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Are you looking for ways to increase the traffic going to your site in order to increase sales? Do require tips from one of America most famous SEO Wiz? If your answer is yes! Then seriously read this article on the Art of Selling

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Okay the Introduction

I am Patel, I am Neil, and I am no seller. I only provide solution.

As most people know, Patel has seamlessly provided solutions for numerous people- my humble self included. Hence the inspiration to preview some of his best sales tips you can find on line.
I am sure you will agree with me that:

For any successful blogger, making sales is the ultimate.

To some people making sales = earning more money
To others: Making sales = getting more subscribers
To another making sales= Fan engagement

So what does making sales mean to you?
Love to get your feedback in the comment box

Despite what sales means to you, I can promise that this resource would assist you in achieving your desired goal if you diligently put into practice the tips outlined in this article.

So How Do You Master Sales?

Never Act Like You Want Something

According to Neil in his interview with Jamie Tardy of Eventual Millionaire: “The best way to correlate sales to people is through dating; there’s no doing sales in dating. If you act like you want something, you’re never going to get it. This is the problem with most sales pitch. They try to force you into buying their product. They fail to connect with you on the emotional level. That is why content marketing rocks.

Figure out people’s problem

"Problems are like secret sauce to making successful sales."

I for one cannot imagine myself eating “Egusi soup and Satana” without a good dose of pepper-that tickles my taste buds.
Figuring out a problem doesn’t just lie with providing anticipated solution to one part of the customers’ need. It involves much more.

Let’s use an illustration

Assuming your potential customer needs a bike to ride home; but doesn’t have the wherewithal to make the payment at once- you will discover that why your bike solved a potential problem, the inability to solve the full problem of insufficient funds leads subsequently to no sales.

So successful sales according to Neil involves: “ Figuring out what problems people have when you’re selling, what their budget is and giving them the simplest solution that makes them interested.”
This is one of the keys to successful sales.

What Does Sales Involve?

Selling is about Providing Solution and Benefit

When you are to make sales don’t go into how am I going to solve the problem. Instead go into providing the benefits and solution.
You can however, go into the how, if your potential customer does ask you.

Selling is About Asking Question:

Asking question is an excellent way of finding out the true problems of your fans, site visitors or potential customers.
Probing questions helps you understand their particular need.
This is because no question = providing half baked solution.

How Does Neil Do It
If you look at his post on quick sprout- you can see him in action. How?

1) He creates compelling call to action. This action helps him understand the mind of his readers through which he can provide more comprehensive solution to their problem. And this is something I want you to do too.

2) Another way he does it is to ask them “what problems are they experiencing? How would they want it to work in an ideal world, how would you like it to work as against how it is right now.”

After their response

3) He tells them what he will provide in terms of result, before going down to the cost.

He outlines how much he can make for them guys.

Being Successful On a Consistent Basis Is About Strategy

This is why Bamidele Oni of YoungPrePro.com who earns more than $ 4000 per month prefer e-mails to skype calls.
His strength lies in his written word.
So, you need to utilize your strength while simultaneously working on your weakness.

How Did Neil Do it at Sixteen

At sixteen, Neil had little confidence so he used the cold call method to contact big business.
The bottom line being:

1) Know what strategy work wells for you and apply it.
2) Practice on your weak areas.

Eventual Millionaire

To Make Sales Provide a Platform (Blog)

This is why blogging is now hot cake. Most companies have set-up blog facilities on their sites and you should too… it’s like eveidence to their ability.

How Neil Bloogged: He blogged on things related to his business which is SEO- and that’s why he is such a successful blogger.

Some of His Techniques:

Figuring out what his ideal customer are facing
Providing the solution through blogging
And giving away exquisite info for free

Test Different Channels

In order to become successful in business, Testing is the Game. This is what his tool Kissmetrics does
According to Neil “You can’t always rely on one basket for all your customers”-this is why utilizing different media to communicate your business proposition is great; since blogging may not work for anybody.

Readers: Stop Them Cold, Draw them in

Writing compelling ads or compelling headlines is one of the secret sauce of converting visitors to subscribers or buyers.

It all starts with the headline

In his article 12 things that will kill your Blog Post Every Time: he said “The goal of the headline is to stop readers cold and draw them into your post. You can’t do if you use clever or confusing headlines”
So what should you do

He advocates that you should draw them in, you should write, ultra-specific, unique, urgent and useful title.

If you are wondering what Kind of article headline fall into this Category, take a look below?

1) 6 lessons You Can Learn From The Rise of DropBox (unique)
2) 100 ways to Become a Twitter Power User (Ultra Specific)
3) How to Create Sharable Content (Useful)
4) 10 SEO Trends you can’t ignore if you want high rankings

How to get Customers Smiling and Keep Them Smiling

Do you know that a poll a few years back showed that 88% of people will go for excellent customer service than hot deals and offers?

In his article Little Tricks to Get Customers Smiling: he advocated the following tips:
- Smile warmly- It defuses a sticky situation
- Smile during phone conversation- utilize emoticon when communicating through text.
- Say people names to build better customer relationship
- Brighten a customer mood through a smile and heighten it with a gentle touch.
- Boost a customer’s mood by telling them how special they are
- Treat your employees the way you treat your customers
- Follow them up: Give them a thank you note; send them a congratulation text
- Break policy and create exception to make the customer happy.
- Show that you tried – even if you can’t fulfill expectation
- Surprise them-look for opportunities to do the unexpected

Increasing Sales Conversion: The Customers Way

“Customers are like people who know their visions-but have problem articulating their goals in order to achieve them.” Peter Kanayo

What then do you do for them in order to increase your sales conversion?
Neil Patel in an article: What the Flight Attendant Taught Me about Business advocated the following in order for a brand or business to increase their sales conversion:

- Provide few options for your customers; as more option tend to increase cost value.
- Be smart when you upsell a customer, ease them into making that extra buy.
- Put in a personal touch when you talk to them- a small dose of laughter, or joke can help relief tension in a bad situation

Scaling Up Your Profit: Knowing Your Target Market and Understanding the Implication

As most people know being able to determine you target market is the key to scaling up the profitability of your business.
This is why Neil Patel carried out an analysis in 2009. According to the analysis: 75% of his revenue came from 40% of his customers

So this is what he concluded:

That it would be better if he had targeted the 40% that brings in 75% of his revenue than those 65% who brought in 25% of the revenue; because he made the following discovery:

1) Those at lower end of the lather tend to ask more question and are not as satisfied as the high paying customers
2) It is waste of time trying to please the largest group of customers who are likely going to produce only a fraction of your revenue

Conclusion Base on Users Generated Content

- Lower end customers increase customer care cost.
- Focusing on few clients gives you the opportunity to offer more quality service to them (Travis
This brings me to a question I wish to get a feedback from. How do you determine your target market? What tools at your disposal do you use (if any) to determine your target market?) Share them in the comment box below.

Tweak You Contact Forms Increase Conversion By 26%

Contact Forms: Increasing Your Conversion by 26%

In his article: How To Optimize Contact Form-Neil Patel demonstrated the Golden rule which says Keep it Simple.

With an awesome infograph he showed that less form field of 3 space fields, can boost conversion by 26%.

He hence advocated that long form fields that reduce conversion rates should give way for short form opt-in.
Caveat: While short form field triple conversion rate. Hubspot has shown that long form field reduces conversion rates but increases quality of leads.

Advice: Testing is the game as he has always advocated.
So you will need to test to see if shorter form fields lead to high conversion rate-low quality leads or High Conversion rate-high Quality Leads.

So do you have any other tips on  how to achieve successful sales?
Drop your comment with a link to the article

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