The Importance of Knowing your Core Mandate for your Blog or your Life

In the previous post of this series I talked about the importance of gauging your actions-as part of increasing the productivity of your blog.

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Today I will treat the importance of knowing your core mandate for your blog or your life.

Before getting on with the post- I love to know if you’ve followed up my previous post. This question is pertinent as it will certainly guide you towards increasing the traffic of your Blog.

If you haven’t-you’re certainly missing.

Do you know what activities you ought to engage yourself in to drive your blog to the next level?

Are you focused on those activities? Do you spend quality time-not quantity time towards achieving those goals?

If you aren’t –know your blog and life growth will always be stunted.

In order to achieve Your CORE Mandate-you will need to carry out the listed Action plan.


Review your note pad outlining your daily activities-as proposed in Series #1. Then

- Identify how many hours are dedicated to your mandate. Are they less-are they more?

- If less; assign more hours to your core mandate and reduce the time you allocate to other less gainful activities. Activities like chatting should be reduced unless it is part of your core mandate.

You may want to ask if chatting can be part of one’s core mandate-the answer is an absolute yes. This can be seen in those whose blog or career is centered on providing customer service. I.e. they relate with prospective customers.

- If however the time allocated is more-do an analysis to check out how productive you’ve been. As have said quality time is far better than quantity.

For example you may have dedicated 7 hours to brainstorming/researching article-without producing any quality content.

If this is a problem you’re facing then you will need to implement strategies to increase the amount of quality time you spend on those items which are productive.

This would be what I will be treating in the next post of my series:

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So what is the average time you spend on crafting compelling article would love you share in the comment below?

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