How Businesses Can Use Quora to Drive Content Growth

How to Generate Blog Ideas
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Quora is one social network you can use to strip competitors naked.

This social network has a wonderful Question and Answer repository that is driven by a community of people who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge and hence can be used to generate content and blog ideas.

This wealth of knowledge that can be accessed is so diverse that people like Heather Whaling ( ), Kevin Systron and Matt Russo can all be found on this platform where they share their wealth of experience.

Hence with this repository of experts, businesses and non-profit organization alike can use the platform to drive company growth by beating competition through generation of exquisite ideas.

How then do Businesses use Quora to Generate Beautiful Ideas?

In order for your business to mine great traffic pulling ideas from Quora either as a way of developing a master content strategy or in order to assassinate mental block, you will need to know how to get the best out of Quora.

How to get the best out of Quora

To get the best out of Quora, select a topic that you’re quite interested in, and one in which your niche falls into.

For example: Under Marketing (which is a broad category) you have the option of selecting digital marketing, product marketing, social media marketing e.t.c

So based on the class your niche falls into, you can then select one of the above listed sub-topics or a related topic like start ups, small business, e-mail marketing e.t.c)

What to do with these topics?

On selecting any of these topics, you are provided with the option of either asking questions, answering questions or following those topics that interest you.

How to mine traffic ideas from these topics


Ask Questions

You can ask questions where you have a challenge getting information on a particular idea in order to create that awesome post. You could post a question in the question tab. By so doing you’re sure to get a response from professionals in that niche.


Browse Related Questions

At times on imputing your questions into the question tab a list of similar answers question is generated. You can then simply browse these categories to see if the answers are relevant to what you were looking for.


Use the Follow Option

If you have a desire to get troves of ideas deposited in your mail box then the follow option is it.

To get the best out of the follow option, select a sub-topic that is within your niche and simply click the follow button, so that whenever a new topic is being discussed Quora automatically updates you through a mail to your inbox.

The advantage of using Quora to follow topics is that it provides you with ideas to create targeted content that provides helpful answers.


When you browse through the discussions on Quora, you will find out that the questions listed can serve as an opportunity for you to solve a problem.

Therefore it is important for you to give a satisfactory answer; not just a satisfactory answer but the best answer you can dream up.

Depending on how good your answer is- you’re either voted up or down.

Being voted up means more authority for you. One more thing, it is important that below your answers is a link back to your website since Quora has a page rank of 7. The links could be in form of different anchor text.

Other places to look at in order to get hot blog ideas.

Apart from the previously listed places another place you can find as a repository for blog ideas is

The Quora Trending Tab

This tab displays the trending questions of your target niche ( e.g social media marketing).

Therefore it is a place to pick out hot content ideas.

Note: under trending questions-check out for the following

a) The degree of engagement(number of responses)

b) The number of followers

The information obtained above can help you determine which of the trending topics you can use as a basis to form a blog post.

This information you’ve gathered can then be put into an Excel sheet manually or be done by scraping Quora as Derek Smith of Digital Relevance does


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