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PageRank Authority: 6 Things That Can Kill Your Page Rank Dead

Before looking at those things that can kill a Blog’s Page Rank, I want to inform you there is one thing people love so much and that it is called Authority. Even if you beg to disagree, I am sure you would not fail to agree with me that as a blogger, you would like to influence people; and what easier way to influence people than being in a position of authority. Am sure you would also agree with me that loss of authority can be so frightening. This is why any blog owner gets goose pimples when they see a drop in Page Rank. Why is it so? It’s so because: 1. It means loss of Authority 2. It may lead to drop in traffic 3. It may lead to drop in Google search engine ranking. 4. It may lead to drop in income (not always). With this at the back of their mind, most blog owners focus on increasing their Page Rank. Why this is not bad in itself, the aspiration to have a high PageRank has made many blog owners to suffer Google-ban, leading to traffic reversal and even SERP re

One Extra-Quick Way to Build Up Your Page Rank Authority+Bonus

Photo Credit: Flickr In one of my previous article on Guest posting I talked about the relationship between Anorexia and mistakes new guest posters do make. However, this is not the focus of today’s article. Today, I will be looking at how a blogger can build the PR of his site with guest posting. For those who don’t know what Page Rank means-it is simply a ranking system developed by Google to know the importance of a web-page. It is one of the major factors that determine which pages appear in search result. According to Marziah Karch , the name – page-rank likely comes from Larry Page of Google. So how do you know the PageRank of a Given Web Page? You determine the web-page rank of a particular page by simply keying in the weblink of the article into Page Rank Checker. The values for PageRank ranges from 0 to 10 with ten being the highest possible value any web-page can get. Using Guest Post to Increase Your PageRank Value Before establishing why it’s import

Tight Budget: 8 Diamond Tips to Out-Smart Your Competitors.

Did you just ask what can be diamond in this tip? My response: if I’m wrong shoot me a comment? So   How do you strip your competitors naked making them gasp in bated breathes? How do you give your competitors a hot pursuit, causing them to stumbles and fall? How do you compete with the big and mighty seeking for that slim advantage with a tight budget? You do this through Competitive Analysis: And this article aims at addressing that. Competitive analysis boils down to strategy, knowing the steps your competitors are going to carry out before they actually accomplish it and embarking on golden steps called strategy to counter their plans. The aim of which is to usurp the market share profitability of your specific competitors. How do Accomplish Them.

Killer Ways to Rank High on Facebook Graph Search

Image Credit You need compelling content to rank high on face book Graph Search! Do you know its a fact? In January 2013, Face book officially launched Face Book Graph Search in order to rival Google search. The aim of graph search is to enable Face book users to be able to find content through their social media connection.This has therefore placed businesses on their toes as they seek to leverage the platform to drive their business forward. The question that you as a content marketer need to answer at this point in time is how do I make use of the opportunity to create quality and engaging content that would increase my graph search ranking?