging core mandate is to make money, drive traffic and build relationship.

Though making money is an important value it should be of secondary importance. Your target is to first of all seek for ways to drive people to your blog. And this can be achieved through either search engine optimization or building of relationship, and creation of sharable content.

How then Do You Build Relationship?

Building relationship involves crafting sharable content-content which others can retweet, or like on face book.
When you do this, influencer's in your niche would be glad to share your content to their followers drawing massive traffic to your site.
This is the reason why I use Just Retweet a simple tool to build rapport with influencer's in my niche.

How to Create Sharable Content that Increases Your Blog Productivity

Make use of the Word you and your

When I make use of the word you and your, I find out readers connect more with me at a deeper level.
It’s more or less like when I engage you in a personal conversation, where two of us are trading banters.

Write compelling Headlines

This isn’t my strength yet-though am working on it and you can too. This article by Copy blogger spells out the trick to increase your blog conversion rate just by simply tweaking the headlines of your old post and crafting new headlines.

Chibuzor of Content Marketing Up also wrote a fabulous article on headlines. In his article he talked about:

  • Initiating a Story Silently
  • Evoking Curiosity
  • Ask Close ended Questions
  • Hack Your Readers Mind
  • Challenge the Status Quo

Provide Awesome Value to Your Audience

The value can be a short report. According to Michael Chibuzor of Content Marketing Up
When you provide a free report to your audience, make sure you include the monetary worth of the free report. This would enable your audience appreciates the gift given to them.

Use Statistics/Case Studies

Do you know that people are in love with statistics? It shows credibility and also proves that the information you are providing is true. This is why case studies are bomb. SEO REBEL proves this point well

Use Imagery

Man is a visual animal, so use of images that shock and gives an exhilarating effect are certain to triple your blog shares.

Take time to craft your post

Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe spends an average of 3 hours crafting a single post on her blog. What’s the result, awesome content that provides tremendous value to her readers?
Also Neil Patel has shown that he spends Quality Time to deliver on his article-this time ranges from 2-6

Create Detailed Post

This metric(infograph) shows that a post which is over 1000 words has a greater chance of ranking higher on Google than an article which is 500 words long. However ensure your post provides optimum value or no one will share it. Know that detailed post also stimulates discussions.

Create Compelling Call to Action

How do you end your post? Your post ending plays a big factor in the sharability of your post as it stimulates productive comments.
-          You can increase conversation in your post by asking questions.
Reply comments in Your Post
When people see that you respond to comments, they are more willing to come back to your blog. This helps to boost your blog traffic and also increase your subscribers’ base.
Response to comment can also serve as a way to show you are an authority in your niche.

Now that you know what it takes to create sharable contents, here are some Tips on How to generate ideas to Create Sharable Content

1.    Use Google Trends

2.    Track your Competitors Blog

You can use Google alert to do this. Google alert will tell you when your competitors post any new post.  You can streamline the tool to send alerts to you only on specific keywords. You can set it up to be either daily or weekly.

Having set up Google alert for your competitors blog-the alerts will be sent to your e-mail through which you can then view the post of your competitors, when new post is published.

In order to maximize the tracking as a way of generating great ideas check out for blog posts that has done well on twitter or face book.

What other tips on building relationships do you know of? Share in the comment box below

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