PageRank Authority: 6 Things That Can Kill Your Page Rank Dead

Before looking at those things that can kill a Blog’s Page Rank, I want to inform you there is one thing people love so much and that it is called Authority.
Even if you beg to disagree, I am sure you would not fail to agree with me that as a blogger, you would like to influence people; and what easier way to influence people than being in a position of authority.
Am sure you would also agree with me that loss of authority can be so frightening. This is why any blog owner gets goose pimples when they see a drop in Page Rank.

Why is it so?

It’s so because:
1. It means loss of Authority
2. It may lead to drop in traffic
3. It may lead to drop in Google search engine ranking.
4. It may lead to drop in income (not always).

With this at the back of their mind, most blog owners focus on increasing their Page Rank. Why this is not bad in itself, the aspiration to have a high PageRank has made many blog owners to suffer Google-ban, leading to traffic reversal and even SERP reduction.

This is why many blog owners have abandoned their sites in order to start afresh.

What a Loss!

This is why this article is focused on where not to go into when striving to build up your blogs PageRank.
Its focus lies on what to do in order to prevent your Page Rank Loss to your Blog/website.

How to Avoid Google’s Penalty-Loss of Page Rank


Low Quality Guest Post

If you must accept guest post ensure they are of high quality.

The post should be able to provide credible information to your readers, if not you will end up having a decreased PageRank.

Since, your Guest Authors are looking forward to creating authority on their site through increased traffic. They are bound to insert their links into the guest posts as a payment for writing the post.
This in itself isn’t bad. However, as a blog owner make sure you check the links being placed into the guest post.

What to Look Out For in the Links When Accepting a guest post

High SERP Ranking?

- You can check up the SERP ranking for the link. If it’s high up in Google search then this is a plus. However, this must not be the absolute criteria.

Quality Information

- The link should provide quality information. The information provided should be something that will benefit your readers and related to your niche.
No link Farm
- Make sure the links do not go out to link farms or Google will penalize you like mad.



Ensure your content are of high quality. Avoid syndicated content on your site.
When you copy content and just insert them on your site, Google will have no option but to drop your Page Rank. If you suffer mental block and have problems finding out topics to write on- where to find Brilliant Blog Ideas is recommended.

To ensure High PR, Content with low quality should be re-written while those which cannot be re-written should be removed or blocked from being indexed using Robot.txt files


Page Links

Avoid placing links from one site on all the pages of another site. This is one of the factors that reduce PageRank.
Do this only if the apparent benefit is greater when the links are on the site as against when Google does penalize you.

Why do I say so?

A blogger may decide to insert all page links because of the desire to advertise a new site.
So, if doing this result in incremental traffic and conversion then you can leave the link since the benefit is greater than reduction of PageRank


Building Links

When you build links very fast, Google is bound to reduce your Page Rank.
Why this can reduce your PageRank, you don’t need to remove the links-just leave the link and you gain back the PageRank after a period of time.

However, if you consider reduction in PageRank as an indication of reduction in your authority then you should simply carry out the link building process gradually.
According to Neil, building links of about 19 back links a month is quite OK as it would not lead to reduction in PageRank


Paid Link

Google algorithm frowns at paid links. However, if this is part of your monetization strategy, ensure the paid links are included in the body of the post as against the side bars widgets.


Paid/Sponsored Review

Reduce the rate at which you accept sponsored reviews-and when you do endeavour to tell the readers it is sponsored. This is important because it shows integrity.
So what other things do you think can lead to low page rank?


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