The Truth they Never Told You, The Content Marketing Lie by Michael Chibuzor

I am astonished, and that is why I want you to stop whatever you’re doing and read this article.

You may want to ask the question-why?

Then continue reading because I want you to know that content marketing can cripple your business and I really mean what have just said.

You may be out there wondering how, don’t worry because you are damn going to find out soon.

The How

Can you imagine Content Marketing almost crippling the business of Content marketingup owner, Michael Chibuzor?

If you know Michael am sure you would say wow! Do you mean it!

And I just have to tell you a CAPITAL YES

If you’ve followed Michael’s blog as I have and still do then reading his previous articles and this one will put you in proper perspective of what I want to say.

It also made me realize why Ana of Traffic Generation Cafe, wrote this article

So What Did Michael Do Wrong?

1. Thinking that content creation is content marketing?

To be frank with content creation is just a subset of content marketing. When you create wonderful content you’re sure to rank high on Google search.

But, you need to ask yourself one sincere question… is my content creation process bringing me money?
If your answer is a big no, then something is definitely wrong except you just created your blog as a means of just educating people or as a way to feel good.

2. Thinking that building relationship is content marketing

While building relationship is crucial to driving traffic to your site, it will never put good money into your account except if done rightly.

How then can you build relationship in a way that can put money into your pocket?

In order to successfully build relationship, you will need to create content that addresses needs of your audience; this however, is just a tip as it also involves engaging them (audience) in useful conversation.

However, if your turf is to build a profitable relationship that draws in pile of money you will need to:

a) Select a niche
b) Determine the needs of that niche
c) Create content that can satisfy those needs
d) Create and sell products and services that will meet the needs of that niche
e) Build relationship

The above statement was how Chibuzor defined content marketing. If you fail to incorporate any of these steps then you are not practicing Content marketing.

3. Subtracting Marketing from content marketing

“No matter what you do online, even if your content is better than everyone else, you must focus your attention on marketing”- Chibuzor

This is why updating your site regularly may bring authority but will certainly not bring money into your pocket.
That’s why you need to deploy marketing to reach your target audience.
The marketing am talking about is looking for where your target audience is and going out to meet them and offer them your product.

4.  Thinking Content Marketing is all about Creating list

List building is not content marketing. Having 6000 subscribers does not guarantee you are going to make a dime from them

Do you know why?

It’s because you have failed to monetize your site efficiently.
You see, many people including me are not using adsense but they get hundreds of thousands of view every month and they are crying that they are not making money.


When you create splendid content, people will flock to your site even if there are adsense links.
They might complain but they will still come.

So this is why tweaking your site is very important. Testing what works is paramount. What works for Mr A may not certainly work for you.

Mind you, you can’t see adsense ads on my site that doesn’t make it a poor monetization strategy.

If your target is to sell products alongside adsense then go for it; however, as I said earlier ensure you tweak your site to see if the strategy is working out.

Am not out there to say you must put adsense on your site, but not putting it should be because of your private decision and not just because of what one online guru has said.

In summary, you can try it out to see if it works for you if it doesn’t then ditch it. That the testing game.

5. Content Marketing is not about giving free stuff

While giving out free stuff certainly builds your audience-doing it without incorporating a sell-able product gives your audience the feel that you only offer free stuff.

Psychologically, they become blind to your product when you eventually introduce them and this has taught me a lesson.

The question some of you may be asking is this- what of if I don’t have an excellent product to offer to my audience?

If this is your problem, simply look out for a mentor, liaise with him or her and promote that one product. And see money streaming into your account.

So what is the Right Content Marketing Method?

- Provide solution to a problem
- Offer it for sale in form of an e-book or service
- Or offer an affiliate product in your side bar
- Promote them using different channels
- Write detailed reviews of your affiliate product

Back to you guys, with all the hype about content marketing- do you really think content marketing has come to stay.

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