Killer Ways to Rank High on Facebook Graph Search

Rank High Facebook Graph Search
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You need compelling content to rank high on face book Graph Search!

Do you know its a fact?

In January 2013, Face book officially launched Face Book Graph Search in order to rival Google search.

The aim of graph search is to enable Face book users to be able to find content through their social media connection.This has therefore placed businesses on their toes as they seek to leverage the platform to drive their business forward.

The question that you as a content marketer need to answer at this point in time is how do I make use of the opportunity to create quality and engaging content that would increase my graph search ranking?

In order to do this, you need to know the criteria for ranking high on the Graph card search engine and what your not doing right

Criteria for Business/Content Marketers to Rank High on Face Book Graph Search

1.Personal Connection:

For business to be able to rank high on the search result there is need for them to foster deeper connection with their fans. And the connection can only be built through active engagement with fans. This goes to show that the organization who doesn't actively engage their fans can easily lose their fan connection.
The strength of the connection lies in fans liking, tagging and writing engaging comments on their Face Book fan page

2.Strength of Connection 

In order for business or content marketers to be able to reach the friends of their fans-there must be a level of relationship. If the relationship is low (no likes or tagging of images) the ability to develop a deeper level of connection with their fans friend is reduced; this is because the Face Book algorithm is arranged in such a way that the the likes and tagging that the fan of a brand carry out-the stronger the connection and more likely that the brands content is seen high in the search result.

3. Content: The importance of content cannot be overemphasized.

It is the creation of compelling content that would ensure the ultimate visibility of the brand face book page.
This is why you as a content marketer will need to use more compelling images and infographics as a tool to drive fans engagement.
The reason is that man as a usual animal will tend share more images compared to text.

4. Audience 

Content creation than ever before will be tied to specific audience as this will give room for increased sales


Businesses will now seek to provide more engaging information in the promotion on the presumption that the friend of a fan would like what the fans likes.
Hence more Targeted content will be produced.

Therefore in order to rank high the following should be considered:

Seven Things that has to be done to Rank High on Face Book Graph Search


Publish Compelling Content Regularly

Your Face book fan page should be a platform to share relevant information. The information displayed should be in various formats. Infographics and images that generate more shares should be incorporated as part of your content strategy.
These images should be uploaded directly on the Face Book page as against links to other sites.


List Your Location

: this is especially true if you wish to rank for a particular area in the search result. This would help you to dominate local search on face book.


Well Optimized About Page

The fan page should be well optimized with relevant images and keywords that your target audience would use to search for you.
Your brand name, location and the relevant description of your business should be provided in details.


Use content and Promotion to Increase Engagement

Contest that allows users to submit photos or tag images on your page has the potential to increase fans engagement with your fans and triple your audience.


Fan Page Name

: Graph Search puts weight on your face book title so picking a name which is descriptive but not spammy will help increase the likelihood of your content appearing high up in the Graph Search.

Avoid long tail keywords that make your fan page appear like spam as people may hide your update


Create Custom Face Book Vanity URL

: This should incorporate your business name or reflect the part of your biz that you want to be noted for. Keywords people may search for may also be included for Example (


Create Series of Fan Pages

: Big brands with location in various places should consider setting localized face book profile. This is because Graph search algorithm gives much attention to the location of an individual or brand.

Hence, series of fan pages makes a big brand visible in various localities.

8. The secret of promotion in the age of social media isn’t to pro¬mote yourself. It’s to promote others. Success comes when your success depends on the success of your customers, your suppliers, your end-users, and when you spend more of your time thinking about them than about yourself.” Tim O’Reilly,


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