How to Convert Your Audience by Creating an Excellent Guest Author By-Line

Annie had just written an excellent article on the topic living the good life. An article in which inspiration came while she was sitting in her dimly lit garden with tiny packets of fluorescence drooping to adorn its path.

how to craft an excellent resource box
She had this innate feeling that the quality of her writing would be able to capture her audience, converting them into a set of prospect.

She looked once again at the write up on her laptop and smiled as she picked it up. This should be one of my best she soliloquized.

She moved daintily into her house and then took her meal; all the while thinking of crafting an excellent resource box which some others call the guest author post by-line.

After eating she got down to business, but unfortunately committed “one son of a big blunder” -one which even the best of writers sometimes make.

What Blunder?

She stretched forth her legs, and began keying in rapidly with soft strokes-information which were not necessary into the guest author by-line(resource box). Information which could not clearly define what made her unique.

Her contact information which included a phone number and a physical address were included in her resource box-a pitfall which later gave her sleepless night. .

As her mail were spammed mercilessly, she began to wonder what wrong she had done by crafting such a beautiful article.

She also made the pitfall of including links which were not relevant to the article-a calculated but bad attempt to draw prospects to her site as this made her audience leave the site without any fruitful conversion leading to a high bounce rate.

What a sad story! And you need not make the same mistake

How to Create the Perfect Guest Post By-line

This is why you need to take time to craft your resource box to make it close to perfect, if not perfect.

In guest posting, your article is where you provide value to your audience while your resource box(by-line) is where you are given the opportunity to make a call to action to your readers.

So creating a wonderful by-line can be a great marketing tool and that is why it must be properly done, if not the readers would think it’s the author of the blog who wrote the post.

I have seen comments on blogs where readers in the comment section usually address their response to the owner of the blog instead of the author of the article. This goes to show that the author did not create a wonderful guest post author by-line.

And it’s quite a shame because you have sacrificed that great opportunity to draw tremendous traffic to your site.

And this is something I want you to correct.

How to Craft the Perfect Resource Box

In creating an exciting and sales converting resource box-below are things you should include:

1) Your Name

Your personal name is far better than including your brand name. When I say brand here, I mean your company’s name.

Let me use this illustration –you just finished writing your guest post and your by-line reads like this.

Microsft is a prolific writer. He also produces Software for Mobile apps. Check out this app for free.

This is wrong, If you have a contrary view, please let me know in the comment box.

The reason is because Personal Names gives a personal touch to your by-line and creates an emotional connection to your readers.

When you replace a brand name as your name, the readers end up feeling as if he/she is communicating with a robot.

2) Your Website

I have read guest post articles where the author has no link included in the guest author’s by-line.

To be frank with you, I was truly amazed and have come to realize there is nothing one may not come across in the blogging world. Some even included their emails as their contact address; another wow if you ask me.

Someone out there may then ask –what if I don’t have a website or a blog?
Don’t worry aghh! Yes I mean don’t worry.

What to do?

If you are in such dilemma, you can simply use any of your social media link as your link-be it facebook, twitter or pinterest.

This way when people visit your page, they have the option of liking your page if it’s Facebook or the option to follow you if it’s twitter.

3) Include an Anchor Text

Including an anchor text is highly important especially if you want to rank for a particular keyword or phrase. For example: If my desire is to rank high for the term “Content Marketing”, I will simply link up that term in my guest post by-line; this way I drive targeted prospect to my site and not only that, it also enables me to build authority on a particular topic or niche.

4) A Unique Selling Proposition

Your USP helps you create a stunning impression on your readers, hence it must be great so as to draw them into your sales funnel.

In crafting it, don’t bore them about your career except it is exactly relevant and shows your authority on a topic.

For example, if you’re a freelancer who writes for Forbes or CNN then you can certainly include that as it helps solidify your authority.

5) A Call to Action

The key to preparing a perfect CTA (call to action) is to have an intimate knowledge of your reader’s needs and wants and to offer them a substantial benefit. The solution you provide should be something that you cannot easily find.

If this offer provides value to them at no extra cost, it becomes extremely irresistible


Tweak Your By-Line

Though I titled this article “how to write the perfect guest author by-line”, note that to get that perfection, you must test different variations of your resource box to see which converts the most.

In summary

To create that By-line that will draw you targeted traffic, ensure you include a name (First name and Surname), a Unique Selling Proposition-that tells your reader what you have to offer, and a strong Call to Action that makes them go for the offer. Also note that your primary keyword you wish to rank for should be placed in anchor text.

Sample Author By-Line 


 Peter Kanyo is a Freelance Writer with the huge desire to 
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