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How to Convert Your Audience by Creating an Excellent Guest Author By-Line

Annie had just written an excellent article on the topic living the good life. An article in which inspiration came while she was sitting in her dimly lit garden with tiny packets of fluorescence drooping to adorn its path. She had this innate feeling that the quality of her writing would be able to capture her audience, converting them into a set of prospect.

The Truth they Never Told You, The Content Marketing Lie by Michael Chibuzor

Traditional Publicity VS Content Marketing infographic I am astonished, and that is why I want you to stop whatever you’re doing and read this article. You may want to ask the question-why? Then continue reading because I want you to know that content marketing can cripple your business and I really mean what have just said. You may be out there wondering how, don’t worry because you are damn going to find out soon. The How Can you imagine Content Marketing almost crippling the business of Content marketingup owner, Michael Chibuzor?

Eight Ways You Can Be Scammed in 2013

Let me start with a story of how I was scammed. I received an e-mail about a telecommunication site. The information promised to help me start making money if I only bought the software that generates e-pin for the voucher the telecommunication firm sells to people. I paid money for the software and haven't received the software till date. What did I do wrong? One, I refused to investigate the authenticity of the e-mail. How? I could simply have made a call to their customer service (telecommunication firm) to determine if the person providing the information is truthful or not. A simple call would have prevented me from being scammed. This is one simple way to avoid being scammed online. This is why it's important you work toward verifying the authenticity of an offer before going for it. This way you would have decreased the possibility of you being scammed. On the surface a scam may appear to be genuine, just as I thought the website I was dealing with was gen

How Businesses Can Use Quora to Drive Content Growth

Courtesy ITunes Quora is one social network you can use to strip competitors naked. This social network has a wonderful Question and Answer repository that is driven by a community of people who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and hence can be used to generate content and blog ideas. This wealth of knowledge that can be accessed is so diverse that people like Heather Whaling ( ), Kevin Systron and Matt Russo can all be found on this platform where they share their wealth of experience. Hence with this repository of experts, businesses and non-profit organization alike can use the platform to drive company growth by beating competition through generation of exquisite ideas. How then do Businesses use Quora to Generate Beautiful Ideas? In order for your business to mine great traffic pulling ideas from Quora either as a way of developing a master content strategy or in order to assassinate mental block, you will need to

Resource Post: The One Smart Secret to Spiking our Blog Traffic

Courtesy: Traffic Generation Cafe What is the dream for your blog or content Marketing effort? If there be any dream, am sure it’s one of the following below: #1: to be influential/for brand awareness #2: to make money #3: to express ourselves and all this dreams boils down to getting