One Extra-Quick Way to Build Up Your Page Rank Authority+Bonus

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In one of my previous article on Guest posting I talked about the relationship between Anorexia and mistakes new guest posters do make.

However, this is not the focus of today’s article. Today, I will be looking at how a blogger can build the PR of his site with guest posting.

For those who don’t know what Page Rank means-it is simply a ranking system developed by Google to know the importance of a web-page.

It is one of the major factors that determine which pages appear in search result.
According to Marziah Karch, the name – page-rank likely comes from Larry Page of Google.
So how do you know the PageRank of a Given Web Page?

You determine the web-page rank of a particular page by simply keying in the weblink of the article into Page Rank Checker.

The values for PageRank ranges from 0 to 10 with ten being the highest possible value any web-page can get.

Using Guest Post to Increase Your PageRank Value

Before establishing why it’s important to use guest post as a way to build authority, I wish to say that commenting cannot help build authority.

Why Can’t Commenting do so?

One easy way to get back-links to your site is through commenting on other people’s blog.
However, this method cannot help you to build up your PR value quickly though it can help increase the traffic coming to your site, especially if done well. This is because most comments aren’t do-follow links.

This is why guest posting is so important. It so important because it is:

The One Extra Quick Way to Build Your Site as an Authority

Why do I say so?

It is because some people have said that the best way to increase your Page Rank is to have quality content other people want to link to-but creating such content to me isn’t the only factor.

Why Creating Compelling Content Only Can’t Do the Magic?

For a newbie blogger who is not known in the blogsphere, establishing a high page rank takes time since the sharability of your articles or blogpost is low.

This is why guest blogging on an authority site is great.

It provides these awesome benefits:
- It helps build you PR in Google fast
- It draws incremental traffic to your site, since you have an awesome resource box people will click.
- It helps reduce your blog’s bounce rate(
- It turns you into an Authority figure quickly
- It helps build domain and search engine authority.
- It builds influence and expertise- giving people a good memory of you.
- It makes it easy for you to land that freelance job as you have a portfolio to prove your worth.

Wow! So what can you say about this benefits

This is why I am sharing:

How to Hack Your PageRank (PR) using Guest Posting

The Step by Step Process of Creating Authority Using Guest Post

Step 1: SELECT a Suitable Site to Guest Post On

Most people have problem determining suitable site to guest post on. If this is your problem simply check this post of 500awesome sites to guest post on.

However, note that any blog you wish to guest post on should be in a similar niche as you. And as much as possible should have a high Page Rank.

Step 2: List a Series of Article Ideas

The idea behind doing this is so that you can easily post some of this article on your blog while the other articles would be sent to the intending sites you wish to guest post on.

Note: the articles should be related. This is to entice people to click on the links embedded in the guest post, hence drawing traffic to your blog.

For example, you can list out a series of articles like:

1) How to Increase Your Face book Likes
2) How to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page for Graph Search
3) How to Write Awesome Face Book Updates

Looking at the above headlines, you can see they are related and are all focused on Facebook.
Take Note: forget about unrelated articles as you would only get dripping traffic from such a guest post.

Step 3: Read about Six Previous Blog Post of the Blogger you want to send a Guest Post to

This is especially true, if you do not have an idea of how the blogger writes.

This step provides you with some advantages. They include:
- Making you familiar with the writing style of the blogger.
- Enabling you to know the average length of the blog’s posts

Step 4: Build Relationships by Commenting on the Target Blog

Writing comments enables you to get into the radar of your target blogger.
So this means you should subscribe to their newsletter or updates.

This provides you with important information:
1) The latest blog post
2) Other juicy information your target would not release to ordinary web-surfers.

The importance of getting the update on the latest blogpost is to provide you with a timely opportunity to be the first person to comment on the target blog. This makes it easy for you to get on the radar of the blogger, hence making it easy to land the guest post opportunity when you ask for it.

Step 5: look for articles on the Target Blogs which are related to Step 2 i.e your guest post idea.

This makes it easy for your guest post to be accepted as your target blogger would assume that you’ve really done your research well.

The Real Deal about Creating Authority

Step 6: Write Your Guest Post Including both Internal and External Links

The external link should be to your target article you wish to rank for.

Step 7: Post on Other Site (With your target article in mind)

Why do you do this?

You do this to simply build diamond back-links.

To do this, simply execute the same process in other blog you wish to guest post on.

So doing, your page-rank and authority will dramatically increase.

Imagine having backlinks from multiple authority sites- let’s say 15. Isn’t that awesome?

Bonus: if you have a Problem Pitching a Guest Post Read Neil Patel Article on How to Get Your Guest Post Published

So it’s your turn

What’s your take on Guest Posting as a strategy to building Blog Authority?
What’s other strategy do you think one can use to do this?


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