Resource Post: The One Smart Secret to Spiking our Blog Traffic

how to spike your blog traffic with slide share
Courtesy: Traffic Generation Cafe

What is the dream for your blog or content Marketing effort?

If there be any dream, am sure it’s one of the following below:
#1: to be influential/for brand awareness
#2: to make money
#3: to express ourselves

and all this dreams boils down to getting
targeted traffic

If there are any dream which my crystal ball did not pick, do me a favour-share it within the comment box

So no matter which of the above is your reason for blogging-the ultimate reason is actually to generate traffic-and not just traffic but massive targeted traffic.

This is true both online and offline. Common offline examples are politicians who have supporters that blow there trumpets.

This is why without web-traffic there is no way to make money online.

Everything lies in traffic

The importance of traffic to any successful blog cannot be overemphasized: this is why Bamidele of Writers in charge has set aside a special team to do his research; while Neil Patel has a specialized team that cuts across marketing, engineering and design-who all work in synergy to produce the best of content.

How do You as a blogger tap into this traffic Goldmine?

In order to tap into the traffic triangle, there are some tips you need to apply fast to your blogging career. These tips wll send massive traffic to your blog.


Create Great Content:

Ensure the content written is one which you would be proud to display to friends and other bloggers. You must ensure you put in your best effort. Also ensure infographics and images are also incorporated into the post alongside an excellent call to action.


Build Relationships with Influencers

: Just retweet is a massive tool to accomplish this goal.
#Secret: to bring them (the influencers) into your horizon, follow and post tweets of you target influencers and start up conversion with them. You can do this by asking them #questions on blogging.


Share your Content

Use only wire to push your content through various social media channels.

Only wire has both paid and free version. The paid version has the ability to push your content through 50 Social Media Channel.


Update Your Site Regularly

The importance of this statement to traffic growth cannot be overemphasized. This can be seen in recent data from Hubspot which has shown that the more content published on your blog-the more leads you are likely to generate.


Tweak your Headlines

Your headlines is a key to traffic generation. A headline which speaks to the emotional side of man has the ability to generate greater click through.

The One Tip that would Sends You a Massive Dose of Traffic

In order to send steady stream of traffic to your blog craft articles that solve an aspect people’s problems in its entirety.
And these kinds of post are called resources post.

Why don’t people write resource post?

According to Oni of “They’re very difficult to write: If everybody could do it then you can be sure the result you’ll get by doing it would be mediocre.

Most people would be wondering why I haven’t published another massive resource post on this blog since the first one became a huge success. The answer is simple; it takes a lot of time and effort to compile one. The first one took over 20 hours and, in my current situation, I’m unable to invest that much time and effort into a single blog post.”

If your are in a fix of how a resource post look like, below are

Five awesome list of resource post that will blow your mind

1. List Of 51 Dofollow Blogs to Comment On by Bamidele
2. Advanced Guide To SEO BY Neil Patel
3. The Ultimate Guide to Advanced Guest Blogging by Pratik Dholakiya
4. How to Pitch a Guest Post Successfuly by Ali 

5. Slideshare Traffic Case Study: From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days by Ana Hoffman


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